For many people, headaches are a normal part of life, and are expected. Ironically, those who have stressful, and particularly thankless jobs will often experience headaches most often during the weekends, instead of during their work-weeks. As a result, stress factors are usually dismissed. There are many who spend months trying to track down the cause of their weekend headaches, to no avail. Readers who experience these headaches have likely tried multiple remedies, in an attempt to relieve them, but such trials in self-medication can be a perilous process.

For sufferers of weekend headaches, the sudden change from a state of stress to one of rest on the weekends causes the neurotransmitter chemicals of the brain to be massively discharged. It can create a painful headache (or even a migraine) that takes a particularly long time to fade.

The first thing that people need to do is learn relaxing techniques, for stressful periods. This can be challenging, and the process is different for each person, but relaxation (prayer/meditation) techniques are plentiful. If the place of employment is simply too horrible to ever relax in, then seeking employment elsewhere would be the best option. Those who have these routine headaches have an increased risk of strokes, so eliminating the headaches should be made a top priority. Even without having a stroke, the pattern of high stress will eventually take its toll upon the body in other ways. Of course, the effects of poor surroundings is partly determined by the individual. It really is a mind over matter issue. (If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.)

For those who need some extra help, L-tryptophan supplementation will be of immediate value. L-tryptophan is an amino acid that is naturally found in proteins, and has been traditionally used to treat depression. It can be found at some health food stores. Tryptophan is metabolized into several different neurotransmitters in a balance that is optimal for a body. This can bring emotional balance during the work week to eliminate the depression that results from poor environments. Many unhappy people are clinically depressed without realizing it; for instance in cases where a person uses anger to hide and suppress depression, even from himself.

While this type of headache has a very identifiable pattern, there are plenty of other causes of headaches. Common causes include excitotoxin exposure (MSG and artificial sweeteners), lack of oxygen (cluster headaches), magnesium or B vitamin deficiencies, bad eyeglass prescriptions, internal inflammation, mold exposure, and allergies.


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