Shane GeigerSpraining an ankle should never be a death sentence, and historically it was not cause for funeral arrangements. It now sometimes is, alongside heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and the long montage of other medically-aggravated conditions. Spraining his ankle was a death sentence for Shane Geiger. We were not given much opportunity to get close to him before his life was lost. Shane was an up-and-coming member of our Sarah's elite Web Team (network engineering) for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth during the period that she worked for them. It appears that he was previously an honorary staff member of Prison Planet, and his pointed questions at an official governmental press conference about the Trade Center attacks left one cronie almost running to escape. We watched the video wherein Shane left a N.I.S.T. representative stuttering and making a rapid departure. In this information war, we were proud to call him an ally. He was known for being a little bit paranoid, but in light of his bizarre death, his paranoia may have been justified.

The biggest mistake that Shane ever made was visiting a doctor about a sprained ankle. Most people would not expect for such a visit to become a fatal encounter. We are certain that Shane never expected to die from it. The whole fiasco began in July of 2011, while walking his dog. We do not know if the dog or Shane was more to blame, but on that fateful walk, Shane's ankle got sprained. For about a month, Shane waited for his ankle to heal itself, and for the swelling to subside. Shane was not satisfied with the slowness of progress during that month: meaning that he likely had a damaged nerve or there was another secondary injury at play. So he did something that is becoming increasingly dangerous in this era. He visited (or revisited) a doctor. After getting medical care, his sprained ankle suddenly turned into "blood clots". They will never admit what really happened.

The most astounding aspect is that his close family and friends never questioned any of this insanity. The level of brainwashing is astounding. What if we had given him a drug, and suddenly he died of "blood clots"? We'd be in prison now, and Shane would be undergoing a thorough autopsy for evidence of manslaughter or murder. The doctors are legally immune, and you can be sure that no investigation will ever take place. This is normal! This is routine! A young and healthy man is dead, and everybody is too afraid of looking crazy to question what really is crazy. Blood clots are not caused by sprained ankles, and they never have been. They are caused by the potassium-altering diuretic medications that are routinely given by doctors, and they were almost certainly giving him these drugs to reduce swelling. This class of drugs is documented to cause heart failure, but upon death it is called "blood clots"; to make it the victim's fault. That way, the doctors remain 'heroes'. You can't argue when you're dead, after all.

We are disturbed by the fact that we could have helped him, if only he had asked. With the right combination of anti-inflammatory herbs, healthy fats, joint-supporting supplementation, and nerve-supporting supplementation, we could have had him back to normal in a matter of days. Instead, he made the mistake of opting for 'real medicine', and the results speak for themselves. How many times does it have to be said before everyone realizes that the emperor has no clothes? We can promise that some of those who will witness his burial will soon thereafter mindlessly spew platitudes about "the miracles" of modern medicine before the dirt settles. It is sickening, and it is disrespectful to those who have been killed. There is little hope of history teaching us anything when the masses are so brainwashed that they cannot even see what is unfolding before their eyes.

Remember Shane Geiger, the next time that you are tempted to visit a doctor. Rest in peace our fallen comrade. We salute you.


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