We have discovered that when the medical establishment talks about "radiation overdoses", we are in real trouble. After all, they normally view radiation as a cancer preventative and treatment. It has been exposed that CT scans are currently being done at excessively high levels at some hospitals, with some using 13 times the recommended amount. What is worse is that it is being intentionally done solely for the convenience of doctors.

Of course, this revelation did not come from the F.D.A., but the New York Times. While it is the duty of the Food and Drug Administration to remedy such problems, 10 months have past since their investigation started, and nothing has happened. Thus, journalists are now trying to regulate the healthcare industry by applying media pressure, and they are doing a better job. Not all hospitals have been investigated, and this problem is still continuing at hospitals throughout the country. The medical victims of radiation poisoning experienced hair loss in a selective ring pattern around the head, headaches, memory loss and confusion, but complaints to the hospitals have been categorically ignored.

"But there are no hard standards for how much radiation is too much. The overdoses highlight how little some in the medical profession understand about the operation of these scanning devices and the nature of radiation injuries, as well as the loose requirements for reporting accidents when they are detected."

Within the medical establishment, poisoning people routinely is hardly taboo or punishable. To really grasp what has been happening, a reader must realize that a normal CT scan is the equivalent to 400 chest X-rays. These doses went as high as 5,200 simultaneous chest X-rays in some cases, and it was done intentionally for the sake of improve sharpness. By increasing the amount of radiation, the hospitals are able to obtain much clearer images, because the insides of the patients' brains almost glow. In the long term, these people will have an extremely high risk of brain cancers; and it is rare to save brain cancer patients, even with the best alternative therapies.

"Health experts elsewhere have warned of possible eye damage, in addition to the higher risk of cancer and brain damage."

We have to ponder once again why radiation would ever be given to cancer patients as a preventative, or as an ongoing treatment. In the typical blame-the-victim style; patients who complained to doctors about their hair loss were told that it was "caused by stress", and one individual was actually told that her ponytail was simply bound too tightly. Some patients receive steroid injections, in an attempt to stop the "unexplained" hair loss. Some of the victimized patients received a form letter explaining to them what really happened, but it included no apology whatsoever.

According to the New York Times article, Alabama regulators concluded that no overdoses could have occurred, because that state does not have any official maximum for radiation exposure, which is a bit like saying that nobody died, due to the fact that the state has yet to officially define the meaning of the term 'death'. Most investigations have already stopped, because the radiation poisonings have not been caused by malfunctioning equipment, but were instead deemed to be merely a part of "the practice of medicine"; and is therefore somebody else's problem. It's called "passing the buck".

The real reason why this is happening is because doctors and nurses do not comprehensively understand the inherent dangers of radiation exposure, even though working with it is a standard protocol of 'medicine'. They were, however, non-sarcastically taught about the 'dangers' of vitamins and herbs by their pharmaceutically-sponsored universities, but radiation was heralded as a valid treatment. Medical professionals tend to rely on machine manufacturers to maintain 'safe' levels, instead of taking personal responsibility; yet ironically, there is no truly safe level for radiation exposure. If doctors were adequately educated about the dangers of radiation, then perhaps they too would begin to question the gross insanity behind standard cancer treatments.

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