Shane Geiger: Death By Sprained Ankle and Modern Medicine's Miracles

Shane GeigerSpraining an ankle should never be a death sentence, and historically it was not cause for funeral arrangements. It now sometimes is, alongside heart disease, blood pressure, diabetes, and the long montage of other medically-aggravated conditions. Spraining his ankle was a death sentence for Shane Geiger. We were not given much opportunity to get close to him before his life was lost. Shane was an up-and-coming member of our Sarah's elite Web Team (network engineering) for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth during the period that she worked for them. It appears that he was previously an honorary staff member of Prison Planet, and his pointed questions at an official governmental press conference about the Trade Center attacks left one cronie almost running to escape. We watched the video wherein Shane left a N.I.S.T. representative stuttering and making a rapid departure. In this information war, we were proud to call him an ally. He was known for being a little bit paranoid, but in light of his bizarre death, his paranoia may have been justified.

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Taco Bell Gives New Meaning To "Where's The Beef"?

A woman from the State of Alabama, named Amanda Obney, has begun a lawsuit, on behalf of the American people, against the fast food chain, Taco Bell.  The lawsuit claims that Taco Bell is engaging in false advertising, since less than 35% of its "beef" is meat.  Instead, Taco Bell's "beef" purportedly contains mostly fillers, including silicon dioxide, ground oats, caramel color, and much more.  The full ingredients list of its seasoned ground "beef" was shamelessly posted at Taco Bell's website, which we have archived in the event that it disappears.

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Video: Dealing With Doctors (Edition 2, Narrated)

Our viewers expressed great demand for a version of our new video that uses narration instead of text subtitles.  So our very own Sarah C. Corriher narrates edition 2 of the video in all her British glory.  Follow this link to watch it at Youtube, or watch it here using the player below.

Video: Dealing With Doctors (Edition 1, With Subtitles)

Note: The narrated version of the movie can be found here.

We have released a new video, called "Dealing With Doctors". At only 9 minutes long, you have no excuse not to watch it. Rather than describing the video and ruining the surprise, we ask that you watch the video instead, and help us spread it far and wide.

Niacin Supplementation for Healthy Hearts and Minds

The need for niacin (vitamin B-3) is often marginalized, even amongst the health conscious. Multi-vitamins and B-complex supplements typically contain only negligible amounts of it. Although ensuring an adequate intake of niacin should be paramount considering that about one out of every three people die from heart disease in the industrialized world, and clinical depression effects about one in every ten adults.

Niacin is an essential nutrient that we typically do not get enough of through our diets, due to depleted soils and processed foods. It is found in dairy products, poultry, fish, lean meats, and nuts. Niacin is vital for the proper digestion of foods, as well as maintaining nerve health and repair. It likewise maintains healthy skin.

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'The Cancer Report' Documentary from Health Wyze Media

Trouble Watching? Watch this video at YouTube.

This documentary catalogs how allopathic medicine established dominance in the early part of the 20th Century, and how natural medicines were arbitrarily banned from the medical profession, despite the basis of this decision being scientifically unsound. The wholesale transition from natural medicines to chemical ones was based on financial and political reasons, at the expense of the patients.

This documentary exposes the carnage of the cancer industry, the financial interests that molded it, and why it is so resistant to change. Meanwhile, cancer treatments kill more people every year than any war in U.S. history. Cancer patients with no treatment at all statistically live four times longer and have a better quality of life. The Cancer Report also catalogs the histories and procedures of the most popular alternative therapies, which generally have significantly better success rates than standard treatments.

We urge all of our readers to watch this documentary and pass it on to friends and relatives.  It is currently available on Youtube, and the full 1.5G movie can be downloaded from  The smaller 788 M.B. (yet still high quality) Divx/AVI version of the movie can be downloaded via a bittorrent program and directly from us. The full movie transcript is available.

If you have any problems viewing the original downloadable edition, then we recommend installing the free and multi-platform VLC program.  It is the best overall video player around. Another excellent option is the Miro program, which can both download the torrent version of the documentary, and play it as well.

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Special Investigative Report: Why You Should Boycott the Susan Komen Pink Ribbon Foundation and Its Sponsors

It may stun many readers to learn that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation sponsors Planned Parenthood, the "family planning" organization that performs assembly-line abortions. The Komen Foundation is also an organization that conveniently neglects to mention that both abortions and radiation from routine mammograms are methods of inducing breast cancers. The risk of getting breast cancer from either of these activities alone is greater than the risks of smoking and poor diet combined. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation may very well be the greatest cause of breast cancer in the world.

The amount of money that the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has donated to Planned Parenthood is being kept obscured. Life News reported that $730,000 was donated to the abortion organization in 2009 alone, but we are unable to confirm the exact figure. A public relations representative from the Komen Foundation disclosed to The Health Wyze Report that the amount of money annually funneled into Planned Parenthood is "about $700,000", which lends strong credence to the earlier figure. The Komen Foundation boasts that it has "invested almost $2 billion" since its inception in 1982. What the Komen Foundation actually does with that funding is never disclosed. The money is shrouded in secrecy, but it is said to be "energizing science".

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Why Experimental Medicine and Health Have Become Mutually Exclusive

A recent study by the C.D.C. has estimated that 30% of Americans will have diabetes by 2050.  The mainstream media has already reported this extensively, and it appears baffled by the new revelation.  However, diabetes is not the only disease that is rising annually.  Despite assurances from the medical establishment that there are stunning breakthroughs in modern medicine, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's disease and autism are not going anywhere.  In fact, they are becoming rather common, and thereby more profitable.

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The Vaccine Cover Up: Why the FDA is Attacking Chelation Therapy

Threatening warning letters have now been sent to eight supplement companies which are selling chelation products online.  An FDA spokesman told the Washington Post that on one hand, the F.D.A. maintains that chelation methods are unproven, and ineffective; just as they do with nutritional supplements.  Yet, at the same time, their excuse for sending out the letters is the fact that chelation therapy is too powerful.  It was ripe with the usual doublespeak that is used to avoid discussing the real problems that they have with alternative therapies.

"The companies that received the warning letters sell products without a prescription, often as 'dietary supplements', and describe multiple health benefits, none of which have been proven.

"The agency became alarmed about the growing promotion and easy availability of the products because the substances may cause serious health complications, including dehydration and kidney failure, and possibly be deadly, officials said."

— FDA via the Washington Post

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Greek Socialized Health Care is Pushing Amputations for Diabetics to Cut Costs

We have written in the past about the detriments of socialized medicine, and informed our readers that underneath its sparkling guise of humanitarianism resides an insidious charade that will lead to less options, and worse care.

In Britain, which has the supposed gold standard of socialized medicine, the elderly are denied knee replacements and cataract surgeries, due to a collapsing economy. The weakest of society are being left to suffer, something perhaps devolving into the caveman past, or worse. Some of the nursing homes have been shutdown as a cost saving move. Perhaps the elderly will find a better life on the streets with the alcoholics and hopeless drug addicts, and perhaps they will finally feel shameful for being such parasites upon society. Parasites are exactly what they ultimately are under communistic and socialistic ideologies, and the behavior in Britain is more than proof of it.

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Book Review: The Whole Story - Alternative Medicine on Trial

The Whole Story: Alternative Medicine on Trial, by Toby Murcott, sets out to provide an unbiased overview of alternative medicine; cataloging its strengths and weaknesses.  Mr. Murcott was the science correspondent for BBC World Radio, and he holds a PhD. in biochemistry. His attempt at unbiased reporting in the book is flawed, because he misses a crucial point of good journalism: a journalist cannot ethically present both sides of a controversy in a balanced manner, if either side is known to be distorting the facts. A reporter has a duty to note such deceptions, or he merely becomes a passive part of the propaganda apparatus himself, through his omissions. Objectivity is a vaulted (but rarely seen) ideal of modern journalists, but it is hardly idyllic whenever it seduces them into perpetuating known lies themselves. They may be drawn into the corruption themselves, ironically by working to distance themselves from it.

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Death Rates Drop When Doctors Go on Strike

Most people believe that doctors save far more than they harm, and that any doctor-induced injuries are usually minor.  However, there is plenty of evidence that shows otherwise.  In the year 2000, doctors in Israel decided to go on strike; demanding increases in pay.  Before long, morticians began to notice a bizarre trend.

“The number of funerals we have performed has fallen drastically”.

Hananya Shahor, the veteran director of
Jerusalem's Kehilat Yerushalayim burial society.

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Being Poisoned by Candlelight

Candles were once used as a primary source of light, but now they litter people's homes as decorations, relaxants, and scenting agents.  Most people never consider the possible health implications of candles, and may find themselves shocked by the new "lead-free" labels on certain brands.

Prior to 2003, candle wicks were tainted with lead compounds, and often antimony.  They were shown to release large amounts of lead vapors into the air.  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission subsequently banned the importation and sale of wicks that contain lead compounds.  American companies that use wicks laced with metallic compounds switched to using zinc and tin.  However, many imported candles still contain lead compounds, in spite of the 8-year-old ban.  Customs officials are not exactly busy testing candle wicks, so the poisoning is allowed to continue.  Once again, our reliance on unreputable countries like China has left Americans with reduced quality products and poisonings.

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Food, Farming and Freedom of Choice: Original I-channel Documentary 'Milk War' Premieres Sept. 26

Editor's Note:This article came to us as a press release. We are posting it because we believe that it will interest our readers.  It was written by a third-party, and we have not previewed the movie.

On a November morning in 2006, 20 armed officers raided a small farm two hours north of Toronto. They weren’t looking for drugs or guns. They were there for the milk.

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Coca Cola is Being Sued Over 'Vitamin Water' Health Claims

Members of the health movement are often on the lookout for healthy beverages. Water is not particularly flavorful, and this has given rise to a plethora of health drink scams. Flavored water has existed for well over a decade, and it continues to fool some people into believing that they are getting all of the benefits of spring water, with added flavors. Campbell's V8 came reconstituted more recently, adding mysterious "natural flavors" and reconstituted juices. When green tea became popular, companies like Lipton jumped on the new trend by delivering green teas containing unknown "natural flavors", along with DNA-damaging sodium benzoate, sodium hexametaphosphate, and of course, artificial colors.

Coca Cola has been pushing Vitamin Water for some time. This health scam contains 33 grams of refined sugar, which equates to around 8 teaspoons (about 3 tablespoons). That is not far from a regular can of coke, which has 39 grams. Synthetic vitamins are then added to make the drink healthy. As such, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) filed a lawsuit against Coca Cola for making ridiculous health claims about its chemically engineered sugar water.

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FDA Being Sued: Responsible for Triclosan being in 75 percent of Americans

"Washing your hands with so-called antibacterial soap containing triclosan or triclocarban actually does nothing different than using regular soap and water. Using soap containing these chemicals does not provide an additional benefit as consumers might think, but instead actually comes with potential health risks."

— Jennifer Sass, N.R.D.C.

We have warned our readers before about the dangerous contaminants and dangerous active ingredients of both hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps before.  For all the dirty details, be sure to reference the 'Related Articles' links at the bottom.  The sad irony about the toxic antibacterial substances is that more often than not, they actually stimulate illnesses, instead of preventing them.  Live bacteria been discovered inside many popular antibacterial products, which tells us much about their true antibacterial effectiveness.  We previously noted that current research shows triclosan is damaging to the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is made up of glands that are responsible for mood regulation, metabolism and growth.  So, we have quite a disease-inflicting cocktail when this crud is mixed with fluoride.  Over enough time, the glands of the body do not stand a chance.  When crucial glands begin failing, diseases emanate.  Failure of the adrenal glands, for instance, can quickly result in the onset of diabetes, or Cushing's syndrome.  Failure of the thyroid gland can result in hypothyroidism or diabetes.  All of these are epidemics, with triclosan being in the bodies of 75% of Americans.  Most often, these chemicals will silently attack the immune system to cause the very illnesses that they are marketed to prevent.

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GlaxoSmithKline Cheers $2.3 Billion Fine for Causing 800 Heart Attacks Per Month

GlaxoSmithKline has been under fire recently because its diabetes drug, Avandia, causes heart attacks. That's just another minor complication that patients were never warned about. It is a particularly disturbing situation, since those who have diabetes are already at an increased risk of heart failure. We have written about Avandia previously, but we were under the impression that it was about to be removed from the market. We over-estimated the Food and Drug Administration. The F.D.A. reevaluated the drug, which caused Glaxo's stocks to drop at the prospect of a massive fine. It was predicted by some analysts that the F.D.A. would finally drop the hammer on GlaxoSmithKline, and penalize it by $6 billion. This amount is two-thirds of their annual profit ($8 billion).

"Since a low point on Wednesday afternoon before the F.D.A. vote, GlaxoSmithKline stock has risen nearly 5 percent."

New York Times

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The Mail Bag #7: Diabetes and Ye of Little Faith

From: Thomas Corriher
Subject: HealthWyze and Diabetes
Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 10:40:32 -0400 (EDT)

"Hello, I am a type 1 diabetic.  I have found some information recently that is mind boggling; such as synthetic insulin being poisonous to the pancreas, and that there is in fact, a cure for diabetes.  I have been trying to pass this information on to other diabetics, only to be told that the information I have found is untrue, and that my sources (healthwyze specifically) are unreliable and unreputable.  I want to help others, but it seems that they really don't want to hear the truth, or they can't believe it.  Where do you get your information?  I would really like to pass it on."

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Dishonest Dietary Supplement Labels and Serving Sizes

People are often deceived by dietary supplement labels.  These labels are intentionally deceptive, and frequently imply that they contain far more of a given substance than they actually do.  Pictured right is a standard label for a dietary supplement.

As intended, people easily come to the false conclusion that these pills contain 1 gram (1000 mg.) of vitamin C, but that would be wrong.  Always notice the serving size.  In this example, the serving size is two tablets, which means that the nutrient information shown is what you would obtain from taking two pills at a time.  There's actually only 500 mg. of vitamin C in each tablet.  This may not seem particularly disturbing, until one realizes that other companies routinely change the serving sizes to be up to 6 pills.  All of their nutrient information would need to be divided by six to get an approximate amount for each ingredient.  Unscrupulous supplement companies rely on the fact that most people never notice the serving sizes, and that their customers will assume that they are getting exactly what the nutrient label says for each pill.  Some of the more honest supplement companies have the serving size listed as one pill, which is exactly how it should be.

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Alternative Medicine Fraud: Magnet Therapy

Magnets are becoming popularized as a method for treating swelling and joint issues, with magnetic therapy growing to a billion dollar business internationally. This is due to massive marketing schemes. Magnet therapy advertisements plagued the June issue of Carolina Country, a free magazine that is distributed by the utility company, Energy United. The magnets were embedded into clothing, which allegedly relieves stiffness and fatigue. The product was essentially thick spandex underwear with embedded magnets. The manufacturer sells a large line of magnet-based "therapies", and they hook their victims using products like the one described. That particular entry-level product was one of the cheaper ones ($9.97) that was merely designed to reel-in gullible people for future marketing.

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The Claimer: The information provided herein is intended to be a truthful and corrective alternative to the advice that is provided by physicians and other medical professionals. It is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, and prevent disease.