From: Thomas Corriher
To: xxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Culpability For Ill Health
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2010 09:13:32 -0400 (EDT)

"Dear Health Wyze, I certainly agree with you that good health is not based primarily on receiving the approved mainstream health care in this country.  I am glad someone is trying to promote Scripture-based health practices.

" you really think we have to blame ONLY those profit-seeking corporations who benefit from widespread ignorance...or should we also blame the millions of us who glut ourselves on short-term pleasures (like soda pop and artificially-flavored pastries) and then demand to have our health "fixed" quickly and painlessly?  Don't get me wrong... it is clear that many corporations have a great interest in promoting an unhealthful lifestyle in America and elsewhere.  They are blameworthy before God and man for their falsehoods and greed.  But are we, the American consuming public, not also greatly to blame when we lie in the front of the television, fattening food in one hand and the remote in the other?  In an era when information is easily found on the internet, are we not guilty of sloth and culpable ignorance if we continue to believe the lies we are told?"

Thanks for writing.  We agree that a person cannot be helped until he takes personal responsibility for his actions, and in effect, is willing to help himself.   We have used all kinds of tricks to try to reach the masses, including having a print magazine at retail locations; but most of our efforts in that regard were in vain.  The sad fact is that until people discover that they, and the people they have been relying upon, are responsible for their own illnesses, then there is nothing we can do for them.  They simply will not listen unless they have awakened enough to come to us first.  My own mother just died from "treatments" because she just had to "obey" her doctor, even though it was plainly obvious to everyone that he was killing her.  It is a pattern we see time and time again.

As you likely suspect, there are faith issues involved.  At its deepest root, the issue is between believing in modern day sorcery or having faith that God really provided us with everything that we need, as any good father would.  There are so many people who are paying very high prices for their misguided faiths.  Their overall lack of belief in both God and themselves leads them into the belief that they are powerless against disease, and therefore, they blindly follow whatever the establishment contends, in a mindless, herd-like mentality.  Power over most diseases is there for the taking, but that power is absent from most because they refuse to believe.

The new age sorcery uses the word "chemistry" instead of "magic" to make it deceptively marketable to us, but it is essentially the same old alchemy that existed thousands of years ago, and it has approximately the same efficacy in truly healing people.  We've seen the numbers and can verify it.  People usually seem shocked when their health inevitably tailspins from "chemistry", and cannot seem to remember that there is always a hidden price for dealing with the Devil.  Our modern witches and wizards wear white coats instead of black robes.

So another reason for doing what we do is the pagan infiltration of alternative medicine.  We Christians hold onto the principle of love, while they embrace power as their prime virtue; so truth becomes our weapon of choice, while deception (think politics) always becomes theirs.  We must never underestimate these enemies, and they are hiding like cockroaches everywhere.  When realizing how they play their manipulative game, one must be taken aback by how slick and cunning they play it.  By their very public presence, they drive Christians away from alternative medicine and back towards sorcery.  It's like you can either surround yourself with those worshiping "The Goddess", or you can go back to being poisoned with sorcery.  Either way, they will have corrupted you, and they win.  The Health Wyze Report is being used like a battering ram against what they have built, and we salute you as a fellow soldier.


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