For years, we have been told that an aspirin a day keeps the heart attacks away. The poor science behind this belief is seriously flawed. Nevertheless, Bayer pharmaceuticals has had a heyday marketing aspirin to doctors and the public for preventative medicine. As a result of this marketing which twisted the results of otherwise valid studies, virtually every orthodox doctor in the United States now recommends aspirin to customers who have experienced heart problems. Millions of people ridiculously believe that heart attacks are caused by an aspirin deficiency.

The original studies from 1974 through 1988 showed that aspirin was not helpful for cardiovascular diseases. Then in 1989, another study was done, which tested aspirin that was buffered with magnesium (Bufferin brand). This type of aspirin, which acted as a magnesium supplement, reduced heart attacks by 44%. Since then, aspirin (not magnesium) has been recommended for those who have an increased risk of heart attacks. The magnesium content of the buffered aspirin that was used in the paradigm-shifting study was completely ignored; since after all, only a pharmaceutical could benefit health. Magnesium was institutionally ignored, even though it was the only differing ingredient in the aspirin that actually worked.

While some heart attacks can be prevented by the magnesium in buffered aspirin, the number of aneurysms and other internal bleeding issues rise proportionally because of the aspirin itself, to make the overall death rate about the same as those not 'supplementing' with aspirin. In other words, by recommending aspirin instead of magnesium, the establishment kills about as many people as they save; because they are going to great lengths to avoid promoting competing nutritional medicine.

A serving of organic spinach would be significantly more effective and safer than an aspirin a day. Magnesium is necessary for healthy heart function, and it is lacking in Western diets. Multiple studies have shown that magnesium reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and balances the heart rhythm.

Aspirin is probably the safest pharmaceutical in existence, largely because it is based on natural and alternative medicine. It was first created from the bark of white willow trees by the American Indians, for pain relief. This fact seems to never get mentioned, since natural medicine is, of course, "quackery". About 75% of the drugs in use were borrowed from our quackery, just like aspirin was. In this modern age, aspirin is "enhanced" with chemical engineering and it is made synthetically like all of the other "real medicines". Unlike the original pain reliever, the improved version is now fatal in large quantities.

The New York Times reported that pain relievers are being linked to gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers, especially when taken on a long-term basis. When we combine this with the fact that ordinary aspirin does not actually prevent heart attacks, then we see the product of corporately manipulated science. The so called, "baby aspirin", which is most often recommended by doctors is not buffered with magnesium. Although buffered aspirin can be purchased as a substandard magnesium supplement.

Best Natural Sources of Magnesium

  • Halibut fish
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Spinach
  • Peanuts

Some people supplement with magnesium through small amounts of Epsom salt, but readers should be aware that it may contain impurities, because it is not manufactured for consumption. Furthermore, excessive magnesium will cause a body to flush other important minerals, so it is wisest to get it from the above foods.

The above list of foods are very nutritious, and we strongly recommend them to anyone who is wishing to improve his health. Regular supplementation of magnesium through good nutrition is the single best way to prevent heart attacks, and it comes without the risks which accompany pharmaceuticals. We also recommend supplementing with cayenne and taurine for heart health, as we have written about elsewhere, as well as the avoidance of homogenized milk. Cayenne can actually stop a heart attack in-progress, in many cases.

People who sell and distribute magnesium cannot make such "medical claims", even though the benefits are proven by the establishment's own studies. We would have to be silent about magnesium too, if we sold any magnesium supplements. This is why the labels for most supplements cite only vague descriptions of their effect, because we are not supposed to know. The agenda (at least at the top) is to keep us sick enough to remain dependent upon the system.


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