A new study has found that some anemia drugs, given to over 50% of patients who undergo chemotherapy, massively increases their chance of having deadly blood clots.  Chemotherapy often causes anemia, along with a variety of other conditions which are the symptoms of pharmaceutically-induced malnutrition, and poisoning.  After undergoing chemotherapy, most people can never live normally again.  Recovering cancer patients have intentionally induced, potentially fatal drug addictions; for they are forced to take large arrays of pharmaceuticals to hide the symptoms that were created by chemotherapy poisoning for the remainder of their lives.  These cancer victims are the core profit-makers for the pharmaceutical cartel.  The companies involved reap massive rewards from cancer victims shortly before their deaths.  It is a very nice financial arrangement for them, that is, until they inevitably kill their cash cow.

The Psychology of Allopathic Medicine

Most people choose to place their faith in the medical establishment; especially when they have serious conditions, such as cancer.  Terror motivates them to follow the pack, but this usually ends in disaster.  This fear leads to their own demise in a self-fulfilling prophesy, due to their following of the pack.  One indication of the mass insanity is that people are doing the same thing, and yet somehow they expect a different result for themselves.  Doctors convince them that they are a unique and special case in which the poisonings will cause less injury than the cancer would without the "treatments".  People buy into it with very few exceptions, because people want to believe that they are special.  They want to believe that if they bite into the magick apple, then their dreams will come true.  They obediently refuse to see the consequences of taking a bite from the sorcerer's apple, and nothing is learned from history.  So thorough is the brainwashing that they laugh when told that untreated cancer patients do much better and live longer than patients receiving 'conventional' treatments, and refuse to examine the numbers for themselves.  They are too busy getting "science based medicine", after all, to be bothered with pesky details like numbers, facts, statistics, and histories.  They know they can trust their doctor for these things, because he's a good and honest man with only their best interests at heart.  They know that he even forsakes the golf course to spend tedious hours verifying the pharmaceuticals that he has been given incentives to dispense.

Understanding modern medicine requires not an understanding of science, but an understanding of psychology, with an emphasis on consumer marketing.

The "Science"

"Initial testing of these drugs was done on only 12 weeks of use."

— Lead researcher of Procrit and Aranesp, Dr. Dawn Hershman

The cherry picked results of that 'initial' testing has been relied on for more than ten years.  More than half of chemotherapy patients take these drugs, even though they are known to be deadly.

Alternative medicine is mocked for not relying on clinical studies, but in actuality, the clinical studies are largely flawed.  Not only are very few studies done on most drugs, but the studies rarely replicate the patients that they are marketed to.  Take for example that depressed people are banned from studies of antidepressants, and the H1N1 (swine flu) vaccine was never tested on pregnant women -- despite the rush to get pregnant women vaccinated first.  This corruption of the 'clinical studies' is intentional, because it's easy to show that an antidepressant effectively treats depression if the test subjects are already healthy, happy people from the get-go.  This is how the health care industry works.

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