One of the jobs of the liver is to safely remove toxins, or to store them when removal is not possible. This explains why any successful cleansing protocol must begin with a liver cleanse; for without the help of a fully functional liver, other cleansing protocols will not work well. Any cleansing process involving a dysfunctional liver is like cleaning a dirty floor with a dirty mop and dirty water. The liver is the mop of the human body.

Some fringe health writers recommend that people eat organ meats, and most especially liver. A smaller subset of those people recommend eating the organs raw, intact with raw blood. They contend that liver is healthy because livers are extremely nutrient dense. Their advice is well intentioned, but equally foolish. These writers fail to account for the fact that the liver is also a body's long-term storage area for toxic materials. It is the wisdom of taking a lead pill with a multi-vitamin, and no amount of nutrition can compensate for the problems generated. The liver, along with fat cells, are the storage places for toxic materials that a body cannot eliminate. Consuming liver is the act of eating all of the toxins that an animal was unable to expel throughout its entire lifetime, and there are really toxic materials at farms nowadays.

Consumption of liver has been linked with increased rates of hepatitis E in the United States. Although, the condition is rarely reported. Liver consumption has also been repeatedly linked with clenbuterol poisoning in Spain, China, and Portugal. Clenbuterol poisoning consists of muscle tremors, headaches and nervousness. The condition can last for days, until the toxin is isolated by (and contained inside) the liver, where it will remain for the rest of a person's life, and impair his health forever after. Clenbuterol is administered illegally to livestock because of its ability to keep meat fresh for unnatural lengths of time. It is another reason to avoid products from the main culprit, China.

People who eat liver need to weigh the benefits of some extra minerals against the risk of permanent poisoning; both from heavy metals and other poisons that the cow has been in contact with. The poisons can come from processed feeds, antibiotics, vaccine ingredients, pesticide over-spray, tainted water, and the synthetic hormones that are frequently given to farm animals. While organic liver is theoretically healthier than its extremely toxic counterpart, we strongly recommend against taking unnecessary risks.

Various toxins that we eat are stored in the liver, such as aflatoxin. It is something produced by molds that often appears on vegetables during their transportation or processing. It can also be ingested from antibiotics; which by the way, are still made from toxic fungal sources, despite the dishonest hype about scientific medical breakthroughs. Aflatoxin has been shown to massively increase the risk of liver cancer. It is important to note that studies in China have shown that this risk can be reduced by 55% with the help of chlorophyll, which naturally chelates some toxic materials out of the body. Chlorophyll is the extracted green-dye from plants, so it is another reason to eat lots of vegetables.

Those who follow the most asinine advice from the liver promoters, namely to eat it raw, have dramatically increased rates of parasitic infections and toxocariasis infections. These conditions are common for cats and dogs, but they are unusual for human beings, since toxocariasis is produced by roundworm infestations.

People should include some organic meats in their diets, but definitely avoid eating organs, and always cook meat thoroughly. Most of us need many more fruits and vegetables too.


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