This episode features guest William Kay, M.D. He is a former surgeon, who now operates as a health advocate. His departure from institutionalized medical care happened after the death of one of his surgical patients. Dr. Kay then decided that he could no longer silently condone the status quo of modern medicine. He literally walked out of the hospital, and he never looked back. In the show, Will recants the high price he repeatedly paid for trying to do the right thing, and the fear games that are used to keep medical professionals under tight control. Will discusses how textbook brainwashing techniques are used during every doctor's residency, how the true purpose of medical licensing is to suppress dissent and stifle innovation, how maintaining a medical license is a matter of popularity amongst peers and embracing whatever they vote to be the "standard of care", how licensing is in no way related to actual performance, how all alternative methodologies are prevented at the local level for the sake of maintaining the prevalence of more expensive treatments, his personal experience with improving patient care and the subsequent vengeance of his colleagues, how "smart doctors" are the ones who make bad decisions to keep hospital administrators happy, how dissent can get a doctor permanently banned from medical practice, how hospitals casually harm patients to save money and then redirect that money into marketing, his personal experiences with how ineffective and unscientific modern medicine has become, the new abomination of preventatively removing organs and the breasts when the patient is healthy, the shockingly early menstrual cycles in five-year-old girls, the new protocol of using drugs to mask the horrible effects of other drugs regardless of the long-term damage to the patient's health, how modern doctors relish their power and control over patients and describe it with the phrase "patient compliance", how modern doctors work with child protective agencies to break-up families who dare challenge their authority or suggest alternatives by claiming "medical neglect", how hospital bioethics boards decide that certain parent's wishes are to be ignored by hospital staff members and they sometimes even mandate surgeries for children against the parent's wishes, how school systems use terrorism and various manipulation games to enforce vaccinations on children despite vaccinations not actually being mandatory. Finally, Dr. Kay explains what he does as a health advocate, and how he finally has the freedom to help people.


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