One of the most unhealthy items in the average household is bread. Commercial bread is nothing short of toxic, despite all of the marketing claims about its nutritional qualities and high fiber. The modern breads that are sold in retailers always contain soybean oil, and they usually contain aluminum too. The days of false marketing about the health benefits of soy are almost over. Aluminum is a toxic heavy metal which builds up in the human body to cause neurological problems over time.

It would be healthiest to simply eliminate bread from our diets altogether, but this is not feasible for most households. Commercial whole wheat bread is not actually a safe alternative, as most health conscious people would assume. This is because the ingredients added to commercial whole wheat breads make them even unhealthier than the commercial white breads. If you must use retail breads, then the white breads are usually the lesser evil, because so many altered food additives are added to whole wheat breads in an attempt to make them more flavorful.

Bread-eating families should start making their own, because the breads that are found in retailers are so lacking in nutrition and so harmful to the health. Making bread by hand is known to be a very time-consuming task, but breads and crusts are easy with a bread maker. Bread makers knead the dough, allow it to rise, and then they cook the bread without any assistance. The only work is adding the ingredients into the machine and activating it. Your entire family will be much healthier as a result of making your own breads, especially if you choose to use whole grain flours and sweeten with honey. The taste is so worth the little effort involved. Once you taste your own homemade bread, you will never be able to go back to store bought bread. Homemade bread is cheaper too, so a bread maker will eventually pay for itself.

If a recipe calls for baking powder, always purchase an aluminum-free powder. We also recommend avoiding chlorine-bleached flours, and "enriched" flours that are laced with synthetic vitamins, which often do little more than strain the liver, kidneys and immune system. It is possible to purchase unbleached white flour, which is safely bleached with hydrogen peroxide (oxygen) in most cases.

Non-Stick Coating Issues

The baking areas inside bread makers are coated with non-stick Teflon. Non-stick cookware is normally to be avoided, but there should be no safety issues for bread makers. The heating elements in bread makers are almost in direct contact with the dough, unlike ovens which have large open spaces separating the heating elements from the food. This means that bread makers cook breads at much lower temperatures than is possible with ovens. It is believed that non-stick coatings must reach about 500° F before the food is tainted by Teflon break-down. Thus, it is very unlikely to get contamination from the non-stick coatings inside bread makers.

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