In this show, we blow the lid off of functional medicine, which is being promoted by Dr. Mehmet Oz. We talk about the similarities between functional medicine and pyramid schemes, and report about the non-existence of the research that it is purportedly based upon. We expose the shady history of Jeffrey Bland, who founded functional medicine. We talk about the Doctor Oz show, and how his viewers have contacted us about various scams that he has promoted. We caution about the new seaweed-based gel that Doctor Oz and his functional medicine affiliates are promoting, and the dangers that it presents. We warn that functional medicine is designed to quietly introduce biotech into the health-conscious community, and its strong emphasis on genetic testing. We describe technobabble, and advise people to be watchful for it. We play some clips from telephone calls that we have received from Bioceutica, a company which is part of the functional medicine pyramid scheme. We conclude with a recent discovery that has led us to lose trust in Dr. Mercola.


Time: 00:49:44   Size: 22 M.B.