Following our recent article, 'Hospice and the Death Cults of Modern Medicine', Thomas attended another hospice event. This time he went undercover with a secret recording device. You are likely to find the audio from a supposedly Christian chaplain to be quite shocking. Thomas recorded a typical hospice sermon that promoted of despair, doubt, and hopelessness amongst grieving families. This preacher had obviously picked a side, and it was not on the side of Christ. Pay special attention to the phrase "custom of expectation", which is used in place of the word 'hope', and to how the preacher contended that hope ("custom of expectation") is always just part of a delusional state of denial. The preacher also noted that the lighting of the ceremonial candle was to meant to commemorate the hospice deaths ("change that occurred"), instead of commemorating the lives and suffering of those in attendance. He also preached that doubting any doctor or medical procedure is just a feudal act of denial. He brazenly stated that "the change" (death of a loved one) is responsible for "us being here today", and implied that their deaths were therefore a great thing. Finally, we suggest that Christians should listen for the preacher's dastardly pro-pharmaceutical perversion of the book Ecclesiastes to promote euthanasia of the elderly. To this preacher, Ecclesiastes is just "a poem" which is openly mocked in the sermon. We shall not spoil the surprise ending by elaborating too much. You really need to hear it for yourself. Even the preachers for hospice are pro-pharmaceutical death cultists and death-worshipping appologists. Listen to this, and any doubts about our reporting of this topic should get quickly wiped away.


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