AE911Truth is now courting the Nation of Islam, but it has never had a Christian venue

We reported about Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth ( in episode 16 of our audio reports. We worked for them as their systems administrators for almost two years. As a high-level administrator inside the organization, I witnessed a stunning degree of mismanagement and I was privy to everything.

Our tendency to act as old fashioned journalists in exposing corruption eventually got us completely banned from the organization. Now, discussions about us are officially discouraged by the management of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, as if we were the targets of a cult shunning.

The excuse given to the lower level members of AE911truth for the shunning was the fact that we had wisely begun a process of "pulling the plug" on their main production server immediately after Justin Keogh hijacked it, after which he promptly began locking-out all of the valid users. Pulling "the plug" would have been the most responsible action for any decent systems administrator in this given scenario, but we were personally ordered to stand down by Richard Gage, in order to appease that especially destructive member of the organization at all cost, even if it meant that a year of our (paid) work in building their custom server would be utterly destroyed. This led to the shouting conversations with Richard that resulted in our resignations. Justin Keogh was promoted by Richard Gage for trashing the infrastructure, causing our resignations and quite a few others, and for producing the current sad state of ae911truth's networking capabilities, and we are not even going to mention "the security" (or lack of) for legal reasons. The result is that they have spent a fortune managing a web system that can barely handle even light traffic, so they will find themselves in real trouble if they are ever targeted for a coordinated attack.

We have been told by our insider connections that attempts to discuss us during conferences are usually silenced by the phrase "that's a sensitive subject". We have no doubt about it. We were also personally told by Richard that he willfully allowed this technical catastrophe to happen because Justin Keogh had some "trust issues" with us, which we believe was related more to his fear that we would go public with AE's internal documents and e-mails than any genuine concern about our work.

Meanwhile, AE911Truth's super-secretive Board of Directors assigned us a couple of their spooks to manage us as "friends", and to use them to determine what we might go public with. The membership of this board is kept secret too, by the way. It is like something from the movie, The Star Chamber.

In a sense, this aspect of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth may be the most troubling one for some individuals, because a non-profit organization (501c3) is not supposed to have secret agendas or spend its money in a manner that is not disclosed to outsiders, including the very people who are donating to the "charity".

One of the organization's biggest problems is its provocateurs who are propelled to the top positions. Discord-sowing provocateurs were the ones who screamed loudest, above the more scrupled people. It is worth mentioning that this is the textbook behavior of most governmental infiltrators. Such people have been promoted to managerial positions because Richard Gage personally made the core principle of the organization to be one of appeasement, which eventually led to the technical meltdown.

Even identified governmental agents are freely allowed to influence the organization and to gain access to the private data of its members, for the sake of comprehensive appeasement. We outed one of those governmental spies (Homeland Security), but Richard's reaction was to encourage us to shut-up. We also have reason to believe that a percentage of donations supporting AE911truth are actually governmental pay-outs, which are attributed to donors who do not really exist. AE911Truth is likely one of the U.S. Government's best honey pots for attracting trouble-makers who are in prestigious positions. Thus, it is in the interest of domestic spying operatives to ensure that the organization survives with their spooks in high positions. Such help is also likely to be involved in Richard Gage's easy ability to get interviews with major news networks, such as Fox.

As if it Could Not Get Worse

Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth at the Nation of Islam Richard Gage proudly speaking at the Nation of Islam convention.

On February 25th, 2012, Richard Gage, AIA, and Kevin Ryan from AE911Truth's Board of Directors gave dual presentations at the annual Nation of Islam's "Savior's Day" convention. Mr. Ryan pretended to be completely independent of A&E, as if he were not a member of its secretive Board of Directors, and he instead claimed to be representing "The Journal of 9/11 Studies". Nobody was supposed to know.

Several long-standing members of AE911Truth left the organization when its Board decreed that AE911Truth would be fraternizing with the Nation of Islam. The management unashamedly discarded those members, including one of their most renowned experts, David Chandler, for the sake of prostituting the organization for Nation of Islam donations, which are extremely unlikely to ever materialize.

Perhaps there was actually a tiny amount of shame, because unlike all other large appearances by AE911Truth representatives, this event was the only one which was never announced on the front page of its website, or in any of its newsletters. In fact, based upon their public relations, we could conclude that it never happened, but it did. The video of the event was never allowed on their Youtube channel, but it was uploaded by the Nation of Islam. Understandably, AE911Truth is behaving as if it is ashamed to publicize its participation, for its top priority was gaining the financial support of a reprehensible group of people, who frankly are not about to help any organization with Caucasian members. It is noteworthy that AE911Truth has never attended a Christian venue, despite its supposed mission of trying to reach people in a nation that is approximately 94% Christian.

AE911Truth's new partner, Nation of Islam, is an all-Negro, racist, and anti-semetic organization that claims to be Islamic, but they warp the Koran to fit their own hate-inspired agenda. It encourages the spread of Sharia Law (Islamic law) throughout the world. Under Sharia Law, non-Muslims ("Dhimmi") become second-class citizens in society, and women are given virtually no rights. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, spoke the day after Richard and Kevin, during which he fantasized about the inevitable extinction of Caucasian people. Another speaker talked about how sometimes it is okay to work with the "white man", if it provides enough benefit to the racist cause. One of the basic 'religious' tenets of AE's new partner is that Caucasian people were created by a scientist, 6,600 years ago, who tried to make devils from the germs of the superior Negro. The black Muslims are the black equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan, and it is so despicable that legitimate Muslims do not wish to be associated with them.

The fact that AE911Truth is willing to associate with them, and to sacrifice what remains of its principles for the tiny chance of getting a little more cash is truly disturbing, and it should seal the organization's fate.

The Evidence

Please download this video for re-upload, in case it disappears.  If necessary, we will make sure that it is spread throughout the Bittorrent network, so that it can never disappear.

Why We Can No Longer Associate with AE911Truth

  • Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is strictly opposed to all alternative hypotheses regarding what happened to the World Trade Center buildings.
  • The topic of the pentagon attack is forbidden. Individuals are chastised for raising the topic.
  • The group stalks Judy Wood online, so that they can mount attacks to all of her appearances and videos. Silencing Judy Wood is a neurotic obsession of theirs. They likewise carefully censor their own video comments online, to make sure that there are no negative comments about the organization, or competing hypotheses. They seek total control of the truther movement, in other words.
  • On multiple occasions, We Are Change groups invited Richard to speak at their meetings, then asked him questions about topics which he had refused to confront. These groups were then punitively blacklisted.
  • When I outed one of their new volunteers as being an agent of Homeland Security, during one of the conference calls, they acted as if they did not care. We expected a rapid response to get rid of the infiltrator, but instead, there was almost no discussion about her at all. The topic became taboo, in fact. This was when we first became seriously concerned about the organization.
  • AE911Truth routinely exploits well-meaning groups like We Are Change, yet it never acknowledges them. When this was brought up, it was stated that the other groups were insignificant, because they were just made up of regular people, not architects and engineers. This was despite the fact that the architects and engineers rarely donated, and they absolutely never volunteered. The A&E team essentially labored to find innovative ways to glorify friendly architects, who never actually helped the cause or the organization in any way. People who did help, like many We Are Change groups, were considered cannon fodder throughout the elitist leadership.
  • One of the board members, Justin Keogh, purchased the hugely popular 9/11 Blogger web site, and subsequently banned all discussions about the pentagon attack there. It had formerly been a very popular topic of discussion. Justin heavily moderates the site to eliminate alternative hypotheses, and has singularly promoted A&E using 9/11 Blogger, whist maintaining a facade of the site being totally independent.
  • When one of the volunteers, Shane Geiger, was killed under mysterious circumstances, we were chastised for independently publishing it at Health Wyze.
  • We were supposed to manage security as the organization's techs, but they kept trying to put people on our team who were either incompetent or who were obviously governmental agents. It was a constant fight to prevent new people from having access to the organization's supporters' private data. It was as if they wanted to share the information with everybody. The private information was about every individual who had ever signed AE911Truth's petition, donated, or volunteered. It included full names, addresses, schools, degrees, contact information, statements regarding each individual's views on 9/11, and statements about their level of interest in helping the truther cause. Sometimes, more information would be extracted about people by calling them to ask private questions (as if it were a trusted friend calling), and then the answers would be secretly added into the data. The computer program even had its own feature that was built into the main system, which would automatically roam the Internet to compile information that had not been voluntarily shared. A spying treasure trove was created.
  • Richard Gage has an average $60,000 salary for his charity work at the supposed non-profit organization.
  • The organization resists all attempts to actually accomplish anything. It is as if it exists without any purpose, other than to be self-perpetuating, and to create a database of potential trouble-makers. An example of this passive-aggressive behavior was when it was suggested that members contact U.S. Senators, as part of a new outreach program. The idea was quickly dismissed without any clear reason as to why. Similar attempts at outreach went in the same direction. Richard stated, all that really mattered to him was for everyone to be happy, regardless of the organization's results. He neglects to mention this to his donors.
  • It eventually seemed like they got a new spook every week. It really became ridiculous. Toward the end, a perfectly-profiled girlfriend suddenly appeared for Richard. Of course, she was a blonde bombshell. They began touring Europe with the money that had been donated to AE911Truth. We could recognize the spooks pretty easily, because they had everyone profiled perfectly, and they therefore knew exactly what to say from day one. All of the spooks seemed to be keenly interested in us, because we had the keys to the data, and we were quickly being recognized as the problem.
  • Whenever the organization had spent most of its funds, mysterious donations just flooded in. It was just like working for a governmental agency.
  • The group refuses to disclose what it does with its funding.
  • In private calls, Justin Keogh repeatedly encouraged us to bilk money out of the organization by making claims about what is "normal" pay in the technology industry. We persistently refused, so he eventually turned on us. After refusing to bilk the organization or allow spies access to the database, Justin locked us out of our own server. When we tried to activate our security countermeasures, Richard ordered us to stand down, and he let us know that Justin essentially ran the organization. This is something that we found rather interesting, since this was the same person who had been trying to coax us into stealing from the charity. We believe that we were being manipulated as a means for Justin to increase his own pay, while testing how pricey our ethics were.
  • We were finally forced out of the organization, and given a cult-like shunning. Members were not allowed to discuss us thereafter. They were told that we had attempted to sabotage the very technology that we had spent a year building.

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