Cover photo for issue 3 of Naturally Good MagazineWhile this article is slightly off-topic, it nevertheless is something that everyone should read. Everyone needs to know what is happening, and it is time for some whistleblowing. By the time you reach the end, you are likely to be shocked at the state of things. We were.

I saw Sarah this morning wearing her white pull over. It was a reminder of a dream. Over her heart, in bold navy blue stitching was printed, "Naturally Good Magazine Staff". Before we created this site and the audio editions of The Health Wyze Report, we had a printed magazine. It represented what magazines should be, and what they were in a better time. In our first three issues, we covered almost everything that people need, in order to live long and healthy lives. Much of the material for this web site comes from those issues, and the six months of hard core research that went into them.

In our study of other magazines, we concluded that they were inferior by design. You see, typical magazines are dulled down and dumbed down because any real journalism would have the potential for creating controversy. Furthermore, and I know that initially this may be more difficult to believe: there is an active policy by satanic secret societies, which have infiltrated the media organizations, to literally dumb down the population with junk literature. People are easier to enslave that way. Now, if you have trouble believing any of this, and we know that some readers will, then research the new-age literary term "hi-lo". Among publishing houses and editors, the term "hi-lo" means written specifically for high interest with low reading and low comprehension levels. Yes, they actively mock, cheat, and insult their own readers behind closed doors with other members of the fellowship. This sort of thing is so common, and so well known about, that they actually have a special term to refer to the practice. Look up 'hi-lo' for yourself if you have any lingering doubts that our media is overall designed to keep our society misinformed, distracted, and intellectually crippled. Better yet, just browse the magazines at a local retailer, because you will easily see the pattern too, since you now know what to look for.

For example, is the American public really interested in articles about Tiger Woods crying in public?  Imagine how The Matrix would unravel if they ran an article explaining that Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for finding both the cause and the cure for all cancers -- oxygen. Of course, no article like that will ever appear in print, and probably never has, except for our publication.

Yet the media rabbit hole goes even deeper than this into Wonderland. Would you believe that the only reason magazines are not free is to establish a false and illegitimate air of credibility?  Every magazine that you buy is sold to you at a considerable loss. In fact, you are paying less than half of what it costs them to print it and get it shipped to your store. The illusion that we are funding the magazine is created to make it seem as if we have a voice, and that we matter to the publication, in order to foster a false sense of credibility, and a false relationship. Modern magazines are funded almost entirely by their advertising partners, and therefore, they are specifically written to serve their corporate partners' interests instead of the interests of the people actually reading the magazines. This is generally why you cannot trust anything they write. The whole premise that they are writing articles for the benefit of their readers is all just a side-show intended to disguise the fact that they have tricked you into purchasing their advertising brochures, whilst tricking you into giving them, and their partners' 'infotainment' some high journalistic credibility at the same time.

Our magazine did not exactly get a warm reception from regular retailers. I remember in particular an almost violent reaction by the female receptionist at Lowe's Foods Headquarters, just after she had submitted our premier issue to her boss for review. We could always tell when someone had a doctor or pharmacist in the family. We got out of there just before the call to security, and believe me, we had been perfect ladies and gentlemen while there. It was one of those "that didn't just happen" moments. We ironically get a better reception from doctors, and an even better reception amongst nurses, for many of them have quietly awakened to the corruption of the system. It's usually the over-protective relatives of doctors and nurses who go psycho on us.

Interestingly, our magazine did almost make it under the radar into Walmart stores, using their local vendor program, which would have allowed us to build-up a state-wide following before presenting our case to corporate for nation-wide distribution. In the final stage of acceptance, during the scanning of our bar codes, somebody pulled the plug on us at our home store (Mocksville, N.C.). We assume it was yet another relative of a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist. By the way, we wish that we could show our readers the looks that Walmart pharmacists gave us at the various Walmarts we visited. You could really see the love in their eyes. The improper and untimely rejection of our magazine is not so bad in the light that they merely killed a magazine, but it is actually much worse when one realizes that this lone person, to satisfy a self-serving agenda, prevented us from saving lives -- in the name of protecting "medicine", no less. Real medicine, like real science, need not fear exploration, disclosure, or criticisms. The reactions we got spoke volumes, and even the silence, in some cases, spoke volumes as well. They removed any doubts we had as to whether we were doing the right thing, and finding the truth.

Next, we took an alternate route, using the alternative retailers. We marketed ourselves to Earth Fare stores and to Whole Foods Market. This was a last resort for us, because we had wanted our magazine to reach the ignorant masses, where it would do the most good, for the most people. We felt that otherwise the magazine might be relegated to preaching to the choir. The treatment we got from both companies was entirely disgraceful.

Whole Foods Market has its own "local vendor" program that is paraded in practically all of its marketing materials -- you know -- since Whole Foods Market corporation is so concerned about the local communities and their economies. We were naïve enough to actually buy into the lie, as I am sure that many Whole Foods Market customers still do. We discovered that the great thing about the local vendor program at Whole Foods Market was its cost efficiency, which is due in large part to the fact that it doesn't really exist. We spent months being phone-forwarded and talking to people across Whole Foods Market's corporate network, but we never actually found anyone anywhere who had the authority to negotiate with us about becoming a "local vendor", and this included store personnel too.

A store employee told us that the official policy was to use just one source for magazines; and get this, the company name for that one source is One Source. See the pattern?  Yes, all those "competing" magazines that you see in virtually all health related stores are managed and controlled by one company, literally One Source. There are only a handful of companies nation-wide like this, and we believe (based on what we have witnessed) that they work together as a cartel to make sure that a free and independent press is no longer a threat to their agendas. They control us by controlling our information, and there is something terribly wrong with you if this doesn't scare the bejesus out of you. Have you ever wondered why the "competing" magazines all run similar articles, with similar themes?  Is it really coincidental?

Several retailers, in fact, told us that we would have to "get permission" from their magazine distributor (ie. One Source) before they could carry our magazine. The implications are stunning. Behind the scenes in this "free country", a handful of crooked con-artists determine what is allowed to appear in print, and they are definitely not working for our benefit, or the benefit of our nation. Over the telephone, we were actually told that our magazine might have a chance of surviving if we became "team players", and that we should contact them if we ever found a more "flexible" code of ethics. It was like being asked to sell our souls for success. Actually, it was more than just like that, it was that exactly.

Finally, there was Earth Fare stores. We made our entrance into retail with Earth Fare stores, and our first two issues ran in select Earth Fare stores. All was going well with this test marketing, until someone powerful enough to terrify our corporate representative decided that we had become a threat to be reckoned with. We always knew of the high risk of this happening, but we had to try. The drama with Earth Fare deserves its own article, and in fact, we have already written it. You may read all the details in our previous article, Telling The Truth Is The Fastest Way To Lose Friends - Especially In The Magazine Business.

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