It is near sacrilege to publish anything that in any way defends smokers. Brace yourself, for you are about to read such a sacrilege. For the sake of political correctness, let us preface by noting that smokers are hellishly evil creatures, for they savagely murder our innocent children with their second-hand death gas. Now we can move on with political correctness satisfied.

As a collective society, we have come to view anything tobacco-related as evil, and its users as needing to be stoned (in the biblical sense). Because of the almost religious anti-tobacco dogma nowadays, what follows might be difficult for some readers to believe.

The first smokers were the American Indians. They also used cannabis (marijuana), which was a favorite choice inside peace pipes. For hundreds, if not thousands of years, the American Indians frequently smoked unfiltered and organic tobaccos, wherein the smoke was stronger than any cigarette sold now. The Indians did not get lung cancers. They suffered from no major diseases at all. They did not even suffer from allergies, despite living outdoors constantly. It is similar to the situation with the modern-day, unvaccinated Amish. It was not until the English and the Europeans began importing the European diets, long-term food storage, and the overall European lifestyle that serious diseases appeared in Indian tribes. The Old World diseases struck with an ugly vengeance. Entire tribes were wiped-out in days, because the Indians had never needed to develop an immunity against European pathogens.

No Indian was ever killed by tobacco before modern cigarette processing became normal. Our modern killer-tobacco is not the same tobacco that was smoked by our forefathers around camp fires. As an interesting aside, there still have been no deaths attributed to marijuana, ever. If marijuana were regulated and 'enhanced' by the same chemical industry partners and governmental regulators that manage our cigarettes, foods, and drugs, then marijuana would become cancerous too. The pharmaceutical industry would not tolerate safe marijuana any more than it tolerates safe cigarettes. Marijuana is actually a greater threat, because it has potent medicinal qualities, and that is why the public must be made to fear it.

Like our foods and medicines, modern tobacco is 'enhanced' by the chemical industry, and now our foods, medicines, and even tobaccos comprise an unholy trinity of death. In modern cigarette smoke, the chemical compounds outnumber the tobacco compounds over 100-to-1. Every one of these intentionally added chemicals is toxic and most of them are carcinogenic. There is some truth to the belief that most (if not all) tobacco companies are evil, because what they do to their own customers is truly evil. None of it is necessary. We are frankly baffled by the insanity of it all. Cigarettes, like medicines and foods, do not need to be poisoned, but all of them tend to be quite toxic in this era, thanks to adulterations.

Fire Safe Cigarettes

It is getting much worse for smokers in America. Since January of 2010, in 49 out of the 50 states, there has been a legal requirement that a much worse poison be added to all cigarettes. The new state laws require that cigarette manufacturers poison smokers with something worse than we have seen before, like a state-mandated genocide against smokers. Please have the compassion to help us get the message out, even if you personally despise smoking and smokers. It is the right thing to do.

Cigarettes now must contain ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer, which is literally carpet glue. It is known to cause tumors in mice, but inhalation of its smoke has never been tested on humans. The Material Safety Data Sheet for this substance notes that it produces toxic fumes when exposed to fire. The new "fire safe" cigarettes are made with 3 layers of paper, which requires triple the glue of past cigarettes. They contain what are referred to as "speed bumps" (made from carpet glue) all the way down the shaft. These are designed to reduce oxygen flow, so that the cigarette will quickly extinguish if nobody is inhaling it. This often puts the cigarette out too early, causing the smoker to re-ignite several times throughout a cigarette. It forces smokers to inhale more deeply and more frequently than they otherwise would, whilst they smoke a considerably more toxic cigarette. We call this deadly by design.

Activists have been campaigning for decades to get tobacco companies to remove toxic substances from cigarettes, such as citrates, phosphates, and calcium carbonate; which are added to ensure that cigarettes do not self-extinguish. Instead of just removing these burn accelerators, tobacco companies instead added carpet glue. Their logic for appeasing law-makers is hopelessly flawed. Newspaper articles which blame victims for cigarette-induced fires with headlines like "House Burned Down by Reckless Cigarette Use" neglect to mention the fact that cigarettes contain burn accelerators, which should rightly place the blame on the manufacturers. These fire-accelerating chemicals incredibly remain inside the "fire safe cigarettes". It is a similar situation to what we witnessed with the pharmaceutical industry, in which new chemicals are needed to eliminate the side-effects of the chemicals that they provided originally, as a way of avoiding an admission of guilt.

The Genocidal Politics of Tobacco

No studies have ever been done on cigarettes containing pure, organic tobacco, because such a test might actually prove it to be safe in moderation. Such a finding would not be politically correct 'science'. It would be on-par with questioning Darwinism, and it would destroy careers.

Most anti-tobacco groups are opposed to any sort of harm reduction, such as additive-free or organically-grown tobacco, because they are funded by pharmaceutical and chemical companies. We have witnessed these organizations speak out against safe tobacco again and again, so their concern for the public's health is entirely fictitious. These companies profit from drugs and patches that are alleged to help smokers break their addiction. Those who are unable to quit smoking, or simply do not wish to, are forced to smoke needlessly toxic cigarettes. The F.D.A. likewise involves itself in this genocidal campaign by blocking all natural products that aid with smoking cessation, like it did with (non-addictive) Indian tobacco, for example.

Despite all of the campaigns that have been led by politicians who talk about how they are "getting tough" on Big Tobacco, no labeling is yet required for the additives that actually make cigarettes dangerous. Once again, it is the victims, not the chemical industry, that are blamed for the carnage. Smokers are unaware that hundreds of chemical compounds are added to most cigarettes. Even fewer have been told that they are legally required to inhale the fumes of burning carpet glue whenever they smoke.

A study by the Harvard School of Health revealed that tar, carbon monoxide, and naphthalene levels were higher in the new fire safe cigarettes. In fact, according to their study, every chemical, except nicotine, was higher in fire-safe cigarettes. Despite the alarming results, the study's conclusions were actually biased toward promoting fire-safe cigarettes. We can empathize with their good intentions, but this cure is obviously worse than the disease. If the agenda is truly innocent, then why have these 'improved' cigarettes never been reported to the public? Why has there been a media black-out?

Naphthalene is an insecticide and a byproduct of the coal tar industry. It is also a core part of the new "safe cigarettes". Exposure to high amounts of naphthalene can result in irreversible damage to the eyes and liver, according to the E.P.A. It is also a carcinogen, particularly through inhalation exposure. Symptoms of acute exposure include headaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, malaise, confusion, anemia, jaundice, convulsions, and coma. It can also cause neurological effects in infants. Thus, it is easy to conclude that normal cigarettes are actually safer than their 'safe' counterparts. These are the effects of just a single chemical. An investigation into the effects of every chemical that is added to modern cigarettes would require a book of its own.

If all of this were not damning enough, these "fire safe cigarettes" are not truly fire safe. In one final move to alleviate themselves from any sort of liability, the cigarette companies admit on their websites that "no cigarette is fire safe". The legislation was supposedly enacted for the purpose of stopping fires, but the very initials that are found on these cigarette packets (FSC) promote a false sense of security that is prone to causing more fires. Even with the misnomer of increased safety, victims may not necessarily be able to sue manufacturers if the cigarettes cause a fire. Even with the existence of their chemical burn accelerators, the corporate lawyers will predictably contend that the addition of carpet glue was a good faith effort to ensure safety, and therefore fires will still be blamed on smokers.

Legislation mandating the sale of only fire-safe cigarettes first went into effect on January 1st, 2010, for certain states. We have heard dozens of reports about the health issues that are being caused by these cigarettes, which seem to mimic the symptoms of naphthalene exposure. All fire safe cigarettes must be labeled on the box. Usually found around the bar code, the letters FSC mean Fire Safety Compliant.

Some smokers choose the American Spirit brand of organic cigarettes, but these are also "fire safe". This company uses organic tobacco, but the glue-coated paper is far from organic. The only way for most American smokers to avoid fire safe cigarettes is for them to roll their own, or to purchase them online from foreign countries. As with all things, organic is of higher quality and safer.

Radioactive Cigarettes

In order to grow what the tobacco industry calls "more flavorful" tobacco, farmers use high-phosphate fertilizers. The phosphate is taken from a rock mineral called apatite, which is ground into a powder and dissolved by sulfuric acid. Hydrogen fluoride is produced as a byproduct of this process, which is then integrated into U.S. drinking water and toothpastes. Apatite rock contains radium and other radioactive elements, such as lead 210, and polonium 210. Due to these fertilizers, radioactive compounds enter the tobacco through the roots, and from direct contact with the leaves. When a smoker inhales apatite-ridden smoke, radioactive particles enter his lungs, which causes radiation poisoning and possibly lung cancer.

"Uranium has a very long half-life and will accumulate in the soil with repeated applications of fertilizer. As a result, modern cigarettes may contain higher levels of Po-210 than those measured 40 years ago."

-- The Big Idea: Polonium, Radon and Cigarettes, The Royal Society of Medicine

The University of Massachusetts wrote to the New England Journal of Medicine in 1982, warning that a person smoking one and a half packs of cigarettes per day would be exposed to a radiation dose in certain areas of the lung at 8,000 mrem per year, which is the equivalent of 300 chest x-rays per year. It has been theorized that the amount of radiation is much greater now than it was when these tests were completed. The only way to avoid this radiation is to use organically-grown tobacco. "All natural" and additive-free tobacco may still be radioactive.


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