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Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2009 19:20:43 -0400 (EDT)

This is installment #2 of The Mail Bag, in which we address noteworthy reader questions, and our answers to them.  This time we discuss Vitamin B-17 and its cyanide link, safe drinking water, the Budwig anti-cancer regimen, the official meaning of the word organic, how organic is sometimes not completely organic due to destroyed soils, when flax seed oil (omega-3) can be dangerous, and analyze a herbal hair restoration product.

"Interesting that one metal [silver] can be so beneficial, when it seems that all of the other ones only have such negative side effects."

There are several metals which are good for you in small amounts, and can be found in good soils.  However, they usually become toxic quickly when taken in larger doses.

"Doesn't the natural sources of Vitamin B-17 also contain cyanide, etc.?  From what I researched, that appears to be the case.  It seems to me that you don't recommend anything which contains it, and I'm just curious on that.  Also, what would you recommend for someone with cancer (just curious; I'm not asking to go into great detail)?"

We do not generally recommend cyanide, especially from synthetic sources; but if using B17, there may not be any choice.  There does appear to be a strong correlation between vitamin B-17 foods, and those which contain trace amounts of cyanide.  The most common sources are apricot kernels and unpasteurized almonds (no longer available in the U.S.), because they are believed to contain the most B17.  However, they also contain the most cyanide.  B-17 is found in a variety of fruits, including cranberries, and blackberries.  I would recommend combining almonds with B17-containing fruits, and lowering the dose of almonds if you experience stomach aches or dizziness.  Unless you are specifically using B-17 to fight an active case of cancer, then your body only needs a very small amount.

There are many ways to kill cancer, and B-17 is only one of them.  We do not believe that B-17 is the best method, and we tend to take preference in the Budwig Regimen.  Curing cancer is a topic which is too lengthy to cover here.  We did write about cancer in great depth in our article, The Relationship Between Body pH and Disease (and other facts you're not supposed to know).

"Also, what is the exact definition of "organic?"  I bought some organic apples at the store, and tried eating some of the seeds, and they had no taste to them.  From what I've researched, they should have a bitter taste due to the 'B17' within them.  Could something be labeled as organic, while still having something like that processed out of it?"

If U.S.D.A.-certified organic, a food cannot be grown with synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, be irradiated, or genetically modified.  However, a problem arises when organic foods are grown on previously 'conventional' soils.  The prior use of fertilizers depletes the minerals from the soil, kills the beneficial microorganisms inside the soil, and results in produce which still lacks ideal nutrition.  It takes years for soils to return to their former state, with lots of help from manure, and sometimes the manure itself is depleted from the diets being given to the cows.  There is also a risk of cross-pollination with neighboring genetically modified plants. There is little that the grower can do to combat this, unfortunately.

Thanks to buyer demand, the situation is improving slowly, but everyone needs to be watchful for Monsanto's Frankenfoods, and the bastardized pollen they produce.

"If I take water from a dehumidifier, and run it through a Berkey water filter a few times, is there any worry of fluoride being in the water, or could that water also contain it?  Does distilled and spring water generally not contain fluoride?  Also, would it be wise to boil that water before consuming it, even after running it through the filter?"

Water from a dehumidifier will not contain fluoride.  Bottled spring water and distilled water shouldn't contain fluoride, but will contain other chemicals that have leached out of the plastic.  If you can afford it, the dehumidifier and Berkey Water Filter combination should work well.  Hopefully the dehumidifier will not contain plastics that leach chemicals, and be watchful for any signs of rust.  I recall that there is at least one all-in-one product that makes filtered drinking water from moisture extracted from the air.  I also recall that it was a bit pricey.

"Also, my dog has a pretty big lump on his chest, but when taken to the vet about it before, he considered it to be benign.  Regardless of whether it is or not, are you aware of anything that could possibly make it go away?"

We are not experts in alternative veterinary care, but there are a few things that you could try. You could experiment with varying amounts of food grade hydrogen peroxide in each bowl of water (oxygen therapy).  Expect to see an increase of energy, if you do.  Changing the diet of the dog would be great, but it is not an easy task.  Just read the ingredients of the dog food at your grocery store, and you'll see what I mean. The first ingredient in most of them is 'processed' corn, followed by a mirage of artificial additives and salt. It may be better at a health food store, but I cannot be sure as I have never checked.  Ideally, you would feed the dog real foods, with a preference for white meats.  You could also give the dog cottage cheese mixed with flax seed oil, which is an essential part of the Budwig Diet.  Definitely look into the Budwig Diet, and let us know of any difficulties in your research.  The flax seed oil should be obtained cold-pressed and in light resistant capsules, or it can go rancid, and actually become carcinogenic itself.

Mega doses (3-5 gm.) of Vitamin C would help too.

"Finally, have you ever heard of a product called "Shen Min" for gray hair?  My friend asked about it, and I have never heard of it before, but from reviews that I've read, it can help with gray hair, but not with regrowing lost hair.  Could that, or something else, help with the restoration of gray hair?"

They don't have an area where they give a full list of active and inactive ingredients, which is a troubling sign.  However, they also list Fo-Ti and Saw Palmetto, which are both known to help with this problem.  I would just go to a health food store and buy these items separately.  Male pattern hair loss is difficult to cure, and there are no easy and quick fixes.

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