In this audio show, we discuss the type of phone calls that we get; particularly from those who use alternatives only as an act of desperation. We warn about 'expert' friends and the dangers of having just a little bit of knowledge. We talk about the risk of over-supplementation, especially for issues involving the liver or cancer. We also talk about the extreme level of brainwashing that is done to patients, and how some people have even become afraid of eating healthy foods without doctor approval. We warn about the lack of nutrition in pre-made vegetable juices like V8, and talk about the differing properties of wholesome vegetable juices. We report about how dog treats from China are tainted again, including those made by Nestlé. We talk about the new politically-correct trend of animal cruelty that consists of feeding vegetable products and carbohydrates to carnivores. We mention the nutrient deficiencies which are caused by a vegetarian diet, and the permanent effects of chemotherapy and radiation on the brain. We discuss why so many people are afraid of choosing alternative medicine for life-threatening conditions, due to social forces. We warn about Megafood supplements, which contain ingredients from China, alongside yeast. We also warn people about the so-called "nutritional yeast", which will cause long-term health problems. We give a brief history of both yeast and antibiotics, and we explain the impact of candida in relation to allergies. We discuss the fear tactics that are used by doctors when they tell patients that they have cancer. We detail an actual case history of how the medical system destroyed an otherwise healthy lady.


Time: 01:09:38   Size: 33 M.B.