Pica (Pagophagia) is a disease state emanating from malnutrition.  It is surprisingly common.  I suffered with it myself as a child, and my own son briefly showed the symptoms.  It is perhaps important for us to mention these things, so other parents understand that we are not being high-and-mighty, and that none of this should be felt as criticism of their parenting.  Parents would not be reading this, if they did not wish to improve themselves and the care of their children.  With that behind us, let us explain the condition.

Parents should be aware that their children may be malnourished without showing any obvious symptoms of it.  This is because most people do not know what the symptoms are for persistent low-level malnutrition, and because having malnourished children has actually become somewhat normal.  Malnutrition is not necessarily a problem specific to poor children, for overall, they tend to get about the same nutrition as their wealthier counterparts do.  It is not a money issue.  It is an ignorance issue, and about 99% of the people are ignorant of nutritional issues.  Sadly, this includes orthodox medical doctors.  Don't even ask your doctor about it.  It will be a complete waste of time.

The Symptoms:  Strange Cravings for Non-Foods

People (usually children) with pica eat unusual items, and actually crave them like favorite foods.  Listed below are the typical cravings.  Ice is, by far, the most common craving, followed by dirt.

  • Ice
  • Clay
  • Dirt
  • Hairballs
  • Sand
  • Chalk
  • Paint Chips

The Causes of Pica

As stated earlier, pica is a disease of malnutrition.  Cure the malnutrition and the pica is immediately cured too.  Pica is always the result of an iron deficiency.  Our peers in the orthodox medical establishment label this "anemia", like a serious-sounding disease.  That is because it is much more profitable to "treat a disease" than to have us eat some organic beef.

The Potential Damage from Pica

It is difficult to predict the long-term damage from persistent malnutrition.  If it is allowed to continue long enough, then there will be undesirable mental and physical side-effects.  Our readers may further study general malnutrition issues on their own.  For the sake of brevity, we will jump to the short term risks associated with pica.

  • lead poisoning  (from old paint)
  • bowel obstruction  (possibly requiring surgery)
  • intestinal obstruction  (possibly requiring surgery)
  • dental injuries
  • parasitic infestations


We have all been told to avoid so-called "red meats", for the sake of health policies that were based on lies.  Natural beef is not really bad.  If you don't believe it, then spend some time researching sodium nitrate, and then check the labels at your local grocer.  You see, it is not the meats that are killing us.  It is the industry people and regulators, who are telling us to avoid all "red" meats, who are killing us.  It is their poisonous additives that make the meats toxic, and they know it!  This is how the scam works: First they get us to eat very little beef, which impairs our health, and then they poison the little bit of beef that we do eat, and then they stand back and say "See, we were right!" concerning the health problems that they actually caused.  It's a great little scam, in that the industry provides the poisons preservatives, and then the pharmaceuticals to "treat" the resultant diseases perpetually.

The truth is that natural, range-fed, organic beef is a critical God-send for children and women of child-bearing age.  (God didn't make all those mistakes we're being told about nowadays.)  Some other foods, such as grapes (and thereby, raisins), contain some iron too, but it is never enough.  Iron supplements are even more useless, because they contain industrial (non-organic) iron that is created with sulfuric acid.  A body recognizes this garbage as a potential toxin that must be immediately excreted.  This is how deadly "iron" overdoses happen: it is a panicked immune system causing the problems like a super-allergic reaction.  Your body knows the difference.


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