We were recently contacted by the desperate father of a child who was diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU). It was a call for help. Doctors had told him that his son would be unable to consume the most healthy foods, including meats, dairy, some fruits, some vegetables, and legumes. All of the real food groups, in other words. The diagnosis of phenylketonuria damned the child for life. The concerned father had just cause to be fearful for his child's future, though moreso from the absurd treatment than the disorder. His child was to be kept solely on a diet of grains and synthetic formulas throughout his lifetime; guaranteeing that he would never become healthy. The father was also justifiably concerned that they would take his child if he refused to comply. His request of us was twofold. He needed to ensure that his child became healthy despite the establishment, and at the same time, he needed to know how to beat the system.

Phenylketonuria is a condition wherein a body apparently does not properly metabolize the amino acid, phenylalanine. It is believed to build-up in the blood, leading to mental retardation. Most children who are born inside the United States are tested for phenylketonuria during their first day. If they test positive, then the malnutrition diet is implemented and maintained indefinitely. The test is a legal requirement in most states, so almost every American child who is born in a hospital will get tested, without any choice for opting out.

Whenever parents have adhered to the standard treatment for this condition, their children ultimately became unintelligent and developed an array of health problems, because carbohydrates (sugars) and synthetic supplements cannot build a healthy human being. By the time that the victims are adult enough to make informed decisions, they already have a lifetime of damage that is impossible to correct.

What the Establishment Says

It is claimed by the establishment that phenylketonuria is a genetic condition, which occurs one quarter of the time whenever both parents are carriers of a particular gene. Allopathic medicine has a history of labeling any disease that it cannot explain as being genetic in origin. Through the use of genetic explanations, they have been able to shift blame away from their chemical industry onto God, and justify their impotency in regard to curing ailments. The tired genetic excuse has been given for everything from asthma and hypothyroidism to allergies, and of course, phenylketonuria. Such institutional politics usually arises because they cannot cure conditions that are toxically-induced by furthermore increasing the toxic burden through pharmaceuticals, and most of our modern diseases are caused by our exposure to chemicals.

There are cases wherein people had repeatedly tested positive for having phenylketonuria, yet they did not manifest the symptoms that were expected (mental deterioration leading to retardation). Therefore, the establishment does not even understand the condition, because there is only a sketchy connection between the supposed cause and effect. In the very least, it shows that their testing methodologies are unacceptably flawed. This also means that there are likely thousands of people who were falsely diagnosed with phenylketonuria as infants, who have been on the brain-destroying diet since, without any reason.

The Real Causes

We have found that there are typically multiple causes for the condition. While there may be a genetic predisposition that makes the condition more probable, the "bad gene" is not actually the cause. Our research has found that the main causes include drug usage during pregnancy, liver dysfunction, and malnutrition during pregnancy. All three of these factors tend to be closely interconnected, because pharmaceuticals stress the liver and reduce the nutrients that can be absorbed from foods. The enzyme which breaks down phenylalanine in healthy people (phenylalanine hydroxylase) is produced by the liver. It is not produced in people who have sufficiently dysfunctional livers, as is the case for phenylketonuria patients.

Every case of phenylketonuria that is available for study had varying degrees of medical intervention; most often during the pregnancy itself. Phenylketonuria is very similar to shaken baby syndrome and sudden infant death syndrome, in that it typically occurs whenever the medical system has been too involved. However, instead of reducing interference, interventions are normally increased to avoid admissions that their medicine was the problem.

Concerning the case wherein we were contacted, the mother was taking steroid inhalers daily for asthma, a variety of anti-histamine pharmaceuticals, and some of the most powerful antibiotics. The mother was additionally given an undisclosed array of pharmaceuticals in a failed attempt to delay an early delivery for a pregnancy that had become problematic, for obvious reasons.

A Medical Disgrace

The most tragic aspect of this topic is that the establishment is mass-producing mental retardation in children, while pretending to prevent it. The mainstream approach of depriving a growing child of all foods of real value (for health reasons no less) can be best described as asinine. There is no adequate replacement for a good diet, and the eventual results of a diet lacking nutrition are various disease states and greatly diminished I.Q., regardless of which supplements are taken. It is well known that allopathic phenylketonuria patients always have extreme nutritional deficiencies when tested. This can never be compensated with supplements, because nutritional science is simply not that advanced. For instance, we can test and detect if a person has a lower-than-average level of vitamin C or even fatty acids, but we do not know what the ideal levels of the nutrients are; especially for someone of a specific age who is recovering from a particular condition, whilst coping with a pharmaceutical onslaught. Pharmaceutical companies and regulators lie when they say that they know.

As with all liver diseases, mainstream approaches make the problem much worse. This is because all pharmaceuticals inherently stress the liver. The liver is the main organ that detoxifies the body, so it must stress in order to eradicate foreign toxins, and this includes drugs. Thus, the only way to truly fix a dysfunctional liver is by using food-based medicine exclusively.

Curing Phenylketonuria

We must preface by stating that since most people will be treating infants, any supplements must be removed from their capsules and mixed into foods. Supplements will be stronger than necessary for young people, so much smaller quantities should be used. Some common sense is required.

Our protocol's diet is low in protein, because it is so poorly metabolized, but this does not mean a complete absence of it. The intent of our protocol is to strengthen a child's body enough, so that it may properly digest such foods, but obtaining this result could be a slow process. Urine testing kits can be purchased and used at home, so that parents may stay aware of how much progress is being made without the risk of the child being taken.

Phase 1 - Strengthen the Liver

Since this condition is the result of toxicity and liver damage, the most prudent step to curing it is to repair the liver. Pharmaceuticals stress the liver, and will prevent it from healing, so they should be completely avoided, if at all possible. High-quality liver cleanses contain ingredients that both cleanse and strengthen the liver. It is very difficult to find a high-quality liver cleanse, because most contain algae (spirulina, chlorella, etc.), seaweed, mushrooms, yeast, or other additives that are harmful to the liver. Therefore, we are recommending Thisilyn Daily Cleanse by Nature's Way. It can be purchased at health food stores and at various Internet sites. As always, we recommend reading the ingredients before purchasing any product to ensure that it does not contain any toxic additives, and because product ingredients can change. The ingredients for Thisilyn Daily Cleanse may have changed by the time that you read this, so buyer beware, and examine the ingredients carefully for any product before using it. Children and infants will need much lower doses. The product should be removed from the capsules and reduced to about a quarter of the original amount for infants and toddlers. Parents may wish to try the razor blade trick that cocaine users are known for, in order to divide the powder into the right amount.

For reference and comparison, the current set of ingredients for Thisilyn Daily Cleanse is: psyllium husk, oat bran, guar gum, Lignamax high lignan flaxseed fiber, grapefruit pectin, fructooligosaccharides, dried milk thistle extract, dried artichoke extract, dried turmeric extract, dandelion root, and plant-derived cellulose (capsule).

Phase 2 - Balancing the Amino Acids

The enzyme that is missing in those with phenylketonuria is believed to convert phenylalanine into tyrosine (L-tyrosine), so some people have attempted to supplement with tyrosine in an attempt to compensate. However, these attempts have been rather futile. The most likely reason for this is that tyrosine cannot be further broken down into neurotransmitters without other symbiotic nutrients, most of which are found in the protein-rich foods that parents are told to avoid. There is irony in the fact that the nutrients which are needed by the body to process phenylalanine are only present in the foods that victims are forbidden from. These include vitamin B-6, vitamin B-9 (folate), zinc, omega oils, and copper. All of these are recommended for supplementation therapy. The only safe way to orally supplement with copper is through chlorophyll, because it is easy to overdose when using other methods. Omega supplementation is best obtained from flax seed oil, because it allows the body to produce its own omega oils in exactly the ratios that are needed. It should be purchased in capsule form, else the oil is likely to become rancid from repeated exposure to oxygen.

Living Happily Ever After

Many mainstream sources indicate that there are only subtle differences between those who stop the starvation diet in late childhood and those who continue it forever. Despite this, the official mantra is to maintain the health-destroying diet permanently.

We cannot predict the effectiveness of our protocol if it is undertaken by adults who have been 'treated' for phenylketonuria throughout their lives. We would expect for such individuals to have a much lesser and slower response. We anticipate that such individuals are in dire need of liver cleanses, due to their lifetime of synthetic products and dysfunctional livers from malnutrition.

The baby who inspired this report recovered from the supposedly permanent condition after his parents followed our nutritional advice for several weeks, which meant disregarding the doctors. When the tests showed him to be cured, the doctors assumed that the original tests were faulty (all three). The important things were that there were no flaws in their 'science', and that the child's improved nutrition after leaving the hospital had so totally not effected anything at all, as they continued patting themselves on their backs for another job well done. There was a cautious pediatrician involved, who wanted to take a wait-and-see approach, and the father wisely played the pediatrician against the demanding hospital doctors, whilst he quietly worked with his son nutritionally with organic formula. He informed the hospital that he was more comfortable in working with the pediatrician. This provided him with the time and the diversion that he needed to heal his son. It was well played indeed.

Update: In August of 2017, three years after this article was written, we were contacted again by the father about an unrelated issue. We were thrilled to learn that his son is in perfect health, and eats an entirely normal diet.


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