Everyone is Guilty

Dr. Mercola swears that krill oil does not contain mercury and he claims that supplementation from this bottom-feeder is safer than traditional omega-3 sources, including those purely from plants, which are always absolutely free of heavy metals. To dishonestly push his krill product, Mercola furthermore claims that flax oil (the original flax supplement from whence the benefits of omega-3 were first proven and which is the core component of the anti-cancer Budwig Protocol) is actually inferior, because it does not contain the same omega oils that krill does. He neglects mentioning that the heavy processing causes krill oil to become rancid, to lack healthy oils by the time it reaches consumers, and that it is a carcinogen by that time.

"...I investigated the high temperature treatment for fish oils, for the purpose of making them keep longer, and killing their fishy taste. I came to the conclusion that these oils do great harm to the entire internal glandular system, as well as to the liver and other organs and are therefore not suitable for human consumption."

-- Dr. Johanna Budwig

Legitimate alternative medicine usually employs flax oil because it does not require destructive processing; and more importantly, because flax oil is transformed into the exact amount of omega-3 that is needed by the human body during metabolisis, which maintains the appropriate ratio of it with omega-6 and omega-9. It is not possible to get the ideal ratio with any type of fish oil, for they are either too much or too little in regard to the other omega oils, and this assumes that the final product will actually still contain some omega oil. Regular fish in the diet is perhaps the healthiest of all foods -- but not Mercola's product which is made from blended bottom-feeders that are heavily processed at a chemical factory. These are a few of the details that he omitted from his marketing video.

Just Like Magic

The truth is usually stranger than fiction, and we have been studying alternative medicine long enough to know the truth. There are two main categories of frauds in alternative medicine. One category consists of illegitimate therapies that are emulations of poisonous orthodox medicine, such as the use of radiation.

The other category of alternative medicine frauds is much more disturbing. This latter category is heavily influenced by dark religions. Due to the religious undertones, many of the involved lost refer to themselves as being "spiritual". They are pagans (witches), who are following the wicked religions of the ancient Egyptians, from before the time of God's wrath. Many Americans will immediately laugh at suggestions that witches exist, but there are modern-day witches with their own churches (covens), and their own set of "sacred" books. They have infiltrated all American institutions, managed to convince the American people that witches do not exist, and rewritten history to show that the witch trials were conducted against innocent victims of the bad Christians. The greatest trick that the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that he does not exist. In much the same way that Christians worship "The Father", these people worship the "Great Mother", who is also known as "Mother Earth", "Mother Nature", and "Gaia". They flaunt their religion; whilst hiding it from us in plain sight. It is one of the methods wherein they mock the better people. Upon inspection, the breadth of corruption that they have had upon our society should become obvious. They ironically worship nature, despite the fact that nature is God's handiwork. Following their satanic tendencies, they put all of nature in dominion over man, in opposition to God's earliest commandment that humans rightfully have dominion over all nature. So witches play a big role in the environmentalism movement, and they started that work in 1970, when pagan groups manipulated the U.S. Government into creating Earth Day. The commands of God specifically forbid such idolatry.

Every part of the pagan religions are meant to mock God. Instead of prayer, they have spells and magic. Instead of teaching the virtues of celibacy before marriage, they have demonically-inspired naked rituals in the woods that we really should not describe here. For the upper level and old-school covens, these rituals sometimes involve child molestation and child rapes using their own children. That's part of their "religion" too, once a person has obtained enough "priesthood" to have these "religious mysteries" revealed. Their infiltration of churches is the reason for the child molestation cases, in order to malign the church, like they have done with their new version of history. It is why our forefathers burned and tortured these people to death, because no earthly punishment could be bad enough. The end game of the so-called "mystery religions" is to eventually migrate lower-to-mid level witches into full-blown Satanists. It goes without saying that none of these people can be trusted to even the slightest degree. They are everywhere, and their greatest power is in their manipulative ability to blend in, and to make us believe that they do not exist. They are in control of our laws and institutions. You will find them in the leadership of every major church, in fact.

Where they enter into alternative medicine most directly is in their promotion of magic. They no longer in public call it magic -- anymore than they call themselves witches ("Wiccan" etc.) nowadays. The terms "witch" and "magic" tend to be very bad marketing for them, because both are truthful descriptions. They delude themselves that they have magic-energy healing therapies and "faith healing" that is entirely absent of the faith component. Their "spiritual healing" is an attempt to seduce us away from God and into their fold.

Dr. Andrew WeilThey sometimes begin by first attempting to pull Christians (and Muslims too) into alternative religions, because a more frontal attack against God would meet with too much resistance. The "spiritual" promotion of Yoga for instance, is one of their methods of pulling the faithful toward the Hindu religion. Once an individual is taken by this and lost, it is much easier to begin a conversion process. If even they fail, they still win, because the most important thing -- defiance of the one true God -- has been accomplished. Corruption is the goal, but they call it "spiritualism". Like with all of the other lies, it is actually the very opposite of being spiritual.

The witchcraft is usually disguised under a variety of other names, such as "Reiki", "remote healing energies", "life force healing", and "spiritual energy healing". The common factor is that they promise power from an invisible, mystical force. There is only one source for such forces outside of God.

Urine Therapy

Urine therapy is the process of drinking one's own urine, and slowly increasing the amount that is consumed each day, whilst ignoring the obvious health effects. People are told by online 'experts' that the nausea, vomiting, and sicknesses experienced are indications of ongoing detoxification. There are niché groups who are obsessed with urine, and they are always seeking new uses for it. They are tied with the pagan religions mentioned earlier. Urine was originally used as a magical medicine by the ancient Egyptians, who were notorious for their plagues.

Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski

Dr. Stanilaw BurzynskiOne of the offshoots of the urine therapy insanity is Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski's "antineoplaston therapy". Dr. Burzynski is a Polish-educated doctor, though his Ph.D. is of questionable origin. He operates in the United States, treating American cancer patients by injecting synthetic versions of human urine into them. The urine is chemically copied, which allows it to be patented; since natural substances like urine are normally unpatentable. Dr. Burzynski claims that his treatment is "normally free from serious side-effects", but the Office of Technology Assessment to the U.S. Congress revealed that platelet and white blood cell counts become so high after treatment that they could cause blood clotting. Furthermore, 65% of his patients develop hypernatremia, a life-threatening condition that is associated with high levels of sodium in the body. Deaths have been reported as a result of the therapy. In order to improve the statistics of his treatment, Burzynski fraudulently claims "complete remission" from cases wherein the cancers were already in remission before his treatments. Even with such tactics, his own statistics still show a 75% failure rate, which is worse than the death rate of patients who receive no cancer treatments at all, within the same time frame. The F.D.A. has been actively involved in legitimizing Burzynski's "alternative therapy", by feigning impotent legal actions against him in a very public way. This has conned a flock of very vocal followers, who speak out against and protest his supposed persecution. Part of the sleight-of-hand is that his 'treatment' has actually been approved by the F.D.A. for him to practice, and he was allowed to patent his 'therapy'. He has been negotiating partnerships with pharmaceutical companies for years, so he seems to be playing everyone. He made a 'documentary' about himself, pretended like a third party had produced it, and then he had the third party thank him for his participation, for supposedly helping to get the truth out. He dedicated his movie to himself. For a comprehensive report about Dr. Stanilaw Burzynski and his 'alternative therapy', you may listen to our audio report, Dr. Burzynski and Other Evil People (episode 25).


Borax is sold as a laundry detergent. It is a toxic bleaching agent. Small amounts of it can be fatal. Some fringe groups advocate its consumption for a never-ending litany of conditions, and even as a preventative medicine. Borax seems to prevent the initial onset of many routine illnesses, because it poisons the body to such a degree that it acts as an immunosuppressant. A thusly crippled immune system may be unable to manifest noticeable symptoms. It actually fosters more severe illnesses that are more difficult to overcome. Masking illness symptoms through poisoning is the very epitome of stupidity, of which the medical establishment is infamous for doing.

When the organs fail to such an extent that symptoms are finally visible, it will likely be too late to reverse the damage. Borax can cause liver and kidney failure, or irreversible damage to these vital organs. Ignorant people sometimes kill themselves with borax to merely suppress a case of sniffles.

Borax is promoted most amongst quacks and scoundrels for its ability to treat arthritis. Borax will kill viruses, because it is so toxic. This is how it helps certain arthritis patients. For arthritis is sometimes caused by a virus. There are much safer agents to be used instead, such as colloidal silver. There is never a legitimate reason to consume borax, because there are always non-toxic alternatives that work better. It is a medicine of fools, which closely mimics chemotherapy.

Sun Gazing

Sun gazing is the practice of looking directly at the sun, without any protection, with the supposed benefit of aiding the eyes, or even "getting vitamin D in the eyes". Staring at the sun is known to damage the eyes, and can lead to blindness. It should be avoided even when wearing sunglasses. Vitamin D cannot actually be made using the eyes. Vitamin D-3 is produced in the liver after sunlight converts cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D-2. Staring at the sun presents no known benefits.

Electromagnetic Therapy

Using radiation in place of medicine is dangerous and patently stupid. In some cases, such as when a virus is active within the body, using radiation devices will provide some relief. The relief, in the form of symptom remission, is mostly the immunosuppressant effect of damaging the entire body. For the immune system, it is like hitting one's toe with a hammer to quickly forget about a splinter that is elsewhere. Therefore, the underlying condition will actually worsen in most cases. Radiation is always damaging to the human body, and exposure greatly increases the chance of cancer. The most famous device in this category is known as the Rife Machine. Any electrical device that is said to cure chronic diseases should be viewed with great skepticism. There are some specific conditions, such as Bell's palsy, wherein the application of a tiny electric current through the nerves can help to sterilize them. However, such conditions are rare, and radiation is entirely different.


There are two main variants of homeopathy. There is the modern, and the original homeopathy. Both are steeped in fraudulent medicine. The original homeopaths believed that "like cures like". They professed that a substance which causes a particular condition is also needed to cure it. It was the fighting fire with fire approach. The influence of this homeopathic idiocy is partly responsible for why the medical establishment is so broken. For example, radiation and chemotherapy are both causes of cancer in healthy people, yet they are used in vain attempts to cure cancers, with very dismal results. Similarly, in homeopathy, known allergens were given to patients who were experiencing symptoms like wheezing, sneezing, and coughing. What is now allopathic medicine (orthodox medicine) is largely the result of homeopathic influence. As the competitor of the original homeopathic establishment, the American Medical Association destroyed the original homeopathic industry though licensing laws. Nevertheless, likes are still treating likes, as in the case of pancreas-destroying diabetes drugs, heart attack causing cholesterol drugs, and psychiatric drugs that induce mental illness. Doctors who practice homeopathic medicine are at every hospital.

Modern homeopaths rely entirely on the placebo effect, so their 'medicine' is much safer. Using deception, they found a way to bypass the licensing laws by not really providing or prescribing medicine. Modern homeopathic preparations contain no traceable amount of the substance that is claimed to be active in them. These water-only formulations are alleged to work based upon the notion of "water memory". Modern homeopaths attest that water has a special ability to "remember" the "metabolic structure" of any compound that it has previously contacted, so long as the water is properly shaken while it is still in contact with that compound. Shaking imparts water's special property, they claim. There is absolutely no evidence of water having any "memory" capabilities, and the dilution that is used for homeopathic remedies is approximately that of 1 drop added to a swimming pool, or less. The active ingredient is undetectable, and so, such remedies are useless. We should be thankful that homeopathic remedies do not contain the substances that are claimed, because it is not unusual for potent poisons to be recommended, such as antimony. That too was once a "drug" of the competing orthodox establishment, which essentially hijacked everything homeopathic before killing the competition.

Readers may notice that "homeopathic medicines" are sold unopposed by the F.D.A., in various retail locations, regardless of the incredible claims that its sellers make. These products are allowed specifically because they are frauds, so that alternatives will be unilaterally maligned. The homeopathic wares will normally be found close to the equally fraudulent "energy healing" bracelets, and "healing magnets".

Homeopathic medicine is neither a legitimate alternative medicine nor natural medicine and it is not even medicine at all. Although, enough of the modern homeopathic medicine could be used to successfully cure dehydration.

Anti-Radiation Devices

Hundreds of fraudulent products are marketed as being able to suppress radiation inside buildings. Most of them are electronic, which ironically means that they increase the amount of radiation. All anti-radiation and anti-EMF devices are frauds. There is no way to electronically absorb radiation, or neutralize it via electronics. Harmful radiation can be compared to light (light technically is a type of radiation). For instance, there is no such thing as an anti-light device, whereby a switch can be thrown to suck all of the light from an area. Like other types of radiation, light must instead be stopped at its source or blocked with shielding. There is however, no such thing as an anti-light vacuum, anymore than there is anti-radiation, unless we count black holes.

Those who have purchased the radiation-neutralizing products can be absolutely certain that their devices are frauds if their cell phones and wireless devices continue to function, because the devices communicate via radiation.

It is technically possible to line a building's walls with metal to block most radiation from entering a building, which some companies provide; but doing so requires major expense. It risks turning the building into an oversized lightning rod, and the occupants will have to forgo cellular phone service indoors.

Some of the anti-radiation systems are special food plates or crystals that are marketed to neutralize all forms of harmful radiation. Some of these are promoted to have magical powers that counteract the radiation.

Sacred Geometry

The origin of sacred geometry was in the design of Christian churches, wherein architects designed structures to include symbolism. An example is how the spire or steeple of a church is designed to point up toward God. The term "sacred geometry" has since been mockingly hijacked by pagans, and its redefinition is far from sacred. These heathens create objects that feature various crystalline patterns, which are supposed to have special properties. The claims vary from the elimination of radiation to unlimited health benefits, or even ironically, a "cleaner soul". The claims are all bogus, and no honesty can be expected from such deluded people.

Krill Oil

Krill is widely being marketed as a superior source of omega-3, primarily by the companies which are selling it. The arguments in favor of krill oil supplementation are nonsensical and self-defeating. For example, one of the arguments is that fish oil contains contaminants from the oceans, and therefore, fish oil is inferior. Krill is a type of fish, so krill oil is fish oil too. Moreover, krill is a bottom-feeding fish, so it will contain more contaminants than most fish. Proponents also demonize fish oil because of the extreme processing necessary to extract supplemental oil, and it is true. What they cleverly neglect to mention is that the processing for krill oil is identical. Krill is shell fish that primarily eats algae. It is therefore worse than most fish, because algae is virtually always contaminated with heavy metals, PCB's, and other ocean contaminants. It is the job of algae to clean the oceans of these things. Some algae even produces its own bacterial toxins.

Each year, hundreds of people get sick from seafood that was contaminated by algae-related bacterial toxins. When they visit hospitals, physicians base their antidote upon the revelation that the patients recently ate seafood. The new krill supplements will undoubtedly lead to very sick people, who do not equate their sickly condition with the supplements that were used, and thus unknowing doctors will be unable to help them. There are no tests for all of the bacterial toxins from algae.

Neither krill oil nor fish oil should be used for supplementation. Even when contamination is not present, the processing of these oils is extreme, and solvent byproducts often remain in the oils as remnants of the manufacturing process. The resultant oils are always rancid by the time that they reach retail shelves, and rancid oils are carcinogenic. The best way to get omega-3 is from cold-pressed, flax seed oil, in light-resistant capsules.

Shark Cartilage

The hoopla regarding shark cartilage first began as an Internet rumor that was promulgated under the contention that "sharks don't get cancer". The intellectually challenged and the unscrupulous are claiming that shark cartilage is a "miracle cure" for everything. The gratuitous and disrespectful use of the word "miracle" usually indicates that someone is working for the other side. The truth is that no fish or animals get cancers when they eat their natural diets and live in their natural habitats. Cancers appear only in captivity, due to exposure to the same things that cause cancers in humans; like the compounds from genetically engineered and commercially-processed foods.

Shark cartilage has been promoted for every condition that is known to plague man. It is primarily imported from China, so the purity of such products is always dubious. Regardless of origin, shark cartilage is very unlikely to have any positive health benefits, and there is a high probability of contamination, due to the unethical nature of the companies who promote it.

Nutritional Yeast and Brewers Yeast

Yeast products are now being promoted as nutritional supplements. They do contain certain nutrients, but they are also very damaging to the body. Yeast is never a wise supplementation strategy. Due to the fact that it feeds the harmful yeast in the gastrointestinal tract, it will lead to gastrointestinal problems, such as irritable bowel disease. It will also cause malabsorption of foods, and the subsequent plethora of diseases which arise from malnutrition. Be forewarned that most allegedly food-based supplements are now made using genetically-engineered yeasts instead of food. Be forewarned that most of the supplements that are being marketed to the health conscious, and those found in most health food stores, are made with yeast and genetically-engineered bacteria. Reference the article, The Supplementation Problem and Our Supplement Recommendations for more information about yeast-based vitamins.


Mushrooms are fungi, and they too aid the candida yeast in the body. They act like algae, in that they absorb the contaminants that they are exposed to. They are known as the vampires of the plant world for absorbing the putrid wastes and toxic compounds in soil. Mushrooms often contain varying levels of heavy metals. There has been a plethora of health scams involving mushrooms, most of which are proclaimed as "miracle" cures from Asian countries. The most frequent claim is that they can cure cancer. Cancer is caused by a type of fermentation, so mushrooms will always worsen cancer, instead of helping. They should never be considered a health food. Most varieties of mushrooms are poisonous, so it requires a lot of vigilance on the part of mushroom farmers to ensure that no poisonous mushrooms ever get mixed in. As always, we strongly recommend against all items from China. This means avoiding all so-called "Asian mushrooms".

Raw Meat and Fish

There are inherent dangers in eating uncooked food, because the bacteria on and inside the food is not killed before the food is ingested. There is a niché of people who proclaim that all foods (including meats) should be consumed raw. However, there is a huge possibility of bacterial infection, and parasite infestation from eating raw meats. It is extremely dangerous, especially for children and the elderly. Raw fish ("sushi") presents the same dangers, and it should also be avoided. Any recipes which must contain raw eggs (such as homemade mayonnaise) should contain colloidal silver, to prevent sickness due to salmonella.

Iodine Drinking

There are people who drink iodine as a supplement, based upon the advice of scoundrels, or the quack book by Dr. David Brownstein. Taking iodine internally, except where naturally present in foods is reckless and dangerous. It will generally have a stimulating effect initially, which most users interpret to mean that an underlying deficiency is being corrected. This euphoric stimulation is actually a warning sign that the thyroid is being dangerously overdriven, and it will eventually fail. Other risks of oral iodine consumption include heart attacks and seizures. The fringe group that encourages iodine drinking is amongst the most fanatical and cult-like of the alternative medicine sects. They are so zealous that most health researchers cowardly avoid this topic altogether, for fear of inciting them. In comparison, the vegans and vegetarians seem like a calm and rational group. Iodine can safely be supplemented transdermally, or it may come from food sources. Information about the proper intake of iodine may be found inside the Iodine Supplementation article.

Green Coffee Beans

Following the popularity of green tea, the hyped fad of green coffee beans arrived on the market under the pretense that any green-colored thing must be beneficial. One of the primary claims is that green coffee beans can serve as a weight loss aid. Caffeine is a stimulant, and it aids weight loss; but this is not related to the beans being green. Roasted coffee beans have exactly the same property. An even more unscrupulous promotion regards products having extra chlorogenic acid extract added (at the chemical factory). The marketers boast of this product as being more of an anti-oxidant. Studies show that this unnatural combination causes diabetes.

Seaweed, Algae, and Other 'Super Foods'

We have Mike Adams to thank almost entirely for these scams, as much as Dr. Mercola got the krill oil supplement scam started, as with Dr. Weil's "Asian mushrooms".

Plants which grow in the oceans regularly clean the waters by absorbing contaminants, as bottom-feeders. Therefore, seaweed and algae are virtually always contaminated. These plants have been popularized as "sea vegetables" by some of the most unscrupulous. Those who eat such plants are consuming heavy metals and other pollutants. They are known for having PCBs. In the case of algae, some species contain their own bacterial toxins. The National Institutes of Health and Health Canada have issued warnings concerning blue-green algae, because their testing has shown that the bacterial toxins in common algae can lead to liver failure after long-term use. Their warnings applied to even the most commonly consumed algae types: spirulina and chlorella. Our recommendation is for humans to eat only human foods, instead of pond scum that is frequently found around the bottom of public toilets.

Copper Supplementation

Copper is a metal that is essential in trace amounts for good health. It is present in minute quantities in mineral-rich sea salt, and in produce. It is easy to get too much copper via supplementation, and even mild overdoses can cause organ damage. It is sold in pills and as a colloidal copper drink. The only way to supplement with copper safely is to use chlorophyll, or a topical copper lotion like the one that we produce. Oral copper supplementation is extremely dangerous, because overdosing is almost assured.


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