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This document explains when creative works from Health Wyze Media may be republished, and the conditions for doing so. Health Wyze Media has published under a variety of names, including Naturally Good Magazine (, The Health Wyze Report ( and Health Wyze Media. For the purpose of this document, the term "Health Wyze Media" will be used to encompass all of these groups. All media from the aforementioned organizations is jointly copyrighted by C. Thomas Corriher and Sarah C. Corriher, the co-founders of Health Wyze Media. Unless otherwise stated, all creative works from Health Wyze Media have all rights reserved. This document grants specific terms for the use of copyrighted works from Health Wyze Media, and these creative works may only be used under the terms of this document. The founders of Health Wyze Media reserve the right to request the removal of their media, and the right to halt further distribution of their media by particular individuals or groups; at their sole discretion. You may republish the creative works of Health Wyze Media only under the terms specified herein.

Website Text and Graphics Redistribution

Permission to redistribute text and graphics media is hereby granted with the following stipulations:

  • Works from 3rd parties, such as guest columnists, may not be republished without permission from their respective authors.  Guest authors retain their copyrights.
  • Graphics that have an attribution require the same attribution for redistribution.
  • Proper attribution must be given to the original authors, in all republications, in all media formats, as specified herein.
  • All derived works must provide a clickable U.R.L. (web address) to this site, if feasible, but a textual address is acceptable for non-HTML media reproductions. It is best to create the link to the relevant page from which the information was taken.
  • Any editing of our media must be conspicuously noted inside of, or adjacent to the derived works, except for minor grammatical corrections.

These are examples of proper attribution with a clickable U.R.L.:

By Sarah C. Corriher and C. Thomas Corriher from The Health Wyze Report

HTML Code:

<P>By Sarah C. Corriher and C. Thomas Corriher from
<A HREF="/">The Health Wyze Report</A></P>

Alternative attribution example:

By Sarah C. Corriher and C. Thomas Corriher, authors of "Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed"

HTML Code:

<P>By Sarah C. Corriher and C. Thomas Corriher, authors of "<A HREF="">Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed</A>"</P>

Book Provisions for "Defy Your Doctor and Be Healed"

Small sections of the book may be quoted, as allowed by Fair Use under U.S. law, but proper attribution must always be given. Proper attribution requires that the book is credited by title. Using small quotations from the book, and properly attributing them will keep the authors satisfied that you have conducted yourself fairly and ethically. In order to reproduce large sections, permission must be granted by one of the authors.

At an unspecified time in the future, we intend to release this book with licensing that allows for broad reproduction worldwide. We cannot do it at this time or comment further.

Video and Audio Redistribution

Video and audio media may be freely copied, shared, republished, and redistributed; so long as the following conditions are met.

  • You may not remove any branding information or information about the authorship of our media.
  • All audio and video media must be copied verbatim. They may not be altered. Reproduction in different formats is allowed, so long as no editing of the content is performed.
  • Audio and video media segments may be extracted and used elsewhere, as long as the segment used is not edited. Using a segment is like quoting us, and this rule exists to ensure that we are not misquoted.
  • If our media is included on a website or if it is republished into other formats for public dissemination, then our contribution to all such works, in whole or in part, must be conspicuously cited alongside the media. (Example: "This presentation includes media from The Health Wyze Report at".) If at all possible, a clickable link is required. Otherwise, a text notice will suffice.  For examples of proper attribution and links, see the earlier section entitled, "Text and Graphics Redistribution".

Video: How To Make Genuine Colloidal Silver At Home

We do not permit redistribution of this video. However, if you wish to make it available on your own site, you are welcome and encouraged to use YouTube's embeddable player. You are also encouraged to use YouTube's share functions, and add the video to YouTube playlists. In plain English, this means that you may not upload this video anywhere, but you are allowed to get the equivalent functionality by using the tools available at YouTube ( It is also okay to share links to the YouTube video on Facebook and elsewhere. Following these policies is the quickest and most convenient way to share this work. So everybody wins if you follow the rules.

We reserve all rights to this video. Therefore, all notices to take down the video must be honored in a timely manner, if you are contacted by us. These policies may be revised at any time.


If you have any uncertainty about the reuse of creative works from Health Wyze Media, then please ask Thomas or Sarah directly. You can expect for them to answer your questions in a prompt and polite manner. Seeking approval is considered to be a professional courtesy, so it will increase the chance of them approving. If you conduct yourself ethically, and agree to give proper attribution, then you will almost certainly get their blessing. There are multiple methods of making contact, which are listed on the official contact page.