Shaken baby syndrome has been increasingly diagnosed over the past 50 years, but the evidence of malfeasance is all anecdotal. It consists of individual case reports that were written by doctors who detailed their post-mortem observations and presumptions. This marketing of gratuitous assumptions conveniently limits the liability of doctors and hospitals.

Medical literature reports that the symptoms of shaken baby syndrome include extreme irritability, decreased appetite, no vocalization, poor sucking or swallowing, rigidity, difficulty breathing, seizures, inability for the eyes to track movement, swollen head or a soft spot on the head which appears to be bulging.

When a child is taken to the hospital with these symptoms, physicians often perform a brain scan to find signs of hemorrhaging and swelling. Parents are often charged with child abuse when these symptoms are discovered, and they are virtually always accused of murder whenever a child dies. There is rarely any investigation into other possible causes. The medical establishment has galvanized into purporting that shaking a child is the only way for such injuries to occur, while studies on animals have already shown that this is not the case. In mice, brain swelling that is identical to the swelling that supposedly occurs from shaken baby syndrome is caused by the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine.

An analysis of available shaken baby syndrome cases reveals two distinct patterns:

  • The infant was usually delivered prematurely, or there were other complications during pregnancy, and the delivery supposedly required medical "help".
  • The symptoms almost always appear within 15 days of vaccinations, and the overwhelming majority of cases happened within 10 days of vaccinations. A surprisingly high percentage of shaken baby cases were within 2 days of vaccinations.

The Vaccine Connection

Shaken baby syndrome usually occurs when an infant has had lots of help from the medical establishment and he remains too weak to survive the toxic onslaught from vaccines. The horrible side effects from all that help are used as proof that the parents must have been abusive, since the child was always so sickly. The vaccine reactions are always presented to be indicative of abuse whenever an infant is taken to a hospital with mysterious brain swelling and brain bleeding issues. Shaken baby syndrome deaths should more rightly be labeled as "iatrogenic deaths", because these are deaths that are caused by allopathic medicine.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control admitted in its DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis) vaccine information sheet that the vaccine may cause seizures and brain damage. These are considered acceptable risks for other people's children, for these risks are rarely mentioned to parents. In the same C.D.C. vaccine document, they ironically reported that the DTaP vaccine is much safer than the original DTP vaccine that it replaced in 1997; but they conveniently neglected to mention that its manufacturer (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals) was sued so often that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 was created specifically to shield Wyeth from lawsuits and to prevent constitutionally guaranteed jury trials against them. That law makes it illegal to sue any vaccine manufacturer in the United States for any reason. Lawmakers and industry lawyers felt that convulsing children have a tendency to generate sympathy amongst jurists, and attorneys actually mentioned this in their justifications. Despite its known risks, the DTP vaccine was sold for use on infants and children for 48 years before the "safer" DTaP formulation was marketed. Wyeth (now Pfizer) blamed the F.D.A. for having an approval process that is too slow, but it was more likely due to the fact that they stalled the process themselves, because DTP is more profitable than DTaP. The newer DTaP vaccine still causes the same brain swelling reaction (encephalitis) that is blamed upon shaken baby syndrome. The biggest change is that it has become illegal to sue vaccine manufacturers, which is an unconstitutional privilege that is shared with no other industry.

The C.D.C. reported that yet another consequence of the DTP/DTaP vaccine is a fever exceeding 105 degrees. Such high temperatures are another cause of severe brain damage. Brain-related side effects are admitted for most childhood vaccines; so the categorical relationship between brain damage and vaccinations has already been demonstrated and documented in the medical literature. Parents are virtually never told; and in fact, they are told the lie that vaccines are completely safe and backed by incontrovertible science.

Evidence of a Lie

In most cases of supposed shaken baby syndrome, there are no indications of abuse or any history thereof. Even proponents of the current shaken baby syndrome theory acknowledge that signs of abuse, such as bruising and grab marks, are extremely rare. Parents who are accused of shaken baby syndrome are typically viewed by others as caring, and they invariably have no history of violence. Yet, according to the established theory, parents who have been nurturing their children may suddenly start violently shaking their children to death, without any cause or explanation. In real cases involving abusive personalities, the abusers become progressively more violent toward their victims over time.

"Human shaking may cause lethal brain stem and cervical spine injuries in a 0-to 2-year-old child, as the forces necessary for these injuries are well below the level needed for fatal brain injuries and are consistent with the forces that can be produced in shaking."

-- Chris Van Ee, Ph.D., Injury Biomechanics Researcher

There is strong evidence that it is impossible to induce the type of brain injury that is found in cases of shaken baby syndrome without first causing extreme neck and spinal injuries. However, spinal injuries are virtually never seen in these cases of alleged abuse.

Some parents actually confess to shaking their child, because upon finding their child unconscious, their natural reaction is to attempt to wake him by shaking him. It was never the shaking that caused these children to become unconscious, but parents nevertheless confess to shaking their children, due to the intense pressure stemming from both their loss and the incessant interrogations. Such confessions are then used as evidence that the parents murdered their child. They are condemned in the courts and the press regardless of their emotional state. Strong emotional reactions are proclaimed to be expressions of guilt, whereas parents who show no emotions are said to be obviously unremorseful and sociopathic.

Real research into the causes of shaken baby syndrome is lacking, because there can be no controlled studies. Such studies would involve killing infants, or at least exposing them to a very high risk of harm. Nevertheless, lives and families are being destroyed on the basis of fraudulent scientific evidence. The parents of vaccinated children who suffer with encephalitis must be tried for murder; lest the doctors and hospitals be held accountable. The manufacturers have already been legally immune since 1986.


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