In this episode, we discuss so-called "living foods", expose Le Bleu's deceptive water marketing, and talk about the allegedly energy-giving bracelets that are being sold in major retailers and malls. We also report about how the Food and Drug Administration spent years preventing a pharmaceutical company from honestly labeling their anti-depressant drug as being dangerous for children because it would have harmed sales for other anti-depressant medications, which the agency admitted. We give advice to pregnant women about supplementation, provide methods to help women cope with endometriosis, and discuss some of the sexually perverted practices in modern medicine, which hearken back to the days when all doctors were men. We discuss how doctors in our society are treated like high priests, who are immune from reproach, and who cannot be questioned, regardless of how they "handle" their female patients. We explain why so many people have discolored teeth, and offer a safe way to whiten them. We inform listeners about the presence of fluoride in anti-depressant drugs, and how fluoride effects the mind. We also warn about fluoride's presence in the tap water, and its effects upon both creativity and intelligence. We expose that the Boy Scouts have abandoned their original ideals, and are instead teaching blind obedience and feminization. We warn about Internet spam "feedback loops", which are used by unethical Internet providers. We advise people against drinking imported orange juice, due to contamination by a banned fungicide that is used in some foreign countries.


Time: 01:06:58   Size: 33 M.B.