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No health topic is more important, more full of misinformation, and more complex than this one. This report tackles the four most common conditions associated with "heart disease": hypertension, stroke, coronary heart disease, and congestive heart failure. The information herein should be useful for all heart problems.

Heart disease is the number one killer in America, and yet it does not induce terror as cancer does. The reason for this is because people are horrified of the cancer treatments, not the disease itself. Alas, heart health is frequently ignored in lieu of cancer concerns, with breast cancer being an excellent example of this short sightedness. Case in point: For every woman who dies of breast cancer (cancer treatments) 11 more will die from coronary heart disease. About 60% of heart disease deaths happen suddenly in people who had no previous symptoms and normal cholesterol levels. These people simply collapsed unexpectedly. The real lesson to be learned, as you will see, is everything that we have been taught about heart disease is wrong. If the experts whom we have been listening to were right, then heart disease would not be the #1 failure of modern medicine.

Another "Big One" from the television comedy Sanford & Son. Real heart attacks are not laughing matters.

Adhering to a critical holistic principle of alternative medicine, it is important that we never adopt the foolishness of a typical physician, who will obsessively focus on only the organ displaying obvious symptoms. It is wiser to treat the patient instead of an organ, which means correcting problems with both lifestyle and diet. As is the case for practically all other chronic diseases, a heart patient usually brings the disease upon himself with his irresponsible behavior for a period of many years, and only he can get himself out of the mess. Drugs can suppress symptoms for a while, like they always do, but real change comes only from real changes. Merely masking the symptoms with drugs is the health policy of fools. The time bomb is still ticking, even though the timer has been hidden from view.

Heart issues go beyond the physical, and merely physically treating heart conditions ultimately results in the failures that we all see around us in slowly dying friends and relatives. Numerous surveys have shown that asking people about their quality of life and happiness accurately reflects their heart health. Thus, we must not ignore the mental, and even the spiritual components of heart conditions. A healthy heart requires a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Emotional issues are commonly forsaken, despite their obvious importance. Throughout mythology, the human heart represents something greater than merely an organ to pump blood. It contains the soul of a person, including his memories and emotions. We frequently refer to emotional issues in modern life with phrases ranging from "heart-broken" to "faint-hearted".

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the physical organs are correlated with emotional states. Such ancient science can seem ludicrous to modern readers, but one quickly learns of its persistent value when studying alternative medicine. Heart problems are indeed closely tied to depression, rage, nervousness, despair, insomnia, and restlessness. This has been repeatedly proven in studies of the Type A Personality and in studies of grieving patients. Therefore, people should look within themselves to deal with their own emotional issues as the first stage of healing their hearts. It is absolutely vital. Periodic meditation and prayer can save lives.

Heart Disease and Cholesterol

Everyone in modern society has heard about cholesterol, and how bad it is. Most do not understand why it exists, and simply see it as a menace that must be eliminated as quickly as possible. This misunderstanding is exactly what the pharmaceutical complex promotes, because it allows them to perpetually treat cholesterol with drugs. These drugs are prescribed for the remainder of a patient's lifetime, and when he eventually dies of a heart attack, family and friends will believe that the disaster was inevitable. The death will not be attributed to other health factors or to the drugs themselves, but to the "high cholesterol"; even though there are no known deaths from cholesterol in human history. It is all very convenient for the drug companies, so long as we do not examine what is up their other sleeve. We are reminded of restless leg syndrome, whereby the disease was 'discovered' immediately after the pharmaceutical for it was patented, as a reason to sell us that pharmaceutical. Now it has been upgraded to a "disease".

"Before 1920, coronary heart disease was rare in America -- so rare that when a young internist named Paul Dudley White introduced the German Electrocardiograph to his colleagues at Harvard University, they advised him to concentrate on a more profitable branch of medicine. The new machine revealed the presence of arterial blockages, thus permitting early diagnosis of coronary heart disease. But in those days, clogged arteries were a medical rarity, and White had to search for patients who could benefit from his new technology. During the next forty years, however, the incidence of coronary heart disease rose dramatically, so much so that by the mid 1950's, heart disease was the leading cause of death among Americans."

-- Mary Enig, Ph.D.

The amount of cholesterol that you eat actually has very little relationship with the amount that you have in your blood. When you eat more cholesterol, your body produces less, and when you eat less cholesterol, your body produces more. A body usually produces between three and four times the cholesterol that one eats. The amount produced is generally related to how much is needed. Cholesterol is indeed needed and critical for optimal health. The purpose of so-called "bad cholesterol" is not to give us heart attacks, but to repair our damaged arteries. Whenever a poor diet and lifestyle lead to damaged arteries, a thick and sticky substance is required to patch them. That substance is known as LDL or "bad cholesterol". When this damaging behavior is continued, multiple patches are created, leading to what we know as "clogged arteries". The problem is not the cholesterol, which is doing its wonderful job of preventing our deaths from internal bleeding. The problem is the fact that the arteries are damaged enough to risk internal bleeding. Blocking a body's healthy countermeasures only leads to worse problems. It is the pharmaceutical standard of symptom suppression that is so much like hiding the timer of a time bomb, and then expecting it not to eventually go off. Thus, that "bad" cholesterol is not a bad thing to have, but it can be a warning sign of problems elsewhere.

Modern medicine spends a lot of time fighting this patch, instead of the actual causes of arterial damage. Thus, it is not surprising that cholesterol-lowering drugs cause heart disease and heart attacks. A massive portion of the elderly population is taking cholesterol-lowering drugs, even though research shows that the higher their cholesterol levels (especially HDL) the longer that they will live. Low cholesterol in the elderly is actually a sign that something is seriously wrong, and a heart attack may be imminent. Modern medicine has only recently come to accept that at least some cholesterol (HDL) is good.

Cholesterol is still suppressed with drugs, despite what science would make prudent. It also has been proven that these drugs cause high suicide rates. The drugs can lead to personality changes, in a manner similar to (but not as intense as) S.S.R.I. anti-depressants.

The anti-cholesterol hysteria began in the 1950's, when researcher Ancel Keys proposed the Lipid Hypothesis. It stated that cholesterol and saturated fats lead to heart disease. His beliefs were promoted heavily by the new hydrogenated oils industry, which spent obscene amounts of money to convince everyone of Keys' indisputable findings. This successful marketing campaign was on par with similar marketing for fluoride at about the same time. Studies which had oppositional findings to Keys' were ignored or maligned. As a result of his flawed scientific methodology (cherry picking results to match what he wanted to find) saturated fats like butter and eggs were used less, in exchange for the poisonous trans fats that are in hydrogenated oils. Heart disease rates have been rising exponentially since then.

The French eat more fats than any other group in the world, yet they have low rates of heart disease. There are plenty of countries with similar patterns. The French lifestyle especially counters Keys' hypothesis, and it also provides evidence that resveratrol (found in wines) improves heart health. Resveratrol has been shown to reverse atheriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

High cholesterol levels should be a warning to people that inflammation is present. It is a risk marker, and a symptom that can save your life, unless you follow your doctor's advice. Eliminating the cholesterol through drugs is the equivalent to eliminating the thermometer in a room that is too hot. It is illogical, and it does nothing to eliminate the dangerous cause.

Cholesterol levels naturally drop whenever the body's need for it does, and cholesterol should never be forced lower with drugs. Diet and lifestyle can reduce cholesterol, but it is never because of a lowered cholesterol intake. The natural drop in cholesterol happens only when a person stops eating toxic foods that attack the arteries, because healthy arteries do not need patching. Remember that a body typically produces 3-4 times the amount of cholesterol that is consumed. The fats that a person eats are therefore comparatively insignificant. Cholesterol will rise whenever the body's need for cholesterol rises, so trans fats and inflammatory substances are what need to be avoided. These attack the arteries, and a body will be required to do a great deal of patching as a consequence. References will be made to herbs that lower cholesterol levels later, but herbs do it by lowering a body's need for cholesterol, not by forcefully lowering it like pharmaceuticals do.

Studies on the link between cholesterol and heart health have been manipulated for decades. The first studies on eggs showed elevated cholesterol levels because they had used dehydrated eggs, and studies of coconut oil yielded similar results because they had used partially hydrogenated coconut oil to get the results that they wanted. Why will this billion dollar industry not test organic, range fed eggs?

Why Allopathic Medicine Will Never Find the Cure

Allopathic medicine will not find the cure to any heart-related ills because they are not really looking for them. They are looking for new ways to manage diseases perpetually, and to keep their patients sick enough to require drugs. Thus, they are developing new drugs to help reduce cholesterol, eliminate renin (clotting agent), thin the blood, and other forms of symptom management. The utter insanity is shown by the fact that cholesterol is designed to prevent internal bleeding, so while doctors are giving anti-cholesterol drugs, which make internal bleeding much more likely, they are also simultaneously giving blood thinners to ensure that the bleeds are real gushers, and that the body will need even more cholesterol to save itself. They spend no time considering why the body creates cholesterol, the role of renin, and what causes thick, hypercoagulatory blood. The system is designed to ensure that heart disease is not curable.

A drug dealer will not help you to quit an addiction, unless he can give you another drug that is more expensive, and preferably more addictive. The medical establishment likewise relies on your sickness for its profit. They do not want you to die, because that is the end of their profit stream, but they do not want you to be independent either. When most people die, they have already fed most of their money into the system, and it is the leading cause of bankruptcy in the U.S.


Hypertension is bad, but hypertension drugs are worse. Blood pressure medications can cause heart failure with prolonged use. They all seem to have a pattern of side effects, which include heart and muscle damage, irregular or fast heart beat, restlessness, and light-headedness. Weaning off these drugs should be done slowly and cautiously, with frequent monitoring for dangerous spikes in blood pressure. Bear in mind that whenever weaning off of such drugs, one should expect sudden and temporary rises in blood pressure. This is temporary, and the instabilities should diminish in time. Dangerously excessive pressure will require emergency intervention at a hospital, so it is wise to decrease drug dosage gradually to avoid dangerous spikes in pressure.

People diagnosed with hypertension are often asked to undergo stress tests at routine intervals. There is actually very little science behind these. People have good days and bad days, and it has been repeatedly proven that the results of stress tests vary from one day to the next. Yet, when people do poorly on these tests, more expensive tests are always recommended, along with even more drugs. In addition to being useless, the stress tests themselves are prone to causing heart attacks. Sure, there are doctors on staff, but even minor heart attacks cause permanent damage to the heart, and some are deadly despite attempts at resuscitation. The heart attacks stimulated by the stress tests sometimes occur later, when the patient has returned to his home.

There is a much more effective way of determining if you are at risk for heart attacks, using a technique known as the ankle-brachial index test.

The Ankle-Brachial Test
A person begins this test by getting his blood pressure taken normally, and recording the result. Next, he lays on his back, and has his blood pressure taken at his ankle, just above the bone that juts out. This result should be recorded too. The index calculation is based upon the leg's systolic pressure divided by the arm's. Take for example, if the patient's first blood pressure measurement were 120 over 70, which is normally written as 120/70, and his blood pressure at his ankle were 110/68. We only need the first of these numbers in each set, the systolic measurements of 120 (arm) and 110 (ankle). For instance, 110/120 = 0.916. A healthy index is 1.0 or greater.

The logic behind this test is sound. The arteries of the legs must exert more to assist with heart contractions than the arteries of the arms, so more pressure ought to be detected in the legs. Clotting disorders and signs of atheriosclerosis show up in the legs before anywhere else. These factors make this test a superior method of early detection. The sooner that a person notices heart disease, the easier it is to reverse damage.

There are plenty of medical industry tests surrounding hypertension, arterial plaque, and coronary heart disease, but there is very little purpose to them, other than to increase profits. For instance, a $3,000 test may tell a patient how severely clogged his arteries are, but modern medicine can do nothing to reverse it. They can create pretty pictures of the damage, but they are unable to actually do anything about it.

The following methods can eliminate hypertension. Many of these are explained in more detail later.

Natural Hypertension Remedies

  • Weight loss must be done properly or the result will be further impaired health. For example, smaller and healthier meals should be consumed more often. Do not skip meals or use toxic diet products. Virtually all diet products are toxic and inflammatory. They exaggerate health issues (including heart disease) in the long term.
  • Replace all table salt with unrefined sea salt, and avoid processed sodium sources, including monosodium glutamate.
  • Follow the Budwig regimen of flax seed oil combined with goat cheese. Yogurt can be used in place of goat cheese, but it is not as healthy, because it uses homogenized milk. If yogurt is used, also supplement with vitamin C and folate (or folic acid) to prevent inflammation and arterial damage.
  • Do deep breathing exercises. Various martial art breathing techniques have had good success because of their emphasis on deep breathing exercises.
  • American ginseng (panax quinquefolius) is sometimes used as a very mild stimulant, but it is weaker than the Korean varieties for this purpose. The American variant is most suited for heart patients, because it has been shown to improve heart health, reduce cholesterol levels (inflammation), and to normalize blood pressure.
  • L-taurine is known for regulating the blood pressure, and bringing balance to the sodium and potassium levels of the blood. It also helps to regulate the pulse. It indirectly aids the heart by improving kidney function. Additionally, it can stop some heart attacks.
  • L-arginine is used by the body in the production of nitric oxide, which makes blood vessels relax, increases blood flow, and improves blood vessel function. Do not take arginine following a heart attack. While arginine is good for prevention, it has been shown to have damaging effects immediately following a cardiac arrest.
  • CoQ10 can be used to help people wean off of hypertension (blood pressure) medications faster and more safely, and it is an overall heart tonic. It is especially useful for older people.
  • Cayenne has the unique ability to regulate blood pressure as needed, either increasing or decreasing it, as is prudent. It is also useful for stopping a heart attack.
  • Vitamin E thins the blood, and has been shown in studies to normalize blood pressure. Women should avoid blood thinners like vitamin E while menstruating, because it will cause heavier bleeding.
  • Hawthorn is one of the best supplements for heart health, and it helps with blood pressure too.

Blood pressure instability or imbalance can be an indication of kidney damage. Additional symptoms of kidney impairment are fatigue, vision problems, muscle cramping, bleeding gums, swollen legs, excessive urination, and excessive thirst. Kidney stress can also result in imbalanced electrolyte salts, especially potassium, which will cause fluid retention or loss throughout the body. Kidney stress is commonly caused by excessive supplementation, a toxic diet, or pharmaceuticals. Doctors never blame the pharmaceuticals, because doing so would mean taking responsibility for damaging the patient's health. Kidney stress may also be caused by liver inflammation, which can be due to heavy metal toxicity, certain diseases, excessive alcohol usage, or pharmaceutical toxicity. The overall efficiency of the kidneys is also greatly effected by a person's emotional health, which ultimately effects the heart too. Therefore, the process of healing the kidneys could be very slow if the person has unresolved emotional issues, or if he continues harming himself.

The following list of supplements strengthen the kidneys. These dosages should not be exceeded, or else the supplements will ironically stress the kidneys further. When dealing with kidney stress, these should be the only supplements taken, and no pharmaceuticals should be used, if at all possible. During a period of kidney repair, it is important that a pristine diet be maintained, with preference being given to organic foods. As mentioned elsewhere in this report, special care should be exercised when weaning from blood pressure medications, because the discontinuation process may cause dangerous spikes in blood pressure. Discontinuing blood pressure medications should always be done gradually and with constant monitoring for dangerous spikes. Pressure spikes should be handled in a common sense manner, which may include increasing the dosage slightly, or visiting emergency medical personnel in the extreme cases.

Kidney Support Supplements

  • Dandelion (500 mg. for every 100 lbs. of body weight)
  • Licorice (500 mg. for every 100 lbs. of body weight)
  • Taurine (170 mg. per 50 lbs. of body weight)
  • Vitamin E (133 I.U. per 100 lbs. of body weight)
  • Vitamin C (500 mg. for every 75 lbs. of body weight)
  • Rhubarb
  • Carrots
  • Astragalus
  • Chlorophyll

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive heart failure is when the heart is too weak and damaged to properly oxygenate the blood, adequately circulate it, and clear the lungs. Blood cannot be circulated properly, and builds up in the heart, forcing it to beat faster. Fatigue and mental confusion are common, because not enough blood and oxygen reach the brain. As a result of this poor efficiency, fluids can then accumulate in the lungs, leaving the victim susceptible to pneumonia; which is one of the leading causes of death in the elderly population amongst those who have heart failure. Allopathic medicine claims that this condition has no known cause, because it ignores the findings of alternative medicine. Congestive heart failure is always caused by malnutrition over an extended period of time. This malnutrition is virtually always due to long-term pharmaceutical usage and toxic processed foods, which destroy a body's ability to retain and utilize critical nutrients. It can take many months, and a religious adherence to a nutritious diet to reverse congestive heart failure.

The B vitamins are crucial for reversing this condition. Vitamins B-1 (thiamine), B-3 (niacin), and B-6 (pyridoxine) are extremely beneficial. The essential vitamin B-4 is a name given to a specific group of amino acids found in some foods. It is strongly recommended that anyone with congestive heart failure does some thorough research for a B-complex supplement. When researching supplements, please be mindful that some companies are selling B vitamins that are made from liver, soy, and genetically-engineered yeasts, which we recommend avoiding.

The B vitamins are the main nutrient deficiency in the case of those with congestive heart failure. Proper supplementation can produce a massive improvement in health and well being. In addition to taking a B-complex supplement, heart patients should get plenty of vegetables. Patients should also drink cayenne tea or take a cayenne supplement (on a full stomach) daily. Cayenne's benefits are astounding to both heart health and blood pressure regulation.

Jiaogulan, otherwise known as "China's immortality herb" has been shown to increase the output of the heart without increasing the pulse or adversely effecting blood pressure. It can actually make the heart stronger. It may be used in conjunction with everything already stated.

See the Reversing Heart Disease section for more information about CoQ10, because it has also been shown to be beneficial. Cases of congestive heart failure have been directly linked with a CoQ10 deficiency.

One of the hidden causes of congestive heart failure is an excess of iron. It is accumulative in the body, particularly for men, and an excess of iron causes an untold number of health problems. Patients can obtain a simple test to determine what their iron levels are (anything above 150 is considered dangerously high), or they can just begin treating it. Grown men practically always have excessive levels of iron inside their blood. Linus Pauling discovered that vitamin C and resveratrol help to remove excess iron. Resveratrol is present in red grapes, dark grape juice, and red wines. Its highest concentration is observed inside muscadine grapes. This is probably because these grapes have thicker skins, which is where resveratrol concentrates.

Vegetarian and vegan heart patients may actually harm their health further by removing iron, because they are likely to be deficient in iron, due to their self-imposed malnutrition. Iron is critical for the creation of oxygen-carrying, red blood cells. Iron is necessary to oxygenate a body properly. The stress placed upon the lungs from cellular oxygen starvation stems from a lack of red blood cells, which always equals an equivalent stress upon the cardiovascular system.


Strokes are reported for 750,000 American people each year. A stroke occurs when the blood supply (oxygen) to the brain is impeded for an extended period. It is believed that hypercoagulability (excessive clotting) of blood causes 85% of strokes. This section will concentrate upon the minority 15% for which the cause is not hypercoagulability. The hypercoagulability group is discussed later in this report.

People who snore and have sleep apnea are at a much greater risk of having strokes. Sleep apnea can usually be detected by nearby people, who may notice that the person stops breathing for several seconds while sleeping. One remedy is a snore guard that can be obtained from a dentist, or a person may get one custom fitted from a variety of E-bay sellers. It is a device that is designed to maintain an unobstructed airway, which eliminates the primary danger of sleep apnea. These devices are obviously not a cure, but they will work to prevent any immediate risk that is posed by this condition. It is worth noting that those getting proper nutrition and exercise will rarely have sleep apnea.

Stroke patients unsurprisingly have a higher than normal level of fibrin in their blood. Fibrin is the blood-clotting factor. It is wise to supplement with vitamin E (400 - 800 IU) because it inhibits thrombin, the enzyme that converts fibrinogen to fibrin. This category of patients also has an increased level of infections in their blood, which will be discussed later as a cause of many additional heart problems.

The use of hyperbaric oxygen (pressurized oxygen chambers) has had tremendous success in helping those who have had strokes. It is now believed that parts of the brain may not simply die during a stroke, but that they may merely become dormant. All of the B vitamins should be provided to a stroke victim, because they are essential for good brain health and repairing the central nervous system. The oxygenating effects of Budwig therapy, taurine, chlorophyll, and NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine) are also very useful for stroke recovery.

Aspirin use increases the risk of aneurysms and internal bleeding, so it is not a wise preventative for strokes. Contrary to popular belief, it does not decrease the chances of having heart attacks. The studies which showed a reduced heart attack risk used Bufferin, an aspirin product that is buffered with magnesium. Magnesium can safely prevent some heart attacks, but aspirin without magnesium cannot. Heart disease patients do not suffer from aspirin deficiencies.

Causes of Heart Disease

While heart disease is a term used to describe all forms of circulatory problems, the most common circulatory ailment is coronary heart disease. It is a narrowing of the small blood vessels that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. Coronary heart disease is also referred to as coronary artery disease.

"The main cause of cardiovascular disease is the instability and dysfunction of the blood vessel wall caused by chronic vitamin deficiency. This leads to millions of small lesions and cracks in the artery wall, particularly in the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries are mechanically the most stressed arteries because they are squeezed flat from the pumping action of the heart more than 100,000 times per day, similar to a garden hose which is stepped upon."

-- Dr. Matthias Rath, Why Animals Don't Get Heart Disease, But People Do.

Dr. Matthias Rath worked closely with the late Dr. Linus Pauling. They discovered that cardiovascular disease is a slower, less-severe form of scurvy. In scurvy, cracks in the vessel walls are deeper, leading to massive internal bleeding. Dr. Linus Pauling labeled artheriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) as a pre-scurvy condition.

It was discovered that the arteries actually pump blood too, which is common knowledge in medical circles. This phenomena is what makes it possible to test ones pulse with a finger pressure test. The pumping action of the arteries is stimulated by the heart. When the heart beats, arteries expand to create a negative, vacuum-like pressure to pull blood. When the heart relaxes, the arteries contract, exerting a force that is strong enough to aid in pushing the blood along. Neither alternative medicine nor orthodox medicine understands much about how this works. The big difference is that we admit that we do not fully understand, whereas typical doctors use medical buzz-words to disguise their ignorance.

Cracks in the arterial walls are repaired by the body using a sticky protein known as APO(a) and a lipoprotein called LP(a). Then LDL, the "bad" cholesterol comes along to help them form the finished repair patch. Due to deficiencies of the anti-oxidant vitamin C, these fats may oxidize, leading to a hardening of the arteries. Oxidation, which is unchecked by vitamins, leads to the calcification of the cells. "Plaque deposits" is the phrase given to the calcification of fats lining the arterial walls, which is the end result of malnutrition-induced oxidation damage.

The coronary arteries are the most stressed; and hence, they need the most repair. Plaque forms as the inner walls of the arteries oxidize. When the interior of arteries become narrow, due to plaque formation, dislodged pieces of plaque can lead to blockages. Blockages may also be caused by traveling blood clots, whenever they become wedged inside thick plaque deposits. These blockages are commonly called myocardial infarctions by medical professionals, and heart attacks by the rest of us.

Within five years of diagnosis of coronary heart disease, 50% of American patients die from it or the long-term effects of medical treatments. Diuretics, for example, are the most common medications given for the worst heart problems, but they flush out the B vitamins that a patient's heart desperately needs, along with flushing potassium (a deficiency of which may lead to sudden heart failure). To highlight just how moronic this approach is: diuretics stress the kidneys (and the rest of the body) by chemically forcing a body to purge itself of fluids. In other words, the most popular treatment for severe heart problems is forced chemical dehydration, and attacking the kidneys, which have a direct effect upon heart health.

Our modern lifestyle has paved the way for the epidemic of heart disease. Most municipal water is contaminated with pharmaceutical drugs, fluoride, BPA, and chlorine. Chlorine-tainted water changes the preferred HDL cholesterol into LDL cholesterol, creates free radicals inside the body that require more anti-oxidant vitamins to neutralize, and it destroys fatty acids that are needed by the heart. According to the book, Coronaries Cholesterol Chlorine by Dr. Joseph M. Price, chlorination was first suspected of causing heart disease during the Korean War, because the men who had canteens with the highest amounts of chlorine also had the greatest damage to their arteries. Physically fit soldiers in their twenties had arteries reminiscent of their seventy-year-old grandfathers.

"Chlorine is the greatest crippler and killer of modern times. While it prevented epidemics of one disease, it was creating another. Two decades ago, after the start of chlorinating our drinking water in 1904, the present epidemic of heart trouble, cancer and senility began."

-- Dr. Joseph M. Price

A massive amount of chlorine is inhaled and absorbed during a typical shower, and thus a shower filter is strongly recommended. We recommend drinking spring water, or getting a Berkey water filter with the optional fluoride-removing add-ons. Be aware of filters which only remove the taste of chlorine, and instead get one that removes all impurities.

Most cooking oils are already oxidized (rancid) before they are even bottled, because of the processing. Even otherwise healthy oils become slightly toxic and carcinogenic when they are rancid. It is vital to get cold-pressed oils for this reason. Chemical deodorizers are sometimes added to hide the unpleasant scent of rancidity. Rancid (oxidized) fats are chemically unstable and provide damaging free radicals. Trans fats cause inflammation that may induce arterial patching. Beware of both trans fats and healthy oils that have been made rancid. Use cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil for most cooking, and peanut oil for high-heat applications. Cold-pressed, extra-virgin coconut oil is easily the healthiest oil of all for cold recipes, but it breaks down rapidly in heat to become rancid. Pristine coconut oil is an extremely healthy dietary supplement that will help to protect the arteries, like other healthy saturated fats will. Trans fats are industrially-produced artificial foods. They commonly contain aluminum, lead, and cobalt residues, as a result of their manufacturing processes.

The same biotechnology industry that brought us trans fats has more recently created genetically-engineered soy and canola. Both soy and canola oils are used as pesticides. Soy causes drastic hormone imbalances, which has resulted in the epidemics of hypothyroidism and endometriosis. Soy is toxic in even its organic state, and it has to undergo a fermentation process just to make it safe for human consumption, with very mixed results. As a general rule, soy should be considered unsafe for human consumption. The canola plant has no organic variety, because the first canola plant was born in a test tube in the 1970's. The nuclear industry assisted in genetically engineering it. Canola is the Frankenstein spawn of the deadly rapeseed plant. Rapeseed oil was banned in foods for causing heart tumors. Rapeseed's bastard child, canola, is being deceptively marketed as being free of trans fats. The lie is based upon the fact that they only use the test results from before the oil is heated, and flagrantly ignore the test results of heated canola oil. Then, they market canola as the healthiest cooking oil, using cherry-picked test results from only uncooked oil. The biotechnology companies forget to mention that canola oil becomes a trans fat as soon as it is heated. However, they never forget to place the FDA-approved "heart healthy" label on every bottle of canola oil. Canola oil is also marketed as being high in omega-3, but all of the omega-3 becomes rancid and carcinogenic as soon as it is heated. Studies have shown that canola oil can produce heart lesions, particularly when accompanied by a diet that is low in protective saturated fats. It also produces high levels of benzene and formaldehyde when it is heated. The biotech industry brought us trans fats to ironically save us from heart disease, and it is now bringing us genetically-engineered canola and soy, whilst promoting the very same con-job.

Heavy metals inside the body accumulate, leading to immune system suppression and inflammation in increasing amounts with age. Heavy metal toxicity leads to obesity, which in-turn leads to even more inflammation and heart stress. Thus, metal extraction through chelation therapy is immensely beneficial for reversing heart disease. All heavy metal cleansing should first begin with a liver cleanse. The liver will need to be at maximum efficiency for additional cleansing to be effective.

Allopathic medicine is beginning to believe that renin (the clotting agent in the blood) is the main cause of heart disease. It is trivial to pharmaceutically-lower renin levels, just as drugs may reduce cholesterol levels. Both are typically expected to be life-long treatments, but neither is advisable. The presence of either renin or cholesterol in elevated amounts is a warning that the real problem elsewhere should be dealt with properly. The standard procedures of merely suppressing the symptoms has led to the huge mortality rate, because patient bodies have been prevented from defending themselves.

Symptom suppression as heart medicine is a dangerous strategy, but it is nonetheless typical. For instance, cardiac arrhythmia is often caused by severely imbalanced hormones, and it is frequently the result of birth control drug usage. Treating the arrhythmia with more pills can be a deadly cocktail, and masking the symptom could shortly result in a heart attack, because the real cause was never addressed: namely the other medication. Unfortunately, allopathic medicine tends to negate the significance of symptoms, as if they were just a menace to be suppressed with chemical warfare; but symptoms should always be traced to their root causes, in order to map courses toward life-saving interventions.

Homogenized milk is one reason why heart disease is the number one killer in America, and we suspect that it could actually be the main culprit. Homogenization causes the fat in milk to be broken into such tiny particles that milk does not separate from its cream. These fat particles are so unnaturally small that they are absorbed directly into the bloodstream without proper digestion. These undigested fat particles stress the immune system greatly and cause extreme inflammation. There is an enzyme in cow's milk that becomes dangerous whenever milk is homogenized. It is called "xanthine oxidase" or simply "XO". This enzyme is used by young calves to aid with digestion, but it causes cardiovascular disease in humans whenever it is unbound from the fat by homogenization. With raw, or even pasteurized milk (creamline milk), this toxic substance is not absorbed into the blood. Prior to homogenization, this offensive enzyme was always chemically bound inside milk fats, which were too large to enter into the human bloodstream undigested. The natural particle size of fat inside unadulterated cow's milk acts as a shield to protect humans from the milk's xanthine oxidase. Homogenized milk should always be avoided, but if complete avoidance is not an option, then some of its negative effects can be neutralized with folate or folic acid supplements combined with vitamin C. Folic acid is inferior to folate for supplementation purposes. Be advised that the homogenized fats will still be damaging to the heart, even if the arteries are somewhat shielded from the xanthine oxidase. We recommend whole creamline (non-homogenized) milk, which can be found at many health food stores. There is no significant benefit to using raw milk over pasteurized milk, so our recommendation is to simply stay with sterile milk.

"Bovine milk xanthine oxidase (BMXO) may be absorbed and may enter the cardiovascular system. People with clinical signs of atherosclerosis have greater quantities of BMXO antibodies. BMXO antibodies are found in greater quantities in those patients who consume the largest volumes of homogenized milk and milk products."

-- The XO Factor, by Kurt Oster, M.D. and Donald Ross, Ph.D.

Most soft dairy products are made with homogenized milk. Although they are rarely labeled as being so. Some people eat yogurt in an attempt to become healthier, and it is something that we have recommended many times in the past. Overall, yogurt usually helps more than it harms, but due to homogenization, it is not as healthy as most people believe. Most soft dairy products will cause inflammation and arterial damage, because of homogenization. Those who eat homogenized products should compensate somewhat with vitamin C and folate (or folic acid), in order to shield the body. Hard cheeses and butter are currently not being made with homogenized milk, so they are safe. Goat milk and products made from it are safe, because goat milk is never homogenized.

No person, especially a heart patient, should ever consume high fructose corn syrup. It is one of the most damaging ingredients that a person can consume. It is present in a wide variety of processed foods and all major brands of soft drinks. It has long been implicated in causing heart disease and obesity. More recently, it has been tied to diabetes, dementia, and metabolic disorders. High fructose corn syrup is frequently made from genetically-engineered corn, and the resultant chemically and genetically-engineered fructose produces scarring inside the arteries. In contrast, natural fructose that is metabolized by the body, such as fructose derived from fruits, does not have any known harmful effects. The arterial scarring caused by high fructose corn syrup becomes a permanent hindrance to the cardiovascular system. It is vital for anyone with any health problem (particularly heart disease, cancer, or diabetes) to avoid high fructose corn syrup completely.

Refined sugars cause inflammation in the body. The harmful sugars are those which have been bleached white, or which have gone through intensive industrial processing, such as high fructose corn syrup, and bleached sugar (also known as table sugar). These sugars cause inflammation, which damages the arterial walls, requiring the body to produce cholesterol to repair them. These sugars cause both inflammation and oxygen starvation at the cellular level. This makes a person much more likely to acquire diabetes and cancer. Refined sugars also disrupt intestinal flora, which is a beneficial bacteria that is necessary for the proper absorption of nutrients from foods. When flora is damaged by toxic sugars, people become malnourished because they can no longer properly absorb nutrients, even from nutrient-dense foods. The same problems come from processed carbohydrates, which convert into sugars inside the body. As is the case with sugars, what makes carbohydrates especially dangerous is being over-processed and bleached. Thus, whole grain carbohydrates are significantly healthier, and significantly less inflammatory. This rule also applies to rice, so whole grain rice is much preferred over bleached, processed white rice. We would like to include a special warning about purchasing whole wheat bread, because we have found that the chemical ingredients in commercial whole grain breads tend to be significantly worse than those of white breads. Therefore, the only safe bread is homemade bread, which is preferably whole wheat. Healthy sugars, such as those found naturally in fruits, honey, and evaporated cane juice do not contribute to inflammation, and they do not damage the intestinal flora. If a powdered sugar is needed for cooking, choose one whose only ingredient is "evaporated cane juice". It should have a beige to brown color, as any natural sugar will.

As shown, there are many causes for heart disease, but it always comes back to what we eat and drink. Congenital heart failure is present at birth, but it too can always be traced back to a malnourished mother, pharmaceuticals taken during pregnancy, or nutrient-depleting toxins inside the mother.

Heart Attacks Which Strike the Healthy

Some heart attacks occur without warning signs, within people having normal cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Here is how that usually happens. Infections routinely occur in the blood, and a healthy immune system eliminates them without displaying any symptoms. However, if a blood infection is not dealt with rapidly, then the infection becomes more prominent. In such cases, extreme inflammation may be created by the viral wastes or by direct arterial attacks, and then the "bad cholesterol" must provide protective patches over the resulting scarred tissues. Then the cholesterol patch is covered by a fibrous cap. Macrophage cells then come along, whose job it is to assimilate things that are causing problems, like cholesterol. Eventually, they become too full to function, at which point scientists call them "foam cells". These foam cells can die underneath the fibrous cap, forming into something like a boil. Eventually, the boil will burst, and when it does, the body must clean up these bits. The blood cells in the area then join together to form a patch. A poor diet and lifestyle results in excess fibrin in the blood (the clotting factor) which means that it is already thick, sticky, and ready to clot. This, in turn, may cause the patch to become much bigger than it should be, allowing it to be dislodged easily from pressure and contractions. When it is dislodged, it floats through the blood supply to possibly arrive at the brain to cause a stroke, or to the heart causing a heart attack. People experiencing these things may have had no prior symptoms of heart disease. For these victims, the combined effects of their poor lifestyle suddenly come together at once like an avalanche, with no warnings, and the game is over.

Reversing Heart Disease

The longer that a person has had heart disease and hardening of the arteries, the more challenging it is to reverse. In some cases, the damage will be too severe to completely eliminate, but stopping the progression and reversing it partially is possible in even the worst cases.

Hawthorn has been proven to help those with congestive heart failure, pulse irregularities, and angina. It is the most recommended supplement for heart health, in both alternative and mainstream medicine. Hawthorn is considered to be the swiss army knife of heart supplements. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, hawthorn has been used since the 1st century as a remedy for heart and respiratory ailments. In Germany, it is regularly prescribed by mainstream doctors to those with heart failure or hypertension. Hawthorn also reduces the likelihood of blood clots, and has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. The research study, Alternative Therapies: Part II. Congestive Heart Failure and Hypercholesterolemia, aggregated the results of 50 clinical trials. It was performed by the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. It concluded that a "clear improvement in the subjects receiving hawthorn was observed". The standard dosage in the studies was 500 mg. per 100 lbs. of body weight.

Perform a heavy metal cleanse. Those with heart disease generally have a history of heavy metal toxicity, and the difference that a heavy metal cleanse makes can be dramatic. As noted earlier, always begin with a thorough liver cleanse. When heavy metals are removed, the body can properly create nitric oxide. Nitric oxide allows vessels to expand and contract efficiently, and it allows greater oxygen into cells.

Toxic iron accumulation inside the blood is a problem specific to men. Therefore, adult males should never use supplements containing iron. Men develop an excess of iron in their bodies because of male hormones, and because the male body will not remove excess iron without proper nutritional augmentation. The typical resultant iron excess in males is believed to be one of the main reasons why men die younger than women. The bodies of females of child-bearing age flush excess iron through their menstrual process, which acts as a natural blood-letting. A woman's remaining iron reserves are then used to produce replacement blood. Donating blood is the quickest way for a man to reduce his iron levels, and it may therefore save two lives. The study, A Historical Cohort Study of the Effect of Lowering Body Iron Through Blood Donation on Incident Cardiac Events, has shown that men who give blood have a 30% reduced risk of heart disease. An unusual but potentially effective option is to occasionally supplement with colloidal silver, for silver is able to neutralize iron in the body. Please read our article about it, because bad colloidal silver is always worse than none at all.

Dr. Linus Pauling discovered that resveratrol, found in grape skins, aids in the removal of iron. Resveratrol can also directly reverse plaque deposits. A study by the University of Wisconsin found that when people with coronary artery disease drank 20 fluid ounces of purple grape juice for just two weeks, their blood vessels became noticeably more elastic, and both platelet aggregation and LDL oxidation decreased. Due to its resveratrol content, wine consumption has been identified as one of the primary reasons for France's low rate of heart disease.

In perhaps the greatest irony herein, salt is needed to reverse heart disease. Natural salts are needed because of the trace minerals that they contain, which are not attainable by any other means. We recommend that readers replace all table salt with mineral-rich sea salt. Do not buy the fake sea salts from regular grocery stores, because they are just as refined as the table salts, and are thereby counterproductive. True sea salt should never be a bright white color. Always avoid salts that are. Use unrefined, non-adulterated, mineral-rich sea salt that can be purchased online or from a health food store. Small amounts of natural sea salt should be added to home-cooked meals as a healthy and flavor-enhancing supplement. Be cautious about adding it to foods that are already salted, however.

The human body can create new arteries when its old arteries become clogged, but it needs copper to accomplish this. Oral supplementation with copper is dangerous, because it quickly becomes toxic with an overdose, and it takes only a tiny amount to overdose. Excessive amounts are known to cause severe organ damage; especially to the kidneys and liver. Therefore, we discourage people from orally consuming any man-made copper solutions, such as colloidal copper or copper hydroxide. For the sake of safety, copper should only be supplemented by way of the following nutritional methods. Natural sea salts contain safe amounts of natural copper and important trace minerals. Another option is chlorophyll extract, which will have the additional benefits of increasing the number of red blood cells, increasing blood oxygenation, protecting against radiation, and neutralizing benzene compounds. It contains much more copper than sea salt. Chlorophyll is the dark green pigment of plants and vegetables, but it can be purchased in a concentrated extract for supplementation. It is a recommended supplement for all heart disease patients. In moderation, chlorophyll safely gets large amounts of copper into the human body.

Avoid all processed foods. They contain excessive amounts of sodium from dangerous sources, such as monosodium glutamate. MSG is especially dangerous to the heart, because it neutralizes taurine, which is necessary for pulse regulation. Monosodium glutamate intake in combination with deficiencies of both magnesium and taurine can make MSG deadly. This combination is the cause of many unexplained heart attacks in otherwise healthy people; including young athletes in their prime years, whose only mistake was that last meal at K.F.C. (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling recommended 2 grams daily of vitamin C for everyone, and 5-6 grams for those suffering from any kind of heart problems, or for those who are at high risk. He also recommended 2-5 grams of L-lysine.

Dr. Rath (right) with Dr. Pauling

Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D., is a leading researcher of heart disease, who worked with the late Linus Pauling. He has continued much of Dr. Pauling's work. Dr. Rath explained that the first step in reversing coronary heart disease is nutrition, and people with coronary heart disease are deficient in trace minerals. In particular, vitamin C supplementation is essential. In his book, Why Animals Don't Get Heart Disease, But People Do, Rath explained that the only other species to get heart disease is the guinea pig, and it is also the only other species that does not internally produce its own vitamin C. Hardening of the arteries is a pre-scurvy condition, and it will occur if not enough vitamin C is available. The two doctors proved that vitamin C also bonds with iron, allowing excess iron to be removed, it suppresses cholesterol oxidation, and it shields the body against so-called "free radicals".

Niacin (vitamin B-3) and pantothenate (vitamin B-5) work in conjunction with vitamin C. Niacin protects the arteries, and is metabolized in the body from L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan naturally occurs in eggs and meats, but can also be obtained through supplementation. It is recommended that people avoid time-released niacin, because too many people have had bad experiences, including blackouts and hallucinations from the chemical impurities. Both niacin and L-tryptophan are effective for treating depression, and this again reinforces the connection between emotional and heart health. Vitamin B-5 (sold as "pantothenic acid") works with vitamin C to protect against arterial damage, thus reducing a body's overall need to produce cholesterol. Vitamin B-5 can be found naturally in eggs, peanuts, legumes, and meats.

In the 1950's, Dr. Johanna Budwig was reversing heart disease with what is now known as the Budwig Protocol. However, this alternative protocol is much more famous for reversing cancers, and there is a strong connection between the two inflammatory disease states, but that connection is too complex to explain in this report. At the core of Dr. Budwig's protocol is a combination of flax seed oil and a food item that is rich in sulfur proteins. Johanna discovered that maximum absorption of omega-3 into cells required it to be mixed with sulfur proteins. Whenever properly combined, this solution is best able to penetrate into the deep tissues and through cellular membranes. Flax seed oil supplies the building blocks for cellular repair, helps dissolve excess cholesterol inside the arteries, balances the high omega-6 concentrations that are found in trans fats and processed foods, increases cellular energy, increases the efficiency of respiration, and it is an overall tonic to general cellular functions. The heart benefits of flax seed oil (omega-3 supplementation) are now well recognized, even by orthodox medicine. Whenever flax seed oil is heated or exposed to air, it rapidly becomes rancid, and thereby harmful. People should avoid products which contain heated or exposed flax seed. This often includes cereals, breads, and flour. The companies that sell these products deceptively promote them as being healthier, but ironically, most of the omega oils have been destroyed by the processing, and any remaining oils have become inflammatory and carcinogenic.

The medical establishment has sabotaged alternative medicine's otherwise beneficial Budwig Protocol into being something harmful. Instead of following the original protocol that uses only flax seed oil as the source for omega-3 supplementation, the medical establishment prescribes fish oil to heart disease patients, which has been industrially processed by the pharmaceutical industry with high-heat and poisonous chemical solvents to extract the oil from fish livers. The livers of fish are where the PCB's, heavy metals, and pesticides are stored; because such substances are too toxic for their digestive and immune systems to excrete normally. A liver is a body's toxic waste dump, in other words. The high heat and extreme processing that is used to chemically extract the omega oil from fish livers means that the derived oil is always rancid by the time that it reaches the patients; and therefore, this doctor-prescribed 'medicine' actually causes heart disease and cancers. Most of the fish that are used to pharmaceutically produce omega oil have high amounts of the inflammatory omega-6 and very low amounts of omega-3, because the pharmaceutical industry's fish are farm-raised in unhealthy conditions in Chinese fish farms. Adding an even greater insult to the injury, American patients are charged hundreds of dollars for this impure and carcinogenic version of omega-3 by the medical industry, while the safe and more effective equivalent (flax seed oil) can be found cheaply at any health food store. Health food stores also sell fish oil, but it too should be avoided in lieu of the superior flax option.

Co-enzyme Q10 is absolutely essential for recovery from heart disease and heart failure. It can be found in some foods (particularly meats and fish) and it is produced by the body during exercise. While studies have shown great benefits through intravenous supplementation, oral supplements are unfortunately not absorbed well. Thus, it is best obtained through dietary sources and exercise. CoQ10 is essential for the emulsification of fats. It also lowers the blood pressure and provides an increased chance of survival following cardiac arrest. Research has also found that those with gingivitis have a deficiency of CoQ10. Vegetarians may attempt supplementation, even though absorption will be very low. Nevertheless, even a small amount will be helpful.

Japan currently has the lowest rate of heart disease in the world, so it is logical to examine their dietary and medicinal practices, in order to adopt them into our own society. The Japanese eat lots of fish, and thereby get large amounts of vitamin D, omega-3, and safe iodine. In addition to that, whenever heart disease is diagnosed, L-taurine is a common recommendation by Japanese doctors. Taurine is a natural nutrient, which makes it unpatentable (unprofitable), so it is "not approved" for medical use in the United States. It can stabilize the heart rate, neutralize MSG, and it helps the body to better regulate potassium, calcium, and sodium in the body. It is known for its ability to protect the kidneys from damage.

Taurine supplementation has also been shown to reverse some of the damage caused by smoking, even amongst smokers who continued smoking during the clinical trials. A 2003 study by the Royal College of Surgeons found that damage caused by chronic smoking can be reversed in as little as five days with a dosage of 1.5 grams of taurine. The inner lining of the blood vessels and the diameter of blood vessels returned to normal in the study.

It is wise to take anti-inflammatories when attempting to reverse heart disease. As already stated, inflammation is the first step in arterial plaque. Effective natural anti-inflammatories include devil's claw, vitamin C, MSM, cherry concentrate, and resveratrol. Curcumin, a component of the turmeric spice, is also an anti-inflammatory and it has the added benefit of reversing some arterial plaque. Never underestimate the benefits of culinary spices, which are sometimes known as herbal medicine.

We have already written an entire article about the benefits of cayenne pepper, but it is absolutely vital for people with heart problems. It aids circulation, stabilizes blood pressure, and it can actually stop a heart attack in its tracks. Seriously. Remember this, because cayenne pepper can save a life. This is especially true whenever it is mixed with taurine. The suffering patient may need to hold them in his mouth for fastest results. During a heart attack, nobody ever complains that something tastes too spicy. Cayenne pepper is even good for painless weight loss. It can be conveniently supplemented in a pill form that is available from health food stores. We recommend that everyone with heart problems supplement with cayenne, or put it into a tea daily. Dr. David Christopher has been labeled "Dr. Cayenne" for his endless promotion of this spice.

Another reason for calcification inside the arterial walls is an excess of blood-borne calcium, which is typical in Western nations. Vitamin D and magnesium are critically needed for a body to make proper use of its calcium, so that it does not simply get dumped onto the artery inner walls. A large portion of people are not able to properly assimilate vitamin D supplements, so it is best obtained through sunlight and fish. When purchasing fish, bottom-feeders should be avoided because of their heavy metal content. Farm raised fish have the wrong omega ratio along with various other toxicities from chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics. Americans should carefully read the packaging for fish, because much of America's fish is coming from China now. Fish will typically cause more harm than good if they are not wild-caught. With the exception of bottom feeders, most wild-caught fish will contain enough selenium to counteract any metals found within them. Eat fish that has been baked, not fried. Magnesium is vital to prevent calcium waste, but supplementing with it can be risky. Too much magnesium will cause other nutrients to be flushed out of the body. Thus, magnesium is best obtained from green leafy vegetables. Magnesium steadies the blood pressure, and aids in the absorption of potassium, which likewise regulates the heart rhythm. Migraine headaches are a common symptom of people who are deficient in magnesium too.

It is important that you reduce or eliminate nicotine in cases of severe heart problems. Nicotine, along with alcohol, caffeine, and a host of pharmaceuticals, interferes with the absorption of key nutrients, which are vital for recovery. If you must smoke, ensure that you are making your own cigarettes with organic tobaccos and a rolling machine, or else you will be inhaling a host of chemicals including (but not limited to) carpet glue. Modern cigarettes have intentionally been made much more harmful than they need to be by the chemical industry, and they are fertilized with radioactive fertilizers. Indian tobacco can help eliminate a large number of addictions, including nicotine, and it can also help to clean the lungs.

Nuts lower the heart disease risk because they contain alpha-linolenic acid (LNA). It is an omega-3 fatty acid. Countries with the most LNA in their diets also have the lowest risk of heart disease. Walnuts and cashews are the most nutritious nuts available. Peanuts contain the least amount of nutrients and are likely to have pesticide residues.

Ginkgo biloba improves circulation, and it reduces cholesterol concentrations in the arterial walls. It also enables the arteries and veins to more fully relax between pumping cycles. The National Institutes of Health reported that ginkgo is very useful for alleviating leg pain that is attributed to blocked arteries.

Exercise is essential for preventing heart disease or recovering from it. Not only does exercise allow the body to create its own CoQ10, but it also creates nitric oxide and L-carnitine. As already stated, nitric oxide aids the vessels to expand and contract more efficiently, and L-carnitine can improve the heart's function. We recommend finding an exercise that you can enjoy, and if possible, do it with others. Try to remember how enjoyable exercise was when you were a child, and attempt to make it that way again. Let us not forget that positive emotions are vital to heart health. Jogging on a treadmill is a chore, and it can even be a humiliating, demeaning experience.

Grapefruit pectin is available in supplement form. It reverses arterial plaque, reduces cholesterol, and widens the arteries. While it is not a standard supplement, we would nevertheless recommend it to anyone with chronic heart problems.

Due to the importance of nutrition, we recommend that people try a juice fast for about two weeks when they are strong enough. Juicing is the process of mixing fruits and vegetables together in a blender or juicer, and then using the extracted juices as a food source. A juice fast is a means of flooding a body with nutrients that it is normally lacking in due to our modern diets. The first few days may be difficult, but the long-term benefits can be dramatic. We recognize that many people will require a source of pure protein each day (such as organic eggs) to be able to continue with their normal lives uninterrupted. The fasting procedure should vary, depending on each individual's needs, so a little bit of common sense is required.

The Prognosis

Throughout this report, we resisted the temptation to rant about the sorry state of cardiac medicine, if it can indeed be reasonably called medicine. We began by citing that the medical industry's own statistics prove that standard medicine for cardiac issues is the single biggest failure of orthodox medicine. Now we end this report with an honest commentary about our well-earned biases against the status quo.

Sometimes emergency medical personnel save lives with emergency medicine, but this is the best that orthodox medicine can do. They fail at everything else, and this is partly because effective therapies are illegal. All approved therapies must be drug-based, which means that all of the successful nutritional therapies (to what is a very nutritional problem) are forbidden to all doctors who wish to remain licensed to practice medicine. The consequence is that it is actually illegal for any licensed doctor to cure or to successfully mitigate heart disease, since successful and natural therapies are not approved by medical regulators. If you receive the standard treatments (chemical symptom suppression) for heart conditions, or the establishment's supposedly preventative treatments, which usually do the opposite of what they are presented to do, then you will die of either heart disease, or the treatments themselves. It is equally likely that you will die of complications caused by the medications, such as the development of a cancer, or liver failure, or diabetes. They call it "progress".

Heart disease is not truly normal or natural, and it is not genetic. The only thing that is genetic about our cardiac catastrophe is that lifestyles, family doctors, and eating habits are inherited. At the core of the problems are ignorance and irresponsibility that span generations. In this sense, there are genetic components to heart disease, but the problem was never God's engineering.

Heart disease takes lots of work to reverse, but it is more-or-less curable in most cases, regardless of what a doctor tells you. Remember that it took years to get yourself into this state of ill-health, and it may take a long time to get yourself out of it. Do not disregard the importance of emotional and spiritual health, because these things have a major impact upon the heart, and a full recovery may not be possible otherwise. Whenever we use the term "spiritual health", we are referring to real spirituality, such as forming a personal relationship with our Creator, not the type of empty ritualism like that which is practiced by yoga practitioners, or the paganistic Earth worship that has become prevalent in the alternative health movement.

Symptoms of a Heart Attack

  • Discomfort, pressure, heaviness, or pain in the left arm or chest
  • Discomfort radiating to the back, jaw, throat, or arm
  • Fullness, indigestion, or choking feeling (may feel like heartburn)
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme weakness
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat

Emergency Treatment for Heart Attacks

In the event of a heart attack, do not forgo calling for an ambulance. The establishment's forté is emergency medicine, and the risk is too great to delay calling for help. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, small amounts of these supplements should be placed into the mouth of the victim, and allowed to absorb through the walls of his cheeks:

  • L-taurine
  • Cayenne
  • Magnesium

Americans need not be concerned with legalities when trying to employ these methods. Every American state has a Good Samaritan law, which provides special legal protection to those who make a good faith effort to save a life.

Please have these supplements available beforehand. Get them now. They could save your life, or the life of someone you love, and there is no time for shopping when a heart attack strikes. Being able to respond within minutes could mean the difference between life and death.

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