Dove GraphicDeception is rampant in the food industry, and as a result, typical retailer shelves are full of products that are marketed as having health benefits, despite the fact that most of them are more damaging to us than the unhealthy products they replace. As a general rule, you should beware whenever you see labels such as: diet, sugar free, fat free, no trans fats, with flax, or with omega 3. These are usually tricks to hurt you at someone else's profit. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration uniquely redefines common words to protect a chemical industry that is happily poisoning us. Some of the label terms listed herein mean something entirely different from what any reasonable person would expect. These word games will be explained.

Sugar Free Products

The phrase "sugar free" commonly means that normal food sugars have been replaced with chemically extracted sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, mannitol and maltitol. These "diabetic safe" sugar compounds tend to increase a person's blood sugar levels more than real sugar does, and they cause even more inflammation than the standard processed sugars do. "Sugar free" frequently means being more sugary and more dangerous. These alcohol sugars are especially common with chewing gums.

Diet Products

Weight loss is a $35 billion industry. If diet products actually worked, then the industry would not allow them to remain that way for long. Effectiveness equals losing repeat customers. It is like how the medical industry cures nothing, because health freedom is bad for business. Just as pharmaceuticals make people sicker in the long term, diet products make people fatter. The wonders of chemistry indeed.

Diet products frequently contain monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners, and aluminum compounds. All of these cause victims to gain weight. Aluminum is a heavy metal that accumulates in the body forever. Fat tissues are produced as a defense mechanism against it, for a body utilizes fat cells to isolate toxins that it cannot expel; in much the same way that an oyster protects itself with a pearl. Most Americans (64%) believe that the government requires warnings about side effects on weight loss products, and 54% believe that diet products are approved for safety by the F.D.A. Neither is true.

Another example of industry deceit is how the artificial sweeteners in most diet products cause obesity at a faster rate than normal sugars and carbohydrates do. A typical "zero calorie" drink will stimulate fat build-up in two ways; and both involve destroying a victim's overall health. Firstly, all the artificial sweeteners are either inherently toxic or they metabolize into toxic compounds within the body. Take for example that the artificial sweetener, aspartame, is an excitotoxin (neurotoxin) in its normal state, like MSG is. During metabolisis, aspartame is broken down into various poisons inside the body, such as formaldehyde and aspartic acid, which are then circulated by the blood. This generates extreme inflammation and an over-driven immune system; as if the person were poisoned, because he really was poisoned. Most artificial sugars are excitotoxins, which means that they directly attack the nervous system; causing terminal brain cancers, fibromyalgia, cardiac arrhythmias, diabetes, obesity, and a whole host of other severe, life-destroying, central nervous system diseases. Secondly, artificial sweeteners produce artificial sugar crashes that produce extreme cravings for sugars and carbohydrates. You may have found yourself irresistibly tearing into a loaf of bread or a bowl of pasta after consuming one of these "healthy" diet colas, all-the-while trying to understand why you could not stop yourself. Now you know, and perhaps you finally know how evil these companies are. If you wish to lose weight, then you should stop buying diet products.

If you are a diet cola drinker, you should feel especially cheated and betrayed. For they likewise forget to mention that the sodium benzoate from these drinks is not really the safe salt that we are supposed to believe it is; but a benzene derivative. Benzene is one of the most carcinogenic substances on Earth. It literally is paint stripper.

With Added Omega-3 or Flax

Flax seed oil is a major source of omega-3 supplementation, so food manufacturers have been cashing-in on what they see as the flax craze. Flax seed oil is a supplement that we recommend whenever it is cold pressed, properly distributed in light resistant and air resistant capsules, and when it is protected from temperature extremes. All of this is necessary to keep the flax oil stable. If these precautions are not taken, then the flax oil quickly becomes a nutritionally useless, rancid and carcinogenic oil. It is better to get no flax seed oil supplementation at all than to get oil that has been mishandled.

Always beware of "omega-3" labels, for it is impossible for any processed omega-3 to still be omega-3. It is one of the fastest oils to break down, and its extreme oxygen reactivity is what normally helps it to be so beneficial to the human body; provided that it is consumed in its natural and pristine form. The omega-3 found in the overwhelming majority of products is not only useless, but it is dangerous too; if those variants could even be called omega-3. Most of the finished products would not test positive for omega-3, because it is utterly destroyed by the time it reaches retail shelves. The processed products usually test positive for high levels of omega-6 and omega-9, which exaggerate the problems of omega-3 deficiencies. Our recommendation is to not only avoid such foods, but to boycott the manufacturers as well. These "flax added" products are currently being sold at Whole Food's Market, despicably alongside canola oil and soy products.

Infant Formula

Years ago, we went searching for the most unhealthy item available at local grocery stores. To our great shock, infant formula was the most toxic food item sold in retailers. We made a video, in which we actually repeated the full manufacturing process for infant formulas, with all of the standard ingredients. We knew that we had to spread the word, because people are poisoning their children at an age when children are the most vulnerable. It is everyone's responsibility to protect them. Especially make certain that soy-based formulas (or anything else made with soy) are always avoided, or there will be long-term consequences for the child. Soy is especially destructive to females. Also, avoid all products from China, whether they be foods or toys. Our recommendation is to breast feed. The child will be healthier, and it will prevent the mother from developing breast cancer.

This video features Thomas Corriher, of the Health Wyze staff, manufacturing the most popular brand of infant formula.

Decaffeinated Products

Decaffeinated products have a long history of being removed from the market because of toxicity issues. First, the industry used benzene and chloroform to remove caffeine, but these ingredients were later "discovered" to be highly toxic (as if they didn't already know). Next, dichloromethane became popular in the 1970's. It was claimed to be less dangerous, but was eventually proven to be carcinogenic too. Of course, this also totally surprised all the regulators too, who were waiting for their turn in the chemical industry revolving door. Most of them have chemistry degrees, but they somehow never realized that these chemical warfare agents might be harmful to health. It was the selective amnesia of F.D.A. science.

Nowadays, coffee beans are usually soaked in solvents, which include methylene chloride and ethyl acetate (nail polish remover). Sure, only trace amounts remain in the coffee beans as is claimed, but a person nevertheless risks cancers and other diseases for avoiding a relatively harmless and naturally occurring substance: caffeine.

Turkey Bacon

People choose turkey bacon as a healthy alternative. They rarely read the ingredients, and tend to be unaware that turkey bacon usually contains more additives. It is not uncommon for turkey bacon to contain both MSG and canola oil. These are completely unnecessary ingredients, which are not present with regular bacon. Truly healthy turkey bacon can be purchased at some health food stores, but always make certain to read the ingredients.

Fruit Juice

Fruits are healthy. Apparently, this still needs to be said, since certain news sources have been reporting about the purported dangers of sugary fruits. None of the studies purporting to show a connection between childhood obesity and juice used pure organic fruit juice, so the tests actually proved the connection between childhood obesity and high fructose corn syrup. There are no risks in consuming completely organic fruit juices. Freshly squeezed juice is always the ideal.

The only people who may suffer adverse effects from truly organic fruit juices are those whose bodies have been destroyed by the chronic use of synthetic insulin. Natural fruit juices can only be made dangerous with help from the 'miracles' of modern chemistry. Natural sugars do not have the same effects as refined sugars, or the chemically extracted sugars that are perverted beyond all recognition. Pure, organic, chemically unprocessed, and natural sugars, like those from evaporated cane juice, fruits, and honey are actually beneficial to the health, and that goes for diabetics too. In fact, natural sugar is an absolute requirement for curing diabetes.

The food industry has amazingly managed to make some fruit juices unhealthy. When drinks are made from concentrate, they are frequently re-hydrated with tap water. So drinking these juices is just as harmful as drinking municipal water that is fluoridated and chlorinated. Some companies additionally add high fructose corn syrup to their juice products, or they add regular processed and bleached sugar. The residual chloride from food processing and municipal water supplies can produce dioxin compounds, similar to those found in DDT. For a thorough explanation of the major problems caused by high fructose corn syrup, we recommend watching the documentary, King Corn. The list of consequences includes the big three: heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Natural sugars are perfect for the human body. It knows how to properly process them, and how to transform them into almost pure energy without harmful byproducts. The human body can metabolize natural sugar without any appreciable inflammation. The amount of natural sugars required to cause excessive weight gain would be so high as to be nearly humanly impossible to consume. One would have to drink so much fruit juice that his kidneys would begin failing before his belly ever grew.

Non-Stick Cookware

Non-stick pans contain a chemical coating of PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). When a bird inhales these toxic fluorine (fluoride based) fumes from a heated non-stick pan, its lungs will ulcerate, and it will suffocate in its own body fluids. Birds were used for centuries as an early warning system in mines, because they rapidly die whenever they are exposed to poisonous gases. For all of the details about the dangers of non-stick cookware, read our article, The Dangers of Non-Stick Cookware. The short summary is that non-stick cookware should always be avoided. This includes the new ceramic type, because this cookware always originates from China, and thus the cookware's true chemical make-up is unknown. For cookware that is non-stick, the best and healthiest option is old fashioned cast iron pans. A second best choice is stainless steel. All cookware should come from a trustworthy and civilized society, which precludes China and the third world.

Aluminum Pans

Aluminum is a cumulative heavy metal toxin, and particles of it may become part of the foods being cooked, due to mechanical friction with the utensils being used. Never use metal utensils in aluminum cookware, since scraping can dislodge metal particles. The ideal for most cooking is old fashioned cast iron, but stainless steel is a reasonable second best.


Margarine was first marketed to prevent heart disease. It and other butter substitutes are a main reason why heart disease is the #1 killer of Americans today. The hysteria surrounding butter was created in order to make way for a new industry of artificial hydrogenated oils that were patented by the chemical industry. The public was deceived, and too many people still believe that margarine is the answer to obesity and heart disease. Instead, margarine is a major cause of them. Read the God's Nutrition article for an explanation of the bad science behind the lipid hypothesis, which is the disproven belief that saturated fats and cholesterol lead to heart disease. Like in the case of diet items, chemically-engineered fats perpetuate the very diseases that we are told they prevent. The multitude of studies disproving the lipid hypothesis over a period of decades have been greatly overshadowed by the original one (from the 1950's); which by the way, is still used by the A.M.A. to prove that a body metabolizes the new chemically-engineered fats better than natural, organic, food-based fats. When butter was a staple of the diet, heart disease was a medical rarity, but now it is the #1 killer.

Condoms for S.T.D.'s

The belief that condoms will prevent sexually transmitted diseases is being passed throughout school systems, as if it were an indisputable fact. However, condoms cannot reliably prevent most of the common S.T.D.'s, including genital herpes (HSV), human papillomavirus, chlamydia, syphilis, chanchroid, and trichomonas. Condoms are only partially effective for the H.I.V. virus, which is not the assurance that most people seek. The unreliability of condoms has been known since a 2001 investigation by the U.S. National Institutes of Health. A problem with quality control occurs when manufacturers transport condoms in extreme temperatures, as this causes the latex to expand, leading to larger pores. Certain diseases can readily pass through the holes in condoms that pass standard quality tests.


One of the first things that most people do when they are trying to eat well and be healthy is start consuming salads. However, lettuce actually has very little nutrition; and moreover, the commercial dressings that people buy are toxic. Almost every commercial dressing contains soybean or canola oil as its base, and they are full of chemical additives. Salads can be healthy, but they are not usually. We recommend salads made from organic raw baby spinach, and be aware that the bad flavor that spinach has become infamous for only occurs whenever it is cooked. Raw spinach has very little taste. It is similar to lettuce. Always make your own dressings. With some recipe searching; they are easy to make. We have some salad dressing recipes already available. You may also read our online article, Why Salads Are Not Usually Healthy for more detailed information.

Calcium Enriched Products

Be wary of foods which advertise added calcium. Excess calcium is a leading cause of the illnesses that we are experiencing today. Contrary to what you may have been told, very few people actually need more calcium, with the usual exceptions of young children and pregnant women. For the proper utilization of calcium in a body, a body needs enough vitamin D (sunlight), and an adequate amount of magnesium. Calcium is useless and detrimental in anyone without enough vitamin D and magnesium. The synthetic types of vitamin D, like those which are added to milk, are useless for about half the population. Nobody knows why this is, but it is obvious that natural vitamin D cannot be identically produced in a laboratory.

Fish is a good source of vitamin D for those who can neither utilize the supplement version nor get enough sunlight. Diseases that are falsely blamed upon calcium deficiencies, such as osteoporosis and brittle bone disease, are usually caused by fluoride that neutralizes calcium, pharmaceuticals that cause malnutrition, sunlight deficiencies, MSG that depletes magnesium and general magnesium deficiencies.

Read product ingredients to beware of "calcium phosphate" and "tricalcium phosphate". These are made from ground-up bones, and the companies do not disclose where they get those bones from. We do know that these compounds are usually imported from China, so for all we know, they could be the powdered bones of Chinese political dissidents. Monocalcium phosphate is a naturally occurring mineral that is completely safe, but it is not a perfect substitute for the minerals consumed from vegetable sources.


The antacid industry is yet another one based on fraud, which causes the very condition it claims to fix in the long term. Excessive stomach acid is not really the cause of indigestion or heartburn. Instead, troubled stomachs tend to not have enough acid, so that they must churn violently to make the best use of the limited acid. This causes cramp-like pains and back-flows into the esophagus of the existing acid. Antacids seem to work because they weaken the acid even further, to make the resultant back-flows less painful. A more logical approach is to give the stomach the acid that it really needs, so that it can relax. Take some apple cider vinegar whenever you are experiencing indigestion, and you will be amazed. The stomach is supposed to be acidic, and the body has an inverse pH relationship with the stomach. If the stomach is not acidic enough, then the overall body is acidic, which is a state that diseases thrive in. It is what antacids produce. This means that there can be extreme consequences to using antacids regularly. Read our article, Why You Should Use Apple Cider Vinegar Instead of Antacids for detailed information.


Mouthwash is completely useless for cleaning the teeth. Instead, it kills all of the bacteria in the mouth, including the beneficial bacteria. As a result of its extermination of the beneficial flora (bacteria), yeast-based bacteria will multiply faster, making you far more vulnerable to bad breath, sore throats, and cavities. Many brands of mouthwash contain excessive amounts of fluoride, which sinks through the walls of the mouth and into the blood, to have disastrous health effects. A healthy person does not have yeast overgrowth in his body, and therefore, does not have bad breath. For more information about this, read the article about curing allergies.


For decades, aspirin has been promoted for the prevention of heart attacks, but this was based on fraudulent science. The study that showed a connection between aspirin and reduced incidences of heart attacks used aspirin that was buffered with magnesium (Bufferin). Magnesium is actually able to prevent heart attacks, but this has no relationship to aspirin. Aspirins not buffered with magnesium have no effect whatsoever on preventing heart attacks, so patients would be much wiser taking a magnesium supplement instead (or even spinach). Regular aspirins do not help to prevent heart attacks, and they also lead to internal bleeding, the formation of ulcers, and aneurysms in patients that it is supposedly saving.

Anti-Bacterial Soaps, Hand Sanitizers, and Anti-Bacterial Baby Wipes

Anti-bacterial soaps, hand sanitizers, and anti-bacterial baby wipes should be avoided. They contain triclosan, an antibiotic that produces chloroform whenever it comes into contact with chlorine (another common ingredient). Chloroform is a known carcinogen. Triclosan does not actually kill the bacteria that is responsible for causing common colds or routine illnesses; so it has very little value in consumer products. There have been numerous recalls in recent years due to bacteria colonies growing inside antibiotic soaps, which clearly demonstrates the safety and effectiveness of these products.

If any of these products were at all useful, then surgeons would use them instead of spending 15 minutes washing up. In studies that compared these products with regular soap, it was shown that regular soap is more effective at killing bacteria than these "anti-bacterial" products are. The chemical industry has made fools of us again.

Hand sanitizers and anti-bacterial baby wipes are especially unhealthy, because these products are not washed off. The poisons remain on the skin for extended periods, so that much of it invariably sinks through the skin to further burden the person's immune system. The end result is that people who are exposed to these products are sick more often than people who never use them.

Most of the public elementary schools in the U.S. now use commercial hand sanitizer products on the hands of young children, without washing their hands at all. This means that the children have a bacteria-laden poison rubbed on their hands, which is applied just before they eat; so they ingest it too.

Even effective antibiotics have the long-term effect of weakening the immune system, because they are all made from toxic mold compounds. It is a common misconception that only penicillin was manufactured from mold, but in fact, all antibiotics are made from molds, which are usually genetically engineered nowadays. Antibiotics are routinely found to have fluoride and heavy metals. They are known to decimate intestinal flora for years, making malnutrition chronic for most Americans, and making both illnesses and allergies worse.

The only purpose behind these anti-bacterial products is to drive lagging antibiotic sales, and to promote a belief that we are totally dependent upon the pharmaceutical industry for our health.


Consumer fluoride is literally a toxic waste product from the aluminum, nuclear, and fertilizer industries; and this industrial waste product is what is added to municipal water supplies. There is no special high-purity pharmaceutical fluoride for toothpastes or our water. The material used is literally an industrial waste product. It is the main ingredient of most rat poisons, and U.S. Governmental statistics show that oral ingestion of fluoride from municipal water supplies causes cavities, along with a variety of other diseases. In some cases, fluoride is also radioactive because it is derived from radioactive materials, and it is likely to contain lead and aluminum impurities.

Other ways in which the chemical industry has tricked us into buying its toxic waste is the radioactive component (americium-241) that is used in smoke detectors, and the radioactive (high phosphate) fertilizers that are used on tobacco fields, which is one of the main reasons why modern tobacco is so dangerous. Modern tobacco literally produces radioactive smoke, thanks to more 'miracles' of chemistry.

Fluorine gas from a super volcano is widely believed to have wiped out the dinosaurs world-wide, in just a matter of days. Those with pure water virtually always have lower rates of cavities and other dental problems. We found these statistics on a governmental website, but strangely enough, the American Dental Association does not seem to find such studies. Fluoride weakens the immune system, kills the beneficial bacteria of the mouth, and neutralizes the calcium needed for maintaining the teeth. Fluoride does not make teeth strong. It makes them brittle, which is almost the opposite of strong. So it practically guarantees expensive dental work for everyone eventually. It can also directly induce cavities by causing pitting in the enamel, which is a known (but not reported) side effect. Fluoride can stain the teeth permanently (fluorosis) and it damages the bones (brittle bone disease). Of course, there is that cancer thing too.


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