The Truth About Beef

The Power of Iron

Our in-depth research has repeatedly verified that red meats are essential for the vision and immune systems of all developing children. There is no substitute for beef. Take for instance the iron supplements that are intended to compensate for diets lacking beef: the body absorbs less than 10% of these chemically manufactured iron supplements, and increasing their dosage quickly makes them toxic, and sometimes fatal.

In order to prove that red meat is dangerous (since this is politically correct and will therefore keep the funding money flowing) studies about red meat only utilize nitrate-laced, hormone-raised, and corn-fed beef and pork raised in horrific factory farms. This is, of course, to prove the inherent unhealthy qualities of red meat. For the sake of this politically correct science, organic, range-fed beef is conveniently avoided in virtually all of the studies that get published. The number crunchers also have a tendency to lump-in the less healthy pork with beef statistics; to skew the numbers even further. We challenge our readers to locate any credible, well-published, and peer-reviewed study showing negative health consequences from consuming organic (unbastardized) beef as part of a balanced diet.

Yes folks, we've been sold another health-endangering lie from Big Media, and their pimps in the chemical industry. We would not want them to take responsibility for their artificial hormones, genetically engineered feed, antibiotics, vaccines, factory farms, and poisonous nitrate preservatives, after all. Just remember that it's the meat that's killing us, and we'd be crazy to think it is any of those other things. So what if heart disease, cancer, and diabetes were relatively non-existent before the F.D.A. was created to offer it's "approval" for these food bastardizations, which made it virtually impossible for us mortals to take legal actions The depth of corruption is mind boggling.

Our detractors will gleefully respond with, "just look at the science", as always. They love their science, after all. We are actually happy to say the same thing, since our readers will now know what to look for. You will know which sleeve they are hiding the card under, so the sleight-of-hand will not be so effective anymore.

The Meat Of Our Argument: True Nutritional Science

Beef contains vitamin A and Iron in readily absorbable organic formats. Vitamin A is the single most important vitamin for good vision, and eye development. While most people think of carrots as our primary source, there is tremendously more vitamin A to be found inside red meat, and vitamin A is not well absorbed from vegetable sources. The type of vitamin A that is found in vegetables (beta-carotene) must first be converted to another form by the liver before it can be used by the body. It is this type of vitamin A and the type found in dietary supplements, which results in vitamin A poisoning with large doses. Just like in the case of non-organic iron, too much vegetable beta-carotene (vitamin A) can cause serious health problems, and can eventually prove fatal due to the burden on the liver.

However, retinol, the form of vitamin A which is found inside meat, particularly beef, has never been linked to overdoses. The massive amounts of vitamin A that are found in beef should theoretically be capable of killing or causing serious symptoms (hair loss, disorientation, dizziness, peeling of the skin, jaundice, and etc.) if it were present as beta-carotene. Yet no person has ever died from a steak overdose. That is because organic protein-based retinol is easily absorbed and effectively utilized by the body, and any excess is easily flushed out.

The hysteria surrounding the dangers of iron has been ongoing for decades, due to children who ate iron supplements and died, or became seriously ill. Men cannot eliminate iron properly, which is believed to be one of the main reasons for their shorter life expectancies. However, iron remains a vital mineral, and is used by the body to carry oxygen to the cells.

Like with vitamin A, iron is poorly absorbed from vegetables, and a deficiency can result in anemia; which causes fatigue, dizziness, headaches, and cold sensitivities. On a side note, the ability of iron to move oxygen throughout the cells explains why severe anemic patients have an increased risk of cancer, due to oxygen starvation and the acidosis it causes. Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg hypothesized that resveratrol (found in grapes, particularly muscadine) frees iron, enabling some men to live longer. (This is the secret behind how red wines improve health.) That relationship has now been proven again in modern studies. Avoid drinking milk with meat (as forbidden by the Bible) for this prevents the absorption of iron.

While vitamin A and iron can be purchased in dietary supplements, dosage and type is so important that we instead recommend purchasing organic meat, around twice a week. While white meats and fish also have their distinct advantages; it is nevertheless equally important that children be fed beef regularly as they develop. The keys to raising truly healthy children lay in a balanced all natural diet, the avoidance of fluoride, clean water, exercise, sunshine, and the avoidance of pharmaceuticals. We promise on our honor that the key is not in the avoidance of steak, and we promise that Big Media will continue to lie about this and many other things at the expense of your health and financial security.

Our Beef: So Many Lies To Counter and Such Little Time

We have written previously about The Politically Incorrect Truth About The Cult Of Vegetarianism. We are politically incorrect, because that is what is required of ethical journalists. The politics of appeasement and popularity have no place in journalism, or at least they shouldn't.

We are aware that many parents, even non-vegetarian ones, avoid beef for the purpose of keeping their children healthy. When reading from Big Media sources, one will quickly get the impression that it is unwise to consume beef. While this may not be as outrageous and in-your-face as that whole butter/cholesterol/saturated fat mythology, it is still plenty bad, and nearly as disease inflicting.

As is usually the case, most Big Media reports are based upon rumors, an agenda, and upon the most shoddy science. Often, it is all of the above. In fact, we encourage the young generation to ask their grandparents about the meaning of the phrase "investigative journalism" for an eye-opening lecture about how things once were, and how they really should be. Journalism should have never intersected with prostitution.

Pork Is Not Kosher For Good Reason

We never recommend that people eat pork, due to the high parasite content, lack of nutrition, and likelihood of heavy metals.


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