For decades, dentists have insisted that one of the best ways to avoid cavities is to brush the teeth immediately after consuming anything that contains large amounts of sugar. New evidence shows that they were wrong. One should be mindful that modern dentistry also promotes mercury ("silver") fillings and fluoride in drinking water. The dentistry industry is one of the least conducive toward health.

After consuming sugary foods or drinks, the enamel of teeth becomes weaker; especially within the first hour of consumption. Brushing the teeth during this period leads to increases in abrasive damage. This damage usually becomes significant by the time a person reaches middle age.

Soft drinks are especially detrimental to tooth enamel, due to their acidity. The sugars in combination with the low pH of soft drinks are responsible: not merely one or the other. The average pH of soft drinks is 2.5, while the mouth should remain about neutral (pH of 7). It has been recited that merely the low pH of soft drinks was the causative factor of weakened tooth enamel, and that the teeth should be immediately scrubbed clean after consumption. Contrary to popular consensus, waiting at least an hour before brushing, and always using a "soft" bristled tooth brush leads to the best overall dental health.

Despite the influence of groups like the American Dental Association (A.D.A.), a stunning 59% of American children aged 12 to 19 have at least one cavity in their adult teeth, according to a recent study.

Fluoride Lies

The presence of fluoride in U.S. tap water has increased in recent years, but it has not reduced cavities. In fact, the Fluoride Action Network issued a press release in 2001, which showed that whenever fluoridation is discontinued, the rate of cavities declines. The U.S. Government's statistics also confirm the inverse relationship between cavities and ingested fluoride: that ingesting fluoride fuels cavities (and many other diseases). However, there has been success in reducing cavities when fluoride was applied directly to the teeth, but never from ingesting it. The results of the topical application tests are heralded as proof that fluoride is beneficial, but they do not actually use data from ingestion tests.

Water fluoridation is not actually done in the interest of health, but for some very twisted politics. For more on the link between fluoridation and the pacification of the public, read our article about water toxicity. That article catalogs how fluoride was first publicly used in the water of people who were conquered by the NAZI's. The NAZI's used it as a social control and population control drug. Fluoride destroys fertility, as well as pacifying populations having dissent, through its unique narcotic effect. It is meant to ensure that the Americans never truly fight against their own government.

Water fluoridation in the U.S. began life as part of a sham that was designed to benefit the nuclear, aluminum, and fertilizer industries. Feeding sodium fluoride to the public was a way to rid industry of its toxic waste product, at our expense. It all began with a fanciful public relations campaign by Edward Bernays, who was a hired gun for the U.S. atomic weapons program in World War II. His job was to convince the public that the tons of radioactive waste products from nuclear weapons processing were so safe that they were perfect for human consumption. It is worth noting that in his private job, he also convinced regulators and the public that lead was safe in our gasoline, construction materials, clothing, and even our foods. As the nephew of Dr. Sigmund Freud, Bernays knew everything about manipulating the public. He is known as "The Father of Public Relations".

If a truckload of fluoride were spilled, it would initiate an emergency cleanup that would restrict all traffic within miles, and require a small army of spacesuit-wearing emergency workers. Even the fluorine fumes are deadly, in the event that it is heated. Water fluoridation is doubly convenient for the chemical companies who are unloading this waste into our bodies, for they benefit financially whenever we get chemotherapy and radiation treatments for the cancers that were caused by their fluoride. Fluoride is verified to be one of the most potent carcinogens ever discovered.

Fluoride also directly attacks the thyroid, and it neutralizes precious iodine. This is why fluoride is the main reason for the current epidemic of hypothyroidism, and for hormonal problems for women in the U.S. Fluoride is a major factor in osteoporosis, due to the fact that is causes brittle bones; especially over extended periods.

"Hydrofluorosilicic acid is also known as fluorosilicic acid or fluosilicic acid. It comes as a liquid and so it is easier to add to water than crystalline sodium fluoride and fluorosilicate. All of these chemicals are derived from pollution scrubbing operations. A common source is the processing of phosphate rock to make phosphate fertilizers. The rock also contains fluoride, silica and traces of heavy metals such as uranium, radium, radon and lead. When the phosphate rock is treated with sulfuric acid, silicon tetrafluoride and hydrogen fluoride gases are given off. These gases pass through scrubbers and react with water to form hydrofluosilicic acid."

-- Fluorine Recovery in the Fertilizer Industry: A Review

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