In this episode, we cover how attention deficit disorder symptoms are effecting everyone now, how to cure attention deficit disorder, the fact that at least 85% of the people have internal parasites, how to easily kill them, forced medications, doctors using the courts to split-up families who question them, how radiation is creeping into our foods, the truth about sunscreens, skin cancer and so-called sun allergies, why it is illegal in the U.S. to cure any disease, how to cure allergies, how to rapidly remedy sunburns, the truth about polio and the polio vaccines, how cherries work better than the most expensive COX-2 inhibitors, the lies about autoimmune diseases, why it is illegal to label herbs and alternative medicines with accurate information, the chemical dumbing-down and pacifying of this generation to weaken America for the coming communistic new world order (e.g. The North American Union), and why microwaving food is terrible for the health.


Time: 01:27:23   Size: 40 M.B.