Asthma is a condition that is characterized by shortness of breath, wheezing, chest tightness, pain in the chest, and coughing (especially at night). As with all the other confusing diseases, experimental medicine has recently redefined asthma as a genetic condition. For the uninitiated, the word "genetic" is medical code for "we have no idea" or "we'll blame it on God". Despite medical science's newly discovered genetic cause of asthma, the rates of its occurrence have been increasing disproportionately to population growth each year.

There are many triggers of asthma attacks. Environmental pollution is a major cause for those who live in urban areas. Air fresheners, in particular, have been shown to trigger asthma attacks by dramatically reducing lung capacity. Asthmatics should avoid all scented products, including candles, deodorizers, dryer sheets, scented soaps, and especially all "air fresheners" should be avoided. It is wise for healthy individuals to avoid them too. Allergens stress the body, so they have a tendency to exaggerate asthma problems, which can provoke terrifying hyper-immune responses. Certain plants may cause these reactions, such as ragweed, along with a new generation of food allergies that have been artificially created by vaccinations that include food ingredients.

Standard Care

As is the usual pattern, the medical establishment offers no cures, but it offers many options to perpetually treat asthma at great cost. Doctors have been prescribing steroid-based asthma inhalers in their usual practice of treating only the symptoms for decades. These steroid-based inhalers are intended to prevent future asthma attacks, and this is actually considered preventative medicine. Steroid side effects are dismissed off-hand by doctors, but they frequently include: headaches, joint pain, mental disturbances, nosebleeds, weight gain, frequent infections, growth retardation and adrenal insufficiency. Adrenal insufficiency is the primary catalyst of pre-diabetes, which explains why asthma patients have a high incidence of diabetes. The treatments eventually prove to be highly profitable in the long term from the new diseases that the "preventative medicine" caused.

"When steroid drugs are taken by mouth, they substitute for and decrease the body's normal ability to make its own steroids as well as its ability to respond to stress."


Cortisteroids can accumulate in the body's tissues, resulting in increasing health damage over time and have been linked to diabetes. In addition to steroid-based inhalers, some asthma sufferers are also prescribed anti-inflammatory pills to reduce asthma attacks. It is particularly sad in the case of children, because the massive amount of pharmaceuticals provided each day, for years at a time, will have long-term health consequences, which will make them forever dependent upon the system. The eventual result is suppressed immune systems that make asthma and a host of other disorders much more likely, and more severe.

One of the latest treatments for asthma is the oral contraceptive pill. The medical establishment never stops creating novel uses for this class of hormone-destroying pharmaceuticals, which are some of the most damaging drugs in existence. The contraceptive pill is one of the reasons for the high rate of thyroid diseases, diabetes, mental illnesses, female hair loss and strokes. These drugs are especially dangerous because they destroy the natural balance of a body's hormones -- sometimes permanently.

Eliminating Asthma

An extraordinary percentage of asthma sufferers do not seem to know how to breathe well. They have a tendency of breathing through their mouths, instead of their noses. Breathing through the mouth actually causes the constriction of blood vessels, and increases the chances of lung infections, due to the lack of nasal filtering. This constriction can cause the sufferer to require even more oxygen, in a snowballing reaction.

The type of breathing exercises which are practiced in Karate are ideal for asthma sufferers to gradually increase their lung capacity. To do this, one must focus on breathing slowly but deeply through the nose only, and out through the mouth slowly. A maximum breath should be taken in during inhalation, and then after a brief pause, some effort should be made to force slightly more air in. This air should be held for about 2 seconds before slowly exhaling as much as possible, and then the process is repeated. This technique of breathing deeper (yet more slowly) should be employed whenever there is physical exertion. Through practice, a person will become trained to breathe more slowly and deeply, and this exercise will actually increase the air capacity of the lungs.

Eating 1-2 tablespoons of honey each day is beneficial, particularly if the honey was produced by local bees. Honey from local bees contains antihistamines that are specific to local plants. It contains all natural antihistamines and an exceptional set of nutrients, as well as natural sugars that are not inflammatory.

Vitamin B-12 has been shown to dramatically reduce asthma attacks. The recommended dose is 500 mcg. (micrograms) for children who are younger than twelve, and 1000-2000 mcg. for older children and adults. Only use vitamin B-12 in the form of methylcobalamin.

Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata) is known for its therapeutic effects on asthma and other respiratory problems, particularly when it is smoked. We recommend that it be reserved for the most severe cases. Take notice that it is not a true tobacco, despite its name, and it contains no nicotine.

Vitamin B-6 deficiency has been observed in many asthma sufferers, and this is usually caused by the asthma medications, which are known to deplete the body of vitamin B-6. Studies on children with severe asthma showed marked improvement with B-6 supplementation.

Avoid tap water, and start drinking spring water instead. Be wary of water filters that are sold at major retail stores, which advertise that they, "remove chlorine taste", and invest in one that actually removes the chlorine.

Acquire a shower filter which eliminates chlorine, because chlorine steam from a hot shower will aggravate the lungs. This may be the most important step. For the same reason, chlorinated water should never be used in vaporizers or humidifiers, because they will output chlorine vapors too. For readers who do not immediately grasp the significance, chlorine gas was a chemical warfare agent that was used during World War I.

Avoid aspartame, the dangerous artificial sweetener. It is known to stimulate asthma attacks and cause difficulty breathing. It is in chewing gum and diet products.

A high quality air filter that properly eliminates allergens will be very helpful in combating asthma, which is often triggered by dust allergies. The E.P.A. reported 10 years ago that indoor air pollutants have a greater impact on health than outdoor pollutants, so it is vital that indoor air be effectively filtered by an anti-allergen air filter, and that the filter is changed monthly (regardless of manufacturer recommendations).

Due to the connection between asthma and allergies, some sufferers may wish to try chamomile. Chamomile is an effective antihistamine that can be purchased in capsule form. It can cause drowsiness, and it is a relative of ragweed. Do not use chamomile if you have a ragweed allergy.

Eliminate all processed foods and simple carbohydrates. Stop eating all of the new "white" foods, including white bread, white flour, white sugar, and white rice. Homemade bread is best, because the whole wheat breads being sold in grocery stores are so perverted that they are worse than the white breads. Start cooking balanced meals, which include some organic proteins, alongside plenty of vegetables and fruits (preferably organic).

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Mandy Penn
# asthma Mandy Penn 2012-07-24 10:51
I have asthma. It started about 6-7 years ago and I am trying to rid myself of all the inhalers. I use Advair (for about 4 years) and now I am using Qvar as well, I have Abuteral for emergency but have not used it in at least a year. I have a question about the steroid inhalers; I want to go off of them. I have been reading a lot about why my health has declined and a lot has to do with all of the “western medicine" I have been prescribed in the duration of my life, from antibiotics to prednisone. I want to live a life where my body does not need to rely on these “drugs” to function. My lungs just keep getting worse the more I use these inhalers and as the years go by. Even with the inhalers I still cough. It is almost like the inhalers aren’t working anymore. I will not be put on pills now. I need to stop this madness. Can you tell me what your advice to get off of the inhalers would be? I have already cleaned up my diet and have done a candida cleanse, colon cleanse, heavy metal and liver cleanse. Please help, any advice you can give would be appreciated.
J.Ranjith Samuel
# Doubts regarding Asthma J.Ranjith Samuel 2013-02-25 10:19
1. Am a SDA Self supportive worker.Working in a bible college.My wife is a asthmatic from her childhood.we got married a year before and have a 4 months baby.My college is located on mountain range.We have 9 months of cold weather with rain.
Her problem has worsen during her stay there.So my question is does the climate has any implication towards her problem?
2.Is there any treatment procedure to help her to increase her immunity which will not affect the child and also help her to have a better health?
3.The child gets common cold often which is suspected to be from her mother do I need to change my place permanently or temporally that we can have a healthy family and do a better work for God?
Awaiting with prayer
Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher)
# Sarah C. Corriher (H.W. Researcher) 2013-02-25 19:00
Living in the mountains with near-constant rain could have implications for your wife's asthma. High humidity has a tendency to increase asthmatic symptoms. Additionally, mold can thrive in a constantly wet environment, which would worsen any effects.

There is less available oxygen in the air at high altitudes, so breathing difficulties can be exaggerated. A less-than-ideal diet can cause the body to become acidic, and increases inflammation. The more acidic the body becomes, the less able it is to use and absorb oxygen. Read our article, Body pH and Disease (, for more information about this topic.

The Budwig anti-cancer protocol (, especially the flax-oil combination, may be helpful in this case, because it is designed to increase the amount of oxygen that can penetrate the cells of the body.

You may also benefit from reading our candida article ( Candida greatly amplifies asthma symptoms, and eliminating candida sometimes eliminates the asthma completely.

As the article noted, chlorine is one of the worst offenders for worsening asthma symptoms, so getting a shower filter is critical if you get municipal water. Pay special attention to the links in the articles for further information. It is a lot of reading, but all of these topics are inter-connected. They are related to the bigger topic of body inflammation, which is almost certainly the most crucial health topic of them all. Another source of inflammation is unhealthy oils (, such as canola and soybean oil.

For temporary relief of the symptoms, the following supplementation can be used.

* The flax oil mixture mentioned in the Budwig article
* Cold-pressed organic coconut oil
* Chlorophyll ( supplementation
* Gotu Kola
* Ginseng
* Ginkgo Biloba

One possible problem that nobody has probably considered is that her respiratory issues may be related to stress on her heart, which in turn is caused by the emotional issues of the relocation. There is not much that we can do to help you with that, other than to tell you to be as emotionally supportive as possible.
Gerry Lloyd
# 2 tbsp of honey Gerry Lloyd 2014-05-25 13:21
The advice to take two tbsp of honey was extremely helpful. One tends to try different tips with varying successes, and I've always been fond of making drinks of honey and lemon in hot water anyway, but the tip in this article hit me at a moment when I'd started to lose focus. I was getting wheezing every night again, followed by asthma when getting up because the wheezing had woken me. My history of suffering asthma started a couple of years after I came to the UK in 2004. I've since learned that Plymouth is an asthma hotspot and that there was a suicide in my family tree here as a result of asthma at a time when there were very few remedies. As a shortcut though, try the 2 tbsp honey before bed.

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