Many people use commercial hand lotions to make their skin softer and moister. This is especially true throughout the winter months, when less moisture is present in the air. Commercial lotions seem to provide some short-term relief for skin dryness, but they actually make the problems worse in the long term. This phenomenon is similar to what we have seen with pharmaceuticals and dieting aids, which ultimately exaggerate the root problems.

People rarely use hand lotions in moderation. Lotion becomes an essential accessory, which is applied generously several times daily, for years at a time. This necessity seems to be by design from the industry. The great majority of hand lotions contain chemicals which accumulate in the liver and fatty tissues, causing long-term problems. The chemicals accumulate in ever greater amounts in the body over time in a snowballing reaction. Many of the common chemicals used in hand lotions are known to cause skin dryness and skin irritation with extended use, which coincidentally happens to be great for business. When people start experiencing long-term dryness after using hand lotions, they eventually become dependent on these lotions for their quick-fix. None of this is accidental.

Lotion Ingredients

Common ingredients in commercial hand lotions include parabens (propylparaben, ethylparaben, methylparaben), alcohols, mineral oil, other petroleum products, and aluminum. Most people seem oblivious to the fact that chemicals placed on the skin are frequently absorbed directly into the bloodstream. If this were to become common knowledge, then most of the cosmetic companies would be driven out of business. Cosmetic products are not regulated at all, so formulations are made at the whims of manufacturers.

Parabens bio-accumulate in the liver, breasts, and fatty tissues. They are known for causing skin irritation, dry skin, sensitizing the skin, and they trigger allergic reactions that weaken the immune system. Much controversy has surrounded this set of chemicals in recent years, due to the fact that some studies link their use to breast cancer. A study conducted by St. Joseph's Hospital in September 2008, monitored girls who used cosmetic products containing parabens, and contrasted them with girls who did not. They found higher rates of cancer in the girls who were exposed to parabens. Animal studies show that parabens reduce sperm counts.

Petroleum has been shown in studies to not only cause cancerous tumors, but also to cause long-term dryness of skin. Petroleum-based creams cannot absorb completely, so some remains on the surface of the hands. The hands then appear to improve, because the layer of oil feels like something of a second skin. Meanwhile, the skin remains dry and smothered underneath the oily layer. The overall condition of the skin is actually worse, whenever the petroleum mask is removed. Mineral oil works in the same way, except that more of it sinks into the bloodstream as a whole-body toxicant.

Amazingly, many hand lotions contain alcohols too, which are known by almost everyone to dry the skin. Why then, would they be added into lotions that are marketed for moisturizing?

Aluminum is a bio-accumulative heavy metal, which cannot normally be excreted by a body. It damages the I.Q., contributes to cancer, as well as causing Alzheimer's disease, and multiple sclerosis. The list of disease states caused by aluminum is a very long one. A heavy metal cleanse is necessary to remove the build-up of this toxic metal, and selenium should be used as a neutralizing supplement in the meantime. Always be sure to buy aluminum-free baking powder for this reason. Beware that it is in commercial breads and crackers. It is in almost every commercial product that uses leavened bread. It is in the vaccines too.

Most people never even consider reading the ingredients lists on their cosmetic products. Our analysis on leading brands of moisturizers was horrifying. The long list of chemicals that are found inside modern cosmetics seems endless, and it is perfectly legal for companies to avoid listing some ingredients, under the guise of "trade secrets". This is normal, in fact. If you are one of the millions of people who have been scammed by the chemical industry in regard to hand lotions, then we strongly recommend a liver and heavy metal cleanse; and if still needed, a switch to a natural skin lotion.

We (Health Wyze Media) formulated our own hand lotion and now sell it, because the commercial lotions that were available were all completely unacceptable.

Skin Care Recommendations

  • People with extreme skin problems should stay away from direct contact with latex. This includes latex in foods (avocado, bananas, chestnuts, kiwi, and perhaps even tomatoes). Many people have latex allergies because of vaccinations. Latex allergies can have terrible effects upon the skin.
  • Topical use of colloidal copper. Copper is important for the synthesis of both collagen and elastin. It has also been shown to increase the thickness of the skin. For a safe oral method of supplementing with copper, we suggest chlorophyll. Otherwise, do not ingest copper because it is dangerous unless it is naturally occurring in foods.
  • The benefits of coconut oil seem limitless, and it is extremely useful for dry skin. Orally take a teaspoon or so daily. Buy only organic, cold-pressed coconut oil from a health food store. It is not expensive, and it will help.
  • Vitamin C increases collagen and elastin. It is commonly used for the treatment of dry skin.
  • Since unhealthy fats disrupt collagen production, there is part of the Budwig Protocol which should be helpful. Purchase flax seed oil capsules and mix the extracted oil with goat cheese. Yogurt can be used instead of goat cheese, but it is not as healthy, because it is usually made with homogenized milk. Make sure the flax seed oil is in dark capsules in a dark container. The oil can quickly become dangerously rancid when it is exposed to heat and light. Do not mix with a metal object. Wood is ideal.
  • Get liquid iodine and place about a 2 inch (5 cm.) patch on your skin. Let it sink in throughout the day. Your body will absorb only the amount that it needs. Always avoid povidone iodine. Read our iodine article for safety information concerning the oral supplementation of iodine.
  • You may have pre-diabetes. Check yourself and treat accordingly after reading our article about diabetes.
  • Try supplementing with niacin at a small dosage, but please read our article concerning niacin's strange side effects.
  • Zinc supplementation is known to help with a variety of skin, hair, and nail problems. A body cannot properly utilize zinc without copper.
  • You may have hypothyroidism if you have severe or chronic skin problems.
  • Sunbathing is a helpful treatment for many skin diseases, such as athlete's foot fungus, psoriasis, acne, boils, and impetigo. Sunlight converts cholesterol in the skin into vitamin D-2 to help the liver.


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