From: Thomas Corriher
To: Jerry
Subject: Re: Parkinson's Disease
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2014 19:23:00

"My wife is in the latter stages of Parkinson's. I have heard that Parkinsons med's do not work after five or six years and matter of fact are going more harm than good. Is it possible to wean her off those med's and how should this be handled?"

This question made us angry at all of the parties. Our initial reaction was to ignore the question. Tempting responses were "you made a deal with the Devil" and "you made your bed, so now lie in it". Alas, I figured that such responses would only be counterproductive, but this sentiment is why we made the video, Dealing With Doctors. We get lots of these questions; like several a day. The pattern is that someone's health and finances were utterly destroyed by a blind obedience to a doctor, and then we are eventually contacted for a miraculous bailout. What is galling is that if these people had actually believed in what we do, then they would not be desperately needing us to save them. They appear when they get desperate, after doctors have told them that they will be callously allowed to languish and die. Suddenly, the alternatives look like a viable option, perhaps after years of them mocking it. It is the epitome of false friendship when they arrive. When a doctor tells them, "there's nothing more that I can do", this translates into meaning that there is nothing that he is allowed to do by the current pharmaceutical regulations, so he would watch his patient die horribly to protect his own career without even the slightest remorse. They even have the audacity to call this very typical behavior as practicing "medicine". Maybe it was because the insurance money was cut off, as is often the case too. If the public ever grasped the situation for what it really is, then our doctors would be in immense physical danger from their own patients.

The Main Lies of This Case

  1. There is nothing that the doctor could do to remedy the problems.
  2. The drugs cannot be stopped, so the patient must continue to obey.
  3. The drugs were initially having positive effects without harm.
  4. The new symptoms (deterioration) are only due to the organic disease but not the poisons.
  5. The disease is not related to any past drugs or other toxicity issues.
  6. The disease is entirely genetic, so no person ever has to take any responsibility whatsoever.
  7. The drugs were an honest effort to help her health, and were definitely not a business decision to get drug company "perks" (like free vacations).
  8. The doctor understands the disease and the human body.
  9. The doctor had her best interests in mind, and would not harm her.
  10. The doctor would never lie.

I'm sure that I forgot a few more. The point is that if the truth ever intersected in your relationship with your doctor, then it was purely coincidental and unintentional.

Thus, we have gotten the flak of yet another health catastrophe. The trouble is, we already know from experience that anyone who has worshiped doctors enough to get himself into this sort of predicament would not listen to us anyway. When he asked if it is possible to eliminate the "med's", it conveys that he may not yet be able to disobey his doctor, or he's just probing if he could swap obeying one 'expert' for another. Has he learned nothing yet? If we have to give him the permission to do what he already knows is the right thing, then our words are not the answer to his problem. The answer for him is to truly embrace his conscience before it is too late. He asked us if he should do the right thing, but he would not be asking that question if he did not already know that he was doing wrong.

Our answer for him is to come back when he really knows who to believe. Perhaps that will happen if he sees through the medical religion, to finally notice the cause and effect relationships rationally. His wife went to the doctor, so is she actually better for it? Is she any better now than she was before all of the pharmaceutical 'help'? Is there some kind of pattern to be noticed? Is this story different for any chronic disease that they treat? How many people have chronic diseases cured every year with standard medicine? Considering that the answer is none, should we really be calling it medicine? A better question might be to ask, "What minuscule percentage of the chronic diseases are not categorically worsened by 'medicine' every year?" In our almost eight years of health and medical research, we cannot name one case. We challenge all of our readers to find one.

Was the sorcery of pharmacology more powerful than God's laws? You know, those 'miracles' of modern medicine as they so blasphemously state in their open mocking of faith. It was the defiance of those very laws through chemistry (sorcery) which got her into trouble in the first place, even before the diagnosis. The problem began with the abominable drinks and foods, long before the 'miracle' drugs almost finished her off. Don't make any mistake about it or dismiss this, for there are some deep, good versus evil undertones behind all the distractions and propaganda that are involved. Our enquirer was mistaken and deceived at a level that cannot be expressed into words, as so many others have been. It is sadly normal, and a clear sign of the times that we are in.

Come to us with faith and a conscience, or depart.

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